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How to Upload Themes and Plugins on WordPress.com

WordPress announced the implementation of long-waited functionality to upload and use themes and plugins to WordPress.com. If you download or purchase a WordPress theme or plugin, you can upload it to your WordPress.com website.

People love WordPress because it’s absolutely customizable. With support for plugins and third-party themes, WordPress.com business customers may be able to connect their websites to wonderful email and social media tools, e-commerce, publishing and subscription services and much more.

How to Add Themes and Plugins to WordPress.com

For uploading the desired themes and plugins you need to follow a few steps. Note that this option is not free and you can use it only if you have WordPress.com business account.

  1. Register and start a business account at WordPress.com. The cost is $24.92 per month.
  2. Choose the best WordPress theme and plugins for your website.
  3. Upload them to your WordPress.com account.
  4. Start to customize the theme and setup plugins.

It is easy to upload themes and plugins to WordPress.com, the same as WordPress.org, but in this case, you don’t need a hosting account or to setup the WordPress script to your own hosting or server.

1. Start a Business Account at WordPress.com

If you don’t want to install and setup WordPress on your own hosting you can register for a business account at WordPress.com. Click “Start with Business,” which includes installing themes and plugin functionality.

Upload Themes and Plugin for WordPress.com

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Follow the steps and complete the registration.

2. How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme or Plugin

The WordPress market is overloaded with free and premium themes and plugins. I recommend you to choose only from trusted providers with experience in the industry and with a good support.

You can use free plugins downloaded directly from WordPress.org, for example, a useful Maintenance Mode plugin or a premium WordPress theme provided by 5-star rating companies as is StrictThemes on Themeforest.

Check out most popular free WordPress plugins on WordPress.org and the most popular premium WordPress themes on Themeforest.

3. Upload a Theme and Plugins to Your WordPress.com Account

After you download or buy plugins or themes you have to upload them to WordPress.com. Go to your WordPress.com dashboard and add the plugin or theme. Click the “Add” button to upload resources.

Upload theme and plugin

4. Setup Plugins and Customize the Theme

After you install the theme or plugin you have to setup and customize them, because there is not a plugin in the market which can improve website functionality without some small setup steps. Put your website in maintenance mode and start the modifications. After you finish the setup you can disable the maintenance mode plugin and publish your website.

Now you can enjoy new functionality on your website without limitations.

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WordPress is the industry’s most popular web and blogging platform, and I hope this community keeps developing and growing.

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