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Now-a-days, most of the web designers rely on the HTML5 or CSS3 for designing websites. The upgraded version provides clean and simple templates and layouts that are quite helpful for the designers. The HTML5 is the latest and the advanced version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that is quite compatible with most of the browsers. It has become significantly popular among the latest web designers since it offers quite a few incredible new features. There are some of the best HTML5 and CSS3 website templates and layouts offered online which could be very effective and easy to understand.

Who would say that create your own website demands lots of efforts or money. Of course, you should spend some time, and in some cases some money, but devoting a couple of hours in order to establish your company online as well as investing around $20 in your online property sounds like a really good deal.

Creating a distinctive online brand identity is not so difficult as it seems, sometimes you do not need a powerful framework-driven website, simple HTML5 and CSS3 template will do the job. Though it wouldn’t have a handy multifunctional backend, yet if you aren’t going to constantly update your website, it will be more than enough. Moreover, thanks to developers who share professionally-made templates with clean structure and without fussy code you can easily customize it according to your requirements. And that’s not all, if you are still eager to build up a website powered by CMS, you can also reap substantial benefits from such predefined layouts, since they not only help to skip a tedious stage of converting a raw design into a working skeleton, but also provide you with an excellent starting point, to say nothing about a well-crafted and modern design.

Here, we have compiled a collection of both free and paid HTML5 and CSS3 website layout templates in order to show you that there is always a choice; everything depends on your needs, desires and possibilities.

Free HTML5 Website Templates

Free HMTL5/CSS3 Template

Created by a professional team of this vibrant template is eager to establish your company online. It ships with everything you will need to show your professional team as well as shed a light on your works.

Online Email Template Builder

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The home page has such essential sections as slider, news block, and widgetized footer. Here the special attention can be given to color palette that is based on a rainbow coloring. It helps to dilute businesslike air with some fancy touches.

Minimalism HTML5 and CSS3 Template

The template simply screams minimalism on the all fronts. It touches everything starting from a color choice and ending up with layout structure.

However, minimalism doesn’t always mean simplicity, in this particular case, this approach plays into the hands by providing the owner with a properly-structured, well-arranged and accurate design that can be used for various purposes. Whether you are up to launch your company online or you simply want to create a clean portfolio, this theme will certainly meet your needs.

Free Single-Page HTML5 Portfolio Template

The nameplate speaks for itself. It is quite obvious that after downloading the file – you will get a well-crafted one-page theme that lets you build cutting-edge online portfolios. However, do not judge by its cover, the template has some hidden advantages. Thus, for example the layout is based on a vertical scrolling that is supplemented by a fixed sidebar with a navigation and logotype.

The theme will be ideal for presenting yourself without overwhelming online audience with extra graphics and effects. Calm color palette in tandem with simple structure gives the website a really refined look.

Nova HTML template

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If you are looking for a sleek website design with a clean code that can be easily adjusted to your needs then take into account this subtle professionally-designed template. It ships with:

  • Google fonts;
  • сontact form;
  • tweet feed;
  • image gallery;
  • video gallery;
  • Superfish menu.

And that’s not all; you can also freely grab a PSD file and WordPress version of this template.

Shinra HTML template

Created by the same author as the previous template, this theme also won’t let you down. Though the appearance of the front page leaves much to be desired since it features a quite primitive structure and plain design, however the template takes a more traditional route and presents a classic blog layout with a header, sidebar, area for a main content and footer. Moreover, there are also some in-built integral functional blocks such as search bar, navigation, social media panel and pagination.

iPhone Application Template

The goal of the creative team is to provide iPhone app developers with a due and easy-to-use platform for promoting their products. They exploit modern technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 that are bolstered by jQuery features in order to make the site not only look up-to-date but also operate more efficiently.

The theme includes a design of a front page and a basic inner page. The rest pages can be easily created on the basis of existing ones thanks to rather clean and reusable code.

Premium HTML5 Website Templates

App Website

Free HTML5 Website Templates

Want to focus users’ attention on your upcoming mobile project or just give a sneak peak of your application? Try to leverage this cutting-edge website template that features:

  • responsive layout;
  • clean structure;
  • flat style graphics;
  • pixel-perfect iPhone mockup;
  • image background;
  • visually-pleasing color palette.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The theme is designed to support your business while you are away from the internet. Whether you are building up a mobile application, preparing the whole new project or simply want to stay in touch with your subscribers while you are updating an old website, this theme will unobtrusively remind online audience about you and your company. It will also help to:

  • communicate with users;
  • stay tuned;
  • find subscribers;
  • briefly but skillfully display your project.

Deal Website

Deal Website

Coming with such essential features as:

  • support of retina displays;
  • adaptation to different devices;
  • clean structure;
  • popular 12 grid system;
  • flat style.

This sophisticated website template will help you to win as many potential customers as possible. It will clearly represent your deal through directing users’ attention to a prominent solid color block with an offer.

First Page

First Page

First page is always associated with a “face” of your project. A lot depends on its appearance; it either draws users in or vice versa scares them away, so having in possession such a cutting-edge website template like this one, will be certainly a wise investment. Moreover, it ships with

  • responsive layout;
  • standard grid;
  • working subscription form;
  • neat video player.

Landing Page

Landing Page

Much like the previous template, this one is also responsible for creating the first impression. Thanks to a well-crafted graphics and elegant flat style, it will produce a powerful effect on online visitors as well as force them to stay and explore the website further.

Based on a valid HTML5 and CSS3 that are supported by jQuery features, the theme will leverage several pleasant dynamic elements in order to showily represent your company online, effectively promote your mobile application or simply help to find investors for your startup.

Video website

Video Website

Want to become a part of video-lovers communities such as YouTube or Vimeo, then create your own website and populate it with various interesting videos.

This sleek website template is a perfect place to start. It includes an accurate video player, content block and clean graphics; the soft color palette won’t distract users’ from your multimedia content and at the same time, sets up a calm atmosphere and adds a serene feeling.


Depending on your project and amount of time/money that you have, you can go for either free option or paid one. Whichever template you would choose from our list, it will definitely assist you in realizing your ideas.

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