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Are you looking for a complete solution for your business website? Simbla website builder might be the answer.

Simbla includes a fully responsive website builder, using HTML5 and Bootstrap, an online database system packed with web widget and the latest version also includes a new app market with website product pages, a blog, product catalog and news ticker. Plus, knowledge base and e-commerce apps are on the horizon.


Here’s a look at what you’ll get with the new and improved Simbla.

What’s New with Simbla?

Simbla is already known because it is a robust website builder, but new tools increase the overall functionality of the product for business owners at all levels. Recently released and upcoming features turn the builder into a complete system for your online business needs.

The biggest and most dynamic feature is the integration of a CRM system within Simbla. It will integrate the website, database and all related apps in one place. This will make it easier for you to manage your business online.

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The app system is highly functional and dynamic, allowing the administrator to have full control of how apps will look, behave and work on the back- and front-end. All Simbla apps connect to the database and work using the same backbone and functionality.

Upcoming apps include:

  • Blog
  • News feed
  • Product catalog
  • Knowledgebase
  • E-Commerce tools
  • Lead management
  • Site analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Online scheduling

The latest Simbla also includes SSL (https) so visitors can browse your website securely. (That’s a major bonus for some users!)

This is what developers will love about Simbla: It has a dynamic grid that allows you to automatically inject data from the database. You just have to choose which fields the data will come from and in what order to present it. Plus, it’s all set up as regular text fields and work via a drag and drop interface. The dynamic grid can be used in two ways:

  1. To design and move database elements
  2. To create dynamic pages

Key Features

Key Features

The key element of Simbla has been the ease of use for a code-free website builder. The interface makes it possible for anyone to build a website that looks great. (All the new features mentioned above will only make this software package even better.)

The backend online database is what makes Simbla unique; it’s not something you find with just a theme that you add to a website framework. It combines a series of database widgets (and connects to Simbla apps) to create data-driven applications and uses for admins and users. It helps make your website more intuitive and creates a better, more immersive experience for users.

The website builder comes with plenty of responsive website templates to help you get your project moving quickly. Just browse through the template gallery, find a style you like and get started. You’ll end up with a website that looks amazing on any device and does not require any knowledge of code to create.

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Code Simbla

Other key features include:

  • Fully responsive: Your website will look great on every device
  • Drag and drop builder: No coding required
  • Cloud-based interface: Log in and work on your website for anywhere (even mobile devices)
  • Website wizard to help you create a design: Walk through the design process step-by-step to get exactly what you are looking for
  • Ability to embed your own code: Simbla is not too streamlined; you can add your own HTML if you like to further customize the design
  • SEO features: You need a website that comes with all the latest search tools so that it is easy to find, including an XML site map, metadata descriptions for titles and keywords, 301 references, friendly URLs and ability to sync with Google Analytics
  • Easy mode or pro mode for those with coding backgrounds: Set the mode for the backend to suit your users with something for coders (pro mode) or not (easy mode)
  • Free hosting: Every Simbla plan comes with hosting so you don’t need to add anything else


Simbla comes with multiple plan options based on the needs of your business, including a free plan with limited options.

The other plan levels are based on storage and bandwidth needs.

  • Starter: $6 per month (1GB storage/1GB bandwidth)
  • Basic: $12 per month (3GB storage/3GB bandwidth)
  • Advanced: $24 per month (10GB storage/10GB bandwidth)
  • Pro: $48 per month (20GB storage/20GB bandwidth)


Simbla is releasing new tools and apps every day to make this a more robust website option. It’s worth a definite look and the tools are highly discounted through the end of March. (The tools are discounted up to 75 percent!)

Go take a look right now and see if this robust website builder, database and all-in-one business solution is right for you.

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