June Newsletter Ideas and Examples for 2024

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June brings us a host of positive moments and lifestyle changes. School is out, vacation season is on, and there are no more warm weather teasers—the heat is finally here. People appreciate the freedom to plan picnics and outings with family and friends.

For consumers, stepping into summer means kicking off all their grandiose plans and enjoying their lives. But for many companies, June means a slump in sales. With vacations, school breaks, and outdoor activities occupying the central stage in people’s minds, shopping comes second. The marketing performance across all communication channels starts to decline rather than grow. The end of Q2 is a notoriously challenging time for business.

Nevertheless, that should not stop you. Instead, it should inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and harness email campaigns and topics that add authenticity to your communication, resonate with your audience, and tug at consumers’ hearts.

The good news is that even if your company does not sell pool floaties or outdoor equipment, you still have great opportunities to reach out to your audience and bond with them in a positive and stimulating environment, making it work for your brand. Here is the guide to June email newsletter ideas featuring an email marketing calendar, creative ideas, subject line pitches, and some fantastic summer newsletter examples.

June Email Newsletter Calendar

There are multiple reasons to celebrate June, from appreciating your clients on Say Something Nice Day to the first day of summer to honoring fathers on the third Sunday to Taking your Dog to Work at the end of the month. Here are lists of one-day holidays and week- and month-long celebrations to find an appropriate excuse to connect with your subscribers and channel their positive summer vibes in your direction.

One-day holidays:

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  • Say Something Nice Day (June 1)
  • Global Day of Parents (June 1)
  • World Environment Day (June 5)
  • D-Day (June 6)
  • Best Friend Day (June 8)
  • International Children’s Day (June 9, second Sunday)
  • Men’s Health Day (June 10)
  • Flag Day (June 14, U.S.)
  • Father’s Day (June 16, the third Sunday, U.S.)
  • Juneteenth Independence Day / Black Independence Day (June 19, U.S.)
  • National Daylight Appreciation Day (June 21)
  • June Solstice / First Day of Summer (June 21)
  • Social Media Day (June 30)
June Newsletter Ideas

June email from Onda

Week- and Month-long celebrations:

  • National Garden Week (June 2-8)
  • Child Safety Week (June 5-11)
  • U.S. Open Golf (June 5-18)
  • National Flag Week (June 12-18)
  • UEFA Euro 2024 (June 14 – July 14)
  • Hajj (June 26 – July 1)
  • Pride Month
  • National Great Outdoors Month
  • National Camping Month
  • Caribbean-American Heritage Month
  • African-American Music Appreciation Month
  • National PTSD Awareness Month
  • Men’s Health Month
  • National Safety Month
  • National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Niche-specific holidays and events:

  • Global Running Day (June 2)
  • World Bicycle Day (June 3)
  • SAFE Day (June 4)
  • Cancer Survivors Day (June 4)
  • Hot Air Balloon Day (June 5)
  • Doughnut Day (June 7, first Friday)
  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (June 7)
  • World Ocean Day (June 8)
  • Donald Duck Day (June 9)
  • Iced Tea Day (June 10)
  • Making Life Beautiful Day (June 11)
  • U.S. Open PGA Tour (June 15)
  • Nature Photography Day (June 15)
  • Neurodiversity Pride Day (June 16)
  • International Picnic Day (June 18)
  • Selfie Day (June 21)
  • International Yoga Day (June 21)
  • World Music Day (June 21)
  • National Selfie Day (June 21)
  • World Rainforest Day (June 22)
  • National Pink Day (June 23)
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 23)
  • National PTSD Awareness Day (June 27)
  • Sunglasses Day (June 27)
  • Hug Holiday (June 29)
  • National Work from Home Day (June 29)
June Email Newsletter Calendar

June event email marketing calendar by Loisem

Many holidays, festivals, and local wacky observances in June screams summer: Iced Tea Day, Sunglasses Day, Global Running Day, World Bicycle Day, World Ocean Day, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, and much more. They bring summer vibes into our homes, intensify feelings and spirits of the season, and inspire June newsletter ideas.

Whether you create emails for a global or a local audience, many summer-inspired events exist to exploit. Here are three small yet original and captivating ideas to tap into people’s hearts and boost your brand’s visibility and engagement during the season’s first month.

Pride Month

We all promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to achieve them in our community. Pride-related conversations have gained considerable momentum in the past few years, which has affected everyone, including customers. Studies have shown that many consumers worldwide find it important that businesses support LGBTQ+ rights.

Although companies are advised to give their direct nod to these groups of communities throughout the year, there is no better time to intensify these topics or start showing your support than in the first month of summer.

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June is an official Pride Month that is widely recognized across the globe. You are welcome to raise awareness of other burning issues that help to embrace and celebrate diversity in our society. For instance, you may adopt thoughtful marketing campaigns during these events:

  • Neurodiversity Pride Day
  • Juneteenth
  • National Loving Day (celebrating interracial marriage)
  • Caribbean-American Heritage Month
  • African-American Music Appreciation Month

Whether you want to go small and honor one of the events featured above or go big and dedicate the whole month to diversity and inclusion, here are some topics and ideas that may help you resonate with the crowd and participate in the observances:

  • Incorporate themes of freedom, creativity, and expression into campaigns.
  • Create pride art or a pride flag photoshoot.
  • Focus on the core mission of pride during sales and promos.
  • Feature stories of courage and inspiration.
  • Inspire and educate subscribers.
  • Amplify the voices of black creators by sharing your top playlists of songs you love from African-American artists.
  • Cross-promote with black-owned businesses.
Email from Goody

Email from Goody

Men’s Health Day

Another important event in June is Men’s Health Day. We often speak of pride, mental health issues, and women’s rights, forgetting about other integral groups of our community. June is the perfect time to remind your customers that men, however strong and formidable they may look, also deal with health issues.

Although November is the official month to increase knowledge about this topic during the so-called Movember observance, the first summer month is also a great excuse to intensify this theme and support your male audience.

Email marketing created for Men’s Health Day can be as diverse as Pride Day. You may use your email channel to enlighten your subscribers about this crucial event and highlight popular health issues. On the other hand, you may run campaigns to encourage men to improve their lifestyles and take charge of their well-being. This may include listicles and advice on exercise, diet tips, and ways to detect men’s illnesses early.

The good news is Men’s Health Day is a great opportunity to promote your products that might help men, run specials on men’s supplies, or send newsletters with gift ideas and discounts on men’s products.

Email from Keeps

Email from Keeps

Customer Appreciation Campaign

One main factor driving customer decisions is the experience and interaction with your brand. Studies show that strong and healthy relationships between the company and the target audience are important for creating loyal and repeat customers. Feeling appreciated comes to the forefront here and goes a long way in strengthening this connection and growing the fan base.

June has many events to run customer appreciation campaigns: Say Something Nice Day (June 1), Best Friend Day (June 8), Making Life Beautiful Day (June 11), and Hug Holiday (June 29). All these events promote friendship and healthy relationships between members of our society, so they are perfect excuses to connect with the audience and show appreciation.

Here are some ideas to thank your customers for choosing and staying with you despite the tough competition in the market:

  • Write a hyper-personalized thank you note.
  • Send thank you discounts and special offers in your emails.
  • Highlight a customer of the month.
  • Launch a loyalty program and reward your customers with a bonus.
  • Run a contest for loyal fans.
  • Offer future-use coupons for summer products.
  • Give away an exclusive product or service.
  • Provide a free upgrade for a month or year.
  • Release exclusive pre-sale notifications and early-bird discounts.
  • Sponsor events your customers care about.
  • Donate to the charity in honor of your customers.

Other topics may also positively resonate with your target audience. For instance, you may cover crucial events like World Environment Day, which coincides with World Rainforest Day and World Ocean Day. Use email channels to raise awareness about environmental issues by creating campaigns that promote eco-friendly products, reveal hacks to go green, or encourage other green initiatives.

Alternatively, you may capitalize on International Picnic Day, National Garden Week, or National Camping Month. Run email campaigns that speak directly to garden lovers and outdoor explorers. Select several top products and wrap them into these themes to make these events beneficial for your brand and target audience.

High-Converting Email Ideas to Exploit in June

June bursts with positive energy as people enjoy their well-deserved vacation, outings with family and friends, and school breaks. While their online shopping time decreases, their adventurous mood and optimistic spirit certainly elevate, keeping them open to new adventures and offers.

Here are some high-converting ideas to exploit at the beginning of the season to strike the right chord with your audience, drive traffic to the website, generate some sales, and stay afloat at the end of Q2.

Father’s Day

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Canada, and some other countries, Father’s Day honors relevant father figures, fatherhood, and paternal bonds. It signifies the influence of fathers in society and their role in family and upbringing.

Although it is not as popular as other federal holidays, studies show that over 80% of millennials and young representatives of Generation X plan to celebrate it. In addition, 40% of respondents intend to make this day memorable by giving their dad gifts or organizing a party.

With such impressive numbers, planning a campaign dedicated to this fantastic event is a good idea to engage your brand and meet the crowd’s moods and expectations. From creating an email to remind everyone about the father’s role in the family and upbringing to gift ideas for those who need something unique to celebrate their father figures, here are some ideas and suggestions on composing high-converting emails.

Remind your customers that June is not only about beach vacations, backyard barbecues, and chilling outside with family and friends. It is also about celebrating our beloved father figures. Inform and enlighten your audience about this fantastic event with a simple yet meaningful newsletter.

Show your love and respect for fathers through heart-warming messages. Make people curious about celebrating dads and orient them with hints at when and how to honor them. Get readers into the holiday spirit by using appropriate photos and graphics, and do not forget to add your male-related products to the mix.

Do not worry if you do not have appropriate goods; you might still be a part of the holiday preparations. Share your ideas on how kids may celebrate this day. Spread positive emotions and establish a festive atmosphere.

High-Converting Email Ideas to Exploit in June

Email from Evite

Provide a helping hand.

Reminding about an upcoming event is one thing, but helping your customers who want to make this day memorable is another. Your company must research the area and exercise creativity to address this need.

Create a campaign that gives a clue of what gift fathers may like or helps subscribers choose the one tailored to their needs. List appropriate goods with prices, feature exclusive offers, or create something personal and event-oriented. You may capitalize on feedback and highlight the products from the store accompanied by customers’ reviews from the previous year.

Another good email marketing strategy is to show the most popular options among the male audience. It would help to increase consumers’ expectations of your brand.

Celebrate dads in your subscription list with special offers.

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to run a promotional campaign. Many brands have flash sales or provide extensive discounts on male-related products. These strategies are the most substantial incentives for any customer to buy.

The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel – announce the special Father’s Day sale and add a discount with a coupon code. People anticipate this from your brand, so you may easily match their expectations. It is also a time to stress urgency or scarcity since the event takes just one day.

Email from Cometeer

Email from Cometeer

Summer Campaigns

As the first summer month, June newsletters must compete with many distractions to win engagement and remind about the brand and its products. It is notorious for its low open rates, conversions, and leads because customers are more involved in sunny weather and its opportunities.

However, one theme naturally elevates email campaigns inside inboxes and draws attention during this time: summer. Leveraging its spirit in your marketing campaigns may lead to significant results. Customers easily fall for seasonal decorations, themes, and products that meet their needs, expectations, and moods.

If your brand manages to latch on to all the fantastic things that happen in June and incorporate them into newsletters, it will certainly overcome its lazier, relaxing summer competitors. Here are some popular topics to play with:

  • Summer vacation
  • School graduation
  • Summer solstice
  • Outdoor summer adventures
  • Summer foods and drinks
  • Travel tips and inspiration
  • Summer reading lists
  • Summer fashion trends and inspiration

Here are some ideas built around those topics to inspire your June email campaigns and win the battle for customers’ attention during slower business periods.

  • Send a heart-warming thank you note on National Daylight Appreciation Day.
  • Remind about the official start of the summer and the longest day of the year on Summer Solstice.
  • Ease the stress of those who need to go on a shopping spree for the new season by introducing all-time favorite summer products in the first emails of the season.
  • Showcase new products designed to refresh and enhance customers’ summer experiences.
  • Send a last-minute coupon or promo to persuade your customers to join the summer fun.
  • Share case studies, testimonials, and some instructional content to make the transition between spring and summer smooth and pleasant.
  • Run an unexpected flash sale or exclusive summer deals. Intensify FOMO to drive action.
  • Get playful and keep customers returning by introducing interactive elements in newsletters. Use Postcards to pull off this strategy in minutes.
  • Create contests and competitions, or draw subscribers into a mind-blowing gamified experience.
  • Spice your referrals, rewards, and loyalty marketing campaigns with summer vibes.
Summer Campaigns

Email from Withings

Great Outdoors Month

June also marks Great Outdoors Month. It encourages people to get out and enjoy the world around them, such as wildlife refuges, parks, and natural beauty. This observance goes hand in hand with June and its warm summer weather, which elevates mood and naturally draws everyone in.

While it may become a new distraction from online shopping, those brands that can catch the drift and create campaigns to meet customers’ needs may become a part of this lifestyle. Here are some interesting ideas to become an integral part of the Great Outdoor Month celebration and connect with subscribers in a meaningful and beneficial way:

  • Find proactive ways your business can help make customers’ beginning of summer one to remember.
  • Tap into their vacation mindset by emailing helpful tips and suggestions for stress-free traveling.
  • Create airport survival guides.
  • Provide insider tips on visiting wildlife parks with kids.
  • Inform about safety measures.
  • Highlight summer essentials that help customers beat the heat outside.
  • Feature off-the-beaten-path local experiences to elevate customers’ spirits and put them into a summer mood.
  • Offer a downloadable packing guide enriched with space-saving techniques.
  • Prioritize customers’ well-being outside with tips for sun protection, skincare routines, and relaxation techniques.
  • Offer a variety of summer-themed hacks for families and kids.

Focus on email design. It should accompany a theme impeccably. Showcase exotic destinations, introduce summer photos, or adopt bright illustrations. Use the Postcards with their modern styles and a bunch of functional blocks to create an email design relevant to your campaign without any artistic skills.

Great Outdoors Month

Email from Vacasa

Subject Line Ideas for June Newsletters

June Slogans and Headlines

The meteorological start of summer is Summer Solstice(June 20, 2024), which occurs between 20 and 22, depending on the year’s duration. In marketing, the vacation season, weddings, and no school comes early. Memorial Day in late May is an unofficial start of the summer. Therefore, brands are welcome to embrace the season right from the beginning of June and treat subscribers with warm slogans, headlines, and captions.

To play along, ensure your slogans and headlines reflect the positive vibes of summer and inspire interest and curiosity to give your customers a reason to open your email and read it. Here is a short list of topics you may explore to come up with an enticing headline and content:

  • The transition between spring and summer
  • New season
  • Excitement of summer
  • Camping, outing, and exploring
  • Outdoor activities
  • Traveling
  • Shortened summer Fridays at work
  • Family vacations
  • Wedding season
  • School break
  • Warmer weather and longer days

Alternatively, tap into the energy of the season by following the trends and playing with these ideas:

  • “The Song of the Summer”
  • June cultural activities or events
  • June festivals

Find a way to make the most out of event marketing. As practice shows, speaking to your audience’s needs and expectations is the best way.

Here is a list of June slogans and headlines to give you a head start in brainstorming.

  • Never fear, summer is here
  • Sea what we’ve got in stock
  • Sun’s out, sales on
  • Cruise into our summer sale
  • Experience June like never before.
  • There are thousands of ways to enjoy the June heat.
  • Check out these hot June deals just in time for summer.
  • Feel the June breeze.
  • June is a state of mind.
  • Break away and enjoy the June heat!
  • Make your June an unforgettable one.
  • June comes only once a year.
  • Hooray for the first Hot Summer Day!
  • This June will be hot, hot, hot!
  • Discover the beauty of June.
  • Have a splashing day.
  • Experience the true meaning of June.
  • You can’t cool off these steaming hot deals.
  • Summer can’t get any hotter than our June sales.
  • Summer is finally upon us!
  • I’ve been waiting all spring for this.
  • Chill out with June deals
  • Find Your June Paradise with Our Products
  • Summer has arrived
  • Here comes the sun
  • June never looked so good
  • Summer is now served
  • Your June Escape
Subject Line Ideas for June Newsletters

Email from Google

June Hashtags

The more likes and shares your emails receive, the more visibility your brand will get. Potentially, you may drive more traffic to your website, start word of mouth, and find new followers and subscribers. However, creating engaging content is not enough. It is crucial to provide your subscribers with the option to share it with others through social media channels that are famous for their ability to generate buzz around topics and draw attention to companies within minutes.

Using hashtags is one of the best ways to connect your email marketing and social media. They will make your content, brand, and key message discoverable, tap into your target audience’s conversations, and let you maximize your marketing efforts across various channels.

The good news is that you can easily introduce them in email content and even turn them into shareable links. When doing this, it is crucial to remember that you should not overdo it. The best practice is to use one to three hashtags and favor relevant hashtags that fit your brand image, email campaign, and season. Here are the most popular options for June to enrich your content with cues that will give subscribers tools to share your company’s message across social media.

#bestdadever, #bestfriendsday, #blackculture, #blacklivesmatter, #bkinderday, #capandgown, #cancersurvivorsday, #celebratefreedom, #celebratinglove, #campingmonth, #classof2024, #congratsgrad, #daylightappreciationday, #dadsrock, #dday, #doughnutday, #endofschoolyear, #escapetheIndoors, #equality, #fathersday, #fathersdaycelebration, #fathersdaylove, #freedom, #gaypride, #graduation2024, #graduationcelebration, #greatoutdoors, #greatoutdoorsmonth, #happilyeverafter, #happyjune, #happyjuneteenth, #happysummer, #hardworkpaysoff, #hellojune, #hellosummer, #ilovemydad, #june, #junelove, #junephotochallenge, #juneteenth, #junevibes, #junewedding, #lgbtpride, #lgbtq, #lovingday, #loveisintheair, #loveislove, #lovesummer, #menshealth, #menshealthmatters, #menswellness, #mydadisthebest, #nationalchildrensday, #nationalflagday, #nomoreschool, #picnicday, #pride2024, #pridemonth, #rainbowlove, #saysomethingniceday, #selfieday, #schoolsout, #socialmediaday, #summer2024, #summerbreak, #summerfun, #summerishere, #summersolstice, #summertime, #summervacation, #superdad, #thanksdad, #vacation2024, #vacationmode, #wedding, #weddingseason, #welcomejune, #worldbicycleday,

Find more relevant hashtags in Angie Gensler’s blog and Newfound Marketing blog.

June Email Subject Lines

As mentioned, the first summer month requires brands to push their limits and exercise creativity to stay strong during an official period of sales decline. Therefore, June’s email subject lines should be like hot pancakes that are so “delicious” you cannot resist.

One time-proven way to do so is to embrace the season immediately and keep your audience engaged. Another good way is to maximize event marketing and capitalize on the positive summer vibes by playing with summer topics since they meet customers’ expectations. You can explore many themes to stay on top of your game and drive engagement in your inbox, securing high open rates.

Here is a list of ideas to inspire you on how to present the content in crowdy inbox to meet the crowd’s mood and achieve proper resonance for your brand. Plus, we have collected relevant emojis that may give your email subject line an instant spark.

🏄, 🌊, 🔥, ☀️ , 🌸, 🗓 ,🩴, 👗 , 😎, 🩳 , 👙 , 👚 , 🥪, 🌴 , 🍨, 💦, 🏖️, 🕶️, 📦, 🌈, 🌼, 🫠, 🍒 , 🌺, 🌞 ,🫐, 🏕️, 🎣, 🌃, 🎶 ,🌳, 🎸, 🍹 , 🚢 🌲, 🗺️, 🧭, 🏞️, ⛺, 🪁, 💃, 🏃, 👣, ⚽, ⚾,🧘, 🏈, ⛵, 🥳, 🎉, 👯‍♀️, 👯‍♂️, 👬, 👭, 👩‍❤️‍👩, 👨‍❤️‍👨, 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 ,🏳️‍,⚧️, ♀️, ♂️, ⚧️, 💜, ✊ , 🧡, 🐬,🍧, 🦀,🥥,🏝️,🪸, 🪖, 🪦, 🧎‍♀️, 🚣, 🏊, 🐝.

June email subject line ideas:

  • Slip-n-slide into our June deals
  • 🌞 Here comes summer!
  • Cannonball into our sale!
  • Deals for Dad in-store and online
  • Shop until you drop this June.
  • Kick off your summer in style
  • Sail in to see our newest products
  • Life’s a beach with our June products
  • Stay cool this June with our products
  • Spice up your June with our best pick
  • I scream, you scream for ice cream
  • One last hurrah: Shop our end-of-spring event
  • Sun’s out, promos out.
  • Steaming June Deals
  • Sizzling June Promos
  • Sparkling June Savings
  • Save all Through June
  • Sunny Savings
  • Donut Miss These Specials
  • Don’t miss out on our June specials!
  • New products just in time for summer
  • Get a head start on summer with June deals
  • Summer just got better with June deals
  • It’s time to shine this June
  • June savings you can’t miss
  • Celebrate June with these savings
  • June just got a whole lot better
  • Get a jump start on June fun with these deals
  • Step into June with these deals
  • Unleash the summer with June deals
  • Get $25 off all June essentials
  • Summer Fri-yay: Get up to 50% off
  • Slide into June with $75 off
  • Get ready for summer break
  • Don’t miss these student summer deals
  • Get Ahead: Book Your Summer Appointments Now
  • Sunshine & Feeling Fine: Our June Health Tips
  • School’s Out! But Our Latest Updates Are In ?‍?
  • Congrats to the grads🎓 get them something rad: shop now
  • June finance tips to be purchase-ready by fall
  • Seas the Day!
  • Soak up the sun & savings – up to 50% off only in June
  • Beach Me Up! June’s HOTTEST Swim Trends
  • You this summer: 🙆‍♂‍🕺🏄‍♂‍⛹‍😎
  • Kickstart summer with 20% off 🌞
  • Summer is just a dress away…
  • June’s in the Bag ☀️
  • 🕶 + 👟 + ☀️ = June!
  • Oh, hey, summer 😎
  • Beachy-keen products you’ll love
  • Set SALE into June with 20% Off
  • Don’t you glare miss this deal!
  • It’s melting, it’s melting! Save up to 75% NOW
  • Your next step with us is looking bright
  • 🍹Summer Sips & Dips at Mia’s Taqueria🍹
  • 🔥Summer’s H☀️TTEST Sale
  • June favorites! 🍉
  • Shh… secret June deals are hiding inside👀
  • Dealing with a Summer Slump? We Can Help
  • Summer Is Just Getting Started & We’re Ready
  • Squeeze the most out of Q2 with these 6 tips
  • 4 Tips✅ to Make Your Q3 Matter
  • Beat the Heat! Our Catalog is All Online
  • Beachy-keen products you’ll love🌴
  • Here comes the 🌞 shop up to 50% off
  • Sunny savings 🌞 15% off this June
  • ☀️50% Off☀️ Everything You Need for June! 🍹🏖️
  • Sun-sational Deals this June
  • Monday blues ➡️ summer hues!
  • Buy in June, enjoy in July!
  • June means 3 things
  • Your June gets better with these two things.
  • Sending Hot June 😅Vibes Your Way
  • Go Green with Us! ♻️
  • Stand Up to Cancer With Us!
  • Chocolate or vanilla? The ultimate showdown
  • Flip? or flop? Find out here
  • Ready. Set. Smile!
  • Ready. Set. Beach! Hot June Ideas
  • 🧀Say cheeeeese 😁 this Selfie Day
  • The Ultimate Memorial Weekend Plan
  • We’ve Got the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day
  • Buy one, get one gift for dad
  • Dads and grads are rad!
Email from Sonder

Email from Sonder

Key Traits of June Email Design

It is hard to underestimate the importance of introducing June colors, typefaces, and motifs in email design. Seasonal decorations benefit communication and customer interactions.

A seasonal theme smartly intertwined with the company’s product or message piques interest and strengthens brand identity. It gives the brand’s image a fresh look without a complete overhaul. That shows that the company is active in the market and keeps up with trends, customer needs, and expectations.

How can you pull off seasonal email design? Here are some ideas for coloring, typography, and visual content.


June is the first summer month. It marks a great outdoor activity, encouraging people to enjoy outside, where all colors seem more vibrant, saturated, and strong. It is bright, warm, invigorating, and refreshing.

As nature finally shows its true color, we are surrounded by different tones and hues. That means the June coloring extends from the deepest brown and darkest blue spruce tones to the softest pinks and fiery orange.

These colors in design evoke a positive gamut of emotions and bring about senses of lightness, freshness, sweetness, brightness, and warmth.

As a rule, summer colors are characterized by light, soft, calm, and cool colors in design. However, they are the most refreshing and eye-catching. You will not go wrong if you try to introduce blue, pink, purple, and green. They naturally catch an eye and make the email feel timely.

Alternatively, you may choose yellow, white, or teal. They are widely recognized as colors of vacations and weddings.

Last but not least, in June, you may also use colors that demonstrate the transition between the two seasons. Play around with delicate colors that add a touch of late spring into summer designs. They should have medium saturation and look not too light nor too dark.

Key Traits of June Email Design

June color schemes from Colorhunt


June is the perfect month to treat your subscribers with vibrant, fun, and playful email designs. Besides nailing your coloring, choosing the right font makes the whole difference. It helps to highlight your key message and create an enjoyable reading experience with summer vibes.

The professional advice is to let your creativity run wild with fun and playful fonts. You may go for bizarre and quirky options that remind your readers of their joy and amusement with their family and friends outside.

You are welcome to combine carefree playfulness with enticing elegance by using a free-flowing script with a lighthearted sans serif that naturally resonates with female audiences. As for male subscribers, they may enjoy fonts with a modern tropical theme that screams adventures at all fronts.

Lastly, you may use salty and pirate-inspired handwritten typefaces, fonts with brushstrokes, sunburned spots, and vibrant characters, or bold and blocky options that naturally intensify summer photo backgrounds.


Summer font by Sharkshock featured in Dafont


The choice of visual content in June emails largely depends on the theme. However, most events and observances have an unmistakable summer vibe. Whether it is a campaign dedicated to Pride Month or Father’s Day, it has warmth and positive vibes.

Therefore, you will not go wrong if you infuse your email designs with a laid-back yet captivating summer atmosphere. Focus on patterns and textures inspired by the vibrant culture and scenic beauty of landscapes, vistas, and seascapes. Capture the essence of fun at the beach or barbequing. Capitalize on images that depict sandy shores, cool coconut drinks, surfing waves, and great parties. Alternatively, you may depict quality family time outdoors and yard gatherings.

Summer vectors

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June Email Newsletter Examples

From small yet engaging events to general summer topics, June email newsletters please subscribers with their bright, vivid, and positive nature. Here are several fantastic examples of how popular brands conduct their email marketing campaigns at the end of Q2 and fight growing sales stagnation caused by consumers’ preferences shifting towards outdoor activities and vacations.

June Email Newsletter Examples

Email from Black Lines

Let’s start our collection of June email newsletter examples with a welcome email campaign by Black Lines. The team dedicated the first email in the month and season to the first day of summer. This tactic works because it is what the target audience expects at the beginning of vacation season. So why not play along and participate in a wide summer celebration, making your brand a part of the community and consumer’s lifestyle?

The email is pretty simple in structure and content. The hero area features a fantastic picture that instantly puts smiles on their faces. The main part has two blocks. The first consists of a welcome message, whereas the second draws attention to the company’s products. Everything is neat, clean, informative, and positive. That is a great start for the company and its clients.

The best thing is that brands can conduct the “The First Day of the Summer” campaign either at the beginning or middle of June, so they may decide when is the most appropriate time for your market segment. In the case of Black Lines, they did it on June 22, drawing attention to the brand when the crowd was already in summer mood.

Email from Bonjour Paris

Email from Bonjour Paris

Welcoming new seasons, new months, new weather, and new state of mind benefits companies across the niches. It accompanies the general consumers’ moods and strengthens the brand’s positioning in the market, making it relevant to the period. Email from Bonjour Paris is another take on this strategy.

Unlike the previous newsletter, this one is much longer and more informative. Using a simple stripe structure, boxy arrangement, and alternation between main colors (which represent warm and bright summer tones), they managed to accommodate lots of content and create a pleasant reading experience.

Every block ignites interest with its fantastic content. It has a call-to-action button that leads to the main website, thereby generating fuss around the company’s web portal. The email is simple, yet it does what it should: inspire curiosity and increase traffic during the idle period.

The good news is that you can easily adopt this strategy using Postcards. Just replicate the structure in its super-intuitive feature-rich environment, insert your content, and add the brand’s visual identity elements.

Email from Bubble

Email from Bubble

Like previous examples, Bubble’s email was made with the first day of the month in mind. It radiates joy and the positive vibe of the outdoor season with a focus on outside gatherings with family and friends that are usually accompanied by a barbecue.

The team has provided their subscribers with a “Summer Essentials” guide for grill lovers, placing their products at the core of the experience. Using warm summer motifs, coloring, and typeface, they have established a fantastic atmosphere that instantly puts everyone in the appropriate mood. Although you will not find discounts here, the “free shipping” offer is still a strong argument that pushes customers towards online shopping with the brand.

Email from Italic

Email from Italic

Another way to celebrate the first day of the month is a flash sale. This widely adopted tactic has proven its validity over the years. June is a transition month that drags everyone into a new state of mind and mode. Everyone needs some products to follow the season and feel comfortable in a new lifestyle. Even if you do not sell summer-related products, you may easily wrap your goods or services in seasonal vibes and justify their presence in customers’ lives.

Italic shows that in practice. Just consider how the team played with seasonal vibes and topics to promote pillows, serums, and toners. Capitalizing on a summer theme and experience, they harmoniously present three different types of products. Each block features an eye-catching image, arguments to use a product during the hot season, special discounts, and a call-to-action. This way, their products have become essential for summer. Plus, they have added a discount – a strong incentive for buyers. Smart.

Email from Heatonist

Email from Heatonist

What makes the email from Heatonist remarkable is the intersection of information, summer vibes, and humor. It is so cheerful that you could not resist.

Created specifically for Father’s Day, it celebrates all father figures with one of the best male themes – barbecuing. Colors, images, typefaces, products, wishes – everything embraces the mood of BBQ outings with friends and family and, most importantly, puts dads at the heart of the message and event.

You may have noticed the personal letter from the CEO. This tactic makes the communication more relevant and valuable to the recipient.

Email from OrangeWood Guitars

Email from OrangeWood Guitars

The email from OrangeWood Guitars is a great example of how you can incorporate your products into a seasonal campaign, even if they have nothing to do with it.

Working in the musical industry and providing the best guitars in the region, OrangeWood Guitars is neutral to the times of the year.

Their tactic lies in a creative approach to promoting products and making them an integral part of the period. The team has chosen an end-of-school event that foresees graduation ceremonies, gatherings outside, and, most importantly, camping, often accompanied by a guitar near a campfire.

Note how the brand represents products. They have recreated a small ceremony granting their products titles. There is the “Best sense of style” guitar, “The most adventurous” guitar, and “The life of the party” guitar. That is ingenious.

Email from Boco

Email from Boco

June is Great Outdoors Month. It is the official end of school and the start of the vacation season. As a brand, you may explore this theme and find viable ways to connect with your target audience. If you need hints on how to do this, look at Boco’s email.

Their June newsletter capitalizes on this theme by featuring products that might help their subscribers prepare for the outdoor season and enjoy their new lifestyle. However, they do not overdo it. Embracing the “less is more” approach, they have created a compact yet meaningful and valuable digital newsletter.

In a nutshell, just two blocks are used to uncover the topic and promote products. The motivational headline in the hero area, “Gear up for summer with our latest accessories,” ignites interest, whereas featured products address customers’ needs. Simple, yet effective.

Last but not least

To kick start your summer email campaigns on a good note, we have two fantastic email templates that perfectly meet hot seasonal vibes. Made in Postcards email builder, the most reliable email newsletter builder, they can be customized to your needs within minutes. Add your copy and brand colors in the super-intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and get ready to dazzle your subscribers with sun-sational newsletters in June.



Joosy is a true summer email template that needs zero to no modifications. Everything here screams summer. You may use it immediately—add your logotype and content, and you are ready. It is perfect for your welcoming, informative, and promo campaigns in early June.

Yoga Template

Yoga Template

Yoga Template can be a perfect foundation for celebrating International Yoga Day on June 21. Thanks to its solid structure and neutral atmosphere, it can be easily customized to any local or niche-specific event like Best Friend Day, Flag Day, or World Ocean Day. Just open it in the Postcards editor and add elements to represent your campaign in the most engaging summer-inspired way.


In June, companies are fast approaching the halfway point of the year. The end of Q2 is marked by warmer temperatures, the end of the school year, and the beginning of the wedding, travel, and vacation seasons. From a marketing point of view, it is a notorious period of sales decline since consumers prefer spending their time outside rather than online.

Nevertheless, that does not mean you should experience degradation in your relationships and considerable drops in revenue. With a clever email marketing plan, you may minimize the period’s stagnation, drive engagement, and generate much-needed conversions and revenue.

June is the time to bring event marketing to the game since not every industry sells products and experiences that bring people out of their homes or assist them during traveling or vacations. Even though there are no federal holidays, the first summer month still has a string of small yet significant festivals, with Father’s Day topping the list. And with employees starting to use PTO and make the bulk of the decision, it is time to use any excuse to double down on selling efforts.

You may explore month-long celebrations like Pride Month or National Garden Week or niche-specific one-day events like International Children’s Day or National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. In addition, you may benefit from the general theme of the season—summer and its weather and great outdoor activities.

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