Google Announces AMP Stories for Creatives

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AMP, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project aimed at making mobile pages load fast, just got updated to include custom visuals. It was about time. AMP Stories changes everything!

The newly launched AMP Stories format is an addition to the AMP Project and allows content publishers focused on mobile to deliver news engagingly and visually.

A Visual-Driven Format for Mobile

AMP Stories solves the biggest problem of the AMP Project: the lack of enticing visuals. Some stories are meant to be told with images and videos.

While AMP Stories is designed by Google, the concept itself was greatly influenced by a group of publishers looking to add flavor to AMP. Cosmopolitan, Mashable, Conde Nast, Hearst, People are some of the big names involved with the project.

AMP Showcase

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“AMP stories have incredible potential to enhance how we create mobile content. Our team can easily create beautiful, media-rich stories that our users will now be able to access quickly across the web. We continue to be focused on creating the best content for every platform, and the creative possibilities on AMP stories are endless.” — Doug Parker@Meredith

However, AMP Stories is not a privilege for the industry’s giants. It’s a joined effort of hundreds of reporters, illustrators, designers, producers and video editors to build AMP the way it should have been from the beginning: a beautiful yet lightning-fast platform for creators.

It’s equally accessible to small creators seeking the benefits of AMP in a creative form. Flexible layout templates, standardized UI controls and components for sharing and adding follow-on content are available on top of the existing AMP platform.

Key elements of AMP Stories include:

  • Rich visuals
  • Near-native video and image performance
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Ecosystem agnostic

AMP SHowcase

Built on the technical infrastructure of AMP, the new format provides a fast and inspiring experience on the mobile web. AMP stories offer publishers a creative avenue for storytelling, with flexibility in design in an interactive form factor. Additionally, techniques like pre-renderable pages optimized video loading and caching can be used to optimize the content delivery to visitors.

Explore AMP Stories

If you are looking to test new functionalities, check out the tutorial and documentation available here. Have a look at the new format by searching for the publishers mentioned above within using any mobile browser.

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