20 Examples of Bright and Colorful Website Designs


Website colors are always a huge issue and responsibility for any designer. Colors play a crucial role. They affect the mood and, as a result, the user’s behavior on the site. The use of quiet tones attracts users, at the same time, the use of bright and funky colors can make your web project individual or completely ruin it.

Given the importance of site colors, it is sometimes extremely difficult to pick up the color palette. In order to correctly choose the colors, you need to have experience of work in this field and know which colors are most suitable for different types of sites. For example, the site of a portfolio designer or an artist, by default, should be bright and juicy, and the site of a photographer is best to be implemented in dark or light colors where the pictures could look particularly clearly.

In the online store, is better to focus on the colors of price tags and offers to attract the users’ attention, direct them. The color scheme of the site should reflect your goals and objectives, as it is an extremely powerful tool. We are happy to present you a selection of incredibly colorful sites. Get inspired and look for your color palette.

Bright & Colorful Website Designs

Cheese Please

Festival Mantap Kopi ABC

Everdure eChurrasco


Moonrise Kingdom





Become a Maker


S.O.S Mamute

South Mountain

A Springtime Tennessee Vacation


Aussie BBQ Legends

R.I.P. Cube Club

Country of harvest


Officine in Cucina


  1. MiraGray Nov 2, 3:31 pm

    Nice collection of website designs. Some designs are really eye catching which use some good bright colors to make them stand out from each other.

  2. Giorgos K. Nov 2, 10:02 pm

    Nice collection, can I suggest webcolors.gr?

  3. Nichole Nov 3, 3:44 am

    The colors are nice, but most of these are so trendy it’s sad. In a couple of years (maybe not even that long) they’ll be looking for new designs because these will be out of date. I’m a fan of classic, clean lines in web design. Not fads.

  4. Markiz Nov 8, 9:32 pm

    Really great choice of websites. Thanks for this.

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