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    The Affiliatoo email template promotes a marketing platform which promises to help users achieve their marketing goals and grow their business. The design is a fresh and intense green theme representing growth and harmony, consistent with the marketing success underpinning Affiliatoo’s brand promise.

    The header introduces Affiliatoo as a way of successfully coordinating campaigns and launching products, followed by a bold call-to-action button inviting users to “Start Free Trial,” intimating an easy entry point into their services.

    The platform’s features and benefits are illustrated with the icons “Special offer,” “Easy Integration,” “Additional Training,” and “Flexibility of Use” under the “What do you get?” section, along with concise, clear descriptions the Affiliatoo platform’s functionality.

    The next section highlights the perks available to premium users, including “Affiliate Link Monitoring” and “Performance Reporting”, highlight the Affiliatoo’s tools to track the performance of affiliate link as well as access comprehensive reports on affiliate metrics.

    There’s also a compelling call to action to “Get 3 months free” at the bottom of the template, which increases conversions with a significantly longer free period than is typically offered by comparable platforms. A second call-to-action button “Start for free today” reiterates the value of the free trial.

    And in the footer, links to privacy options, and iOS and Android app downloads – as well links to social media platforms – bring the email to a close. As should always be the case, there is a clear way to unsubscribe from marketing communications, giving the user control over their own email preferences.

    Common uses:

    • Email marketing of services offered in a SaaS platform
    • Free trial promotions for user acquisition
    • Newsletters or mailing about features for existing and potential users
    • Promotional upgrades to premium services
    • Educational content on affiliate marketing

    Key Highlights:

    • Vibrant and thematic color range
    • Clean representation of service benefit and premium features
    • Multiple calls-to-actions for free trial sign up
    • Promotion of extra tools for premium users
    • Informative footer with app links, social media and privacy settings

    Overall, this email template is a strategic marketing tool for Affiliatoo to attracting new users and converting them to premium subscribers.

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