Can you Finish a WordPress Website in Four Hours?

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One of the major selling points that WordPress themes and website builders push forward, relates to how productive you, as a web designer, can become if you use them.

Put it simply, how they can help you create websites faster.

This is very persuasive for both those who appreciate to have more time on their hands, as well as for those who would love to earn more.

The problem is that the claims “build websites in seconds”, “build websites in hours” or “Artificial Intelligence will build your website” usually lack credibility.

That’s because there is a gap between the expectations that the claims set and the reality of building a website. You can almost never build a website as fast as they claim you will. Certainly not in seconds.

Can you Finish a WordPress Website in Four Hours?

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So, they get your click, but they don’t get your money. Or they get your money, but they only get it once.

Why can’t you build a website as fast they claim you will?

Because the “before you build a website” tasks that you need to do largely determine how fast you can build it.

Be Theme has created a time sheet with these tasks. Its aim is to prove that by following certain steps and by using one of its 250+ pre-built websites, you can create a website in four hours.

In addition, the video below shows how you can edit a pre-built website and transform it in a functional site in 40 minutes.

Can you Finish a WordPress Website in Four Hours?

Finally, for delivering websites faster you can apply these useful tips from their community:

  • Establish the ground rules that you and your client will be working to. Make sure your client has properly filled in the brief, and that he understands that no changes are to be made once he sends the brief to you. Late changes create confusion, and can waste time by the need to send e-mails back and forth. Uncontrolled changes can cost you more time than it takes to do the actual design.
  • Set mutually agreed upon deadlines for your work, and for feedback from the client. Your client should agree to provide feedback every few days, as a minimum; and not weekly or longer. Tell your client that no changes will be incorporated that are received after a deadline has passed. That should compel him act.
  • Images, copy, video, etc., are the heart and soul of a website. Wait until you have all the content and information you need close at hand, and well organized, before starting work on the website.
  • Prioritize Your Tasks. Certain steps need to be followed when building a website. First, plan and build the website’s structure. Having done that, add the content; a page at a time. Once the pages have been completed, go back and fine tune any details as appropriate.
  • Use a pre-built website.

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