Minimalist Artworks Based on Typography


So, this is a series of typography book titles. Some of you might recognize the manner from the previous movie poster series posted here on DesignModo in May.

I was asked to design this as an advertising campaign for Jashanmal Bookstores from Dubai. Like the previous typography series, it’s a visualisation based on type only. This time I decided to focus on the whole title rather than just a single letter or element, and by manipulating the title in one way or another I have tried to capture the essence of the book.

Not only was I thrilled to make the designs, I am also very happy to get the opportunity to support the written word; one of the most enjoyable and important treats life has to offer.

There is a very limited run of posters for the book title designs available. Be sure to get yours while they last, I am getting reports some are already gone. Please visit the Jashanmal site for more information.

Typography Minimalist Artworks

My literary nerdiness is also shown by these one-line art prints that I’m constantly making. The illustrations are based on a one-liner, or in some cases the other way around. I don’t necessarily consider the one-liner a joke, but rather a sweet little friend of its illustration.



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