Awesome Minimalist Typography Posters

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This is a series of typography posters based on various movies. It’s a visualization of the movie by using only first letter(s) from title, for instance the i from “The Insider” as the shape of a cigarette, or the two K’s from “The Karate Kid” as two fighting karate kids.

The rules are strict, but in some cases I have used more general typography characters to visualize the movie. “Once” is an example where two Euro signs along with the number 1 take the shape of a guitar. (I might reveal “Once” is about a guy who plays the streets for money for you who didn’t see the movie…)

I think it was the strict rules I set up for myself that draw me to this project. I have always been a fan of designers that integrate with the viewer to create a sort of game together. I always strive to leave some space for the viewer to fill. It’s a balancing act. The humor is also very important–graphics without a sense of humor is often dead to me.

Speaking of humor, I want to take this opportunity to announce a small contest: the first who sends me an e-mail with a link to the scene that inspired me to the “Basic Instinct” poster will be sent a print for free. It shouldn’t be very hard, I guess Youtube is full of it. Please include your address, but I don’t need to see the keywords you used to find the clip… My e-mail address is patrik{@}

Movies Minimalist Typography Posters

Music Minimalist Typography Posters

Besides being a movie freak I am also a sucker for good music. Here’s a selection of music posters.


1 Comment
  1. Martin Fitout Jun 1, 1:00 am

    More Space than design is a sign that someone is a thoughtful designer I think and space is a major factor in any design that is often ignored by people rushing to fill space up with a photographic range of colour and stuff – when if you chop out the noise of your peripheral vision you are left with whats actually worth focusing on and using as a design…

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