25+ Examples of Subtle Textures and Patterns in Web Design


As a result of the continuous quest for making websites more fashionable and attractive to the viewers, designers got the idea of using subtle texture and pattern in web designing projects. These textures are introduced in website designing to add something ‘extra bit of thing’ to the websites. In order to avoid the flat and digital appearance of colors on a website, the use of these textures is really a great idea. It adds a sense of realism to the website which attracts the visitors more. The use of solid colors on websites is becoming old fashion nowadays. Instead, the modern site owners like to have something more stylish and exclusive on their websites. That is they prefer to have subtle textures and patterns in web designs.

There are textures of different types to give different kinds of impression to the site. As a website owner you have to select the right texture and pattern for your website. Some texture gives you the effect of a chalkboard, which is perfect for sites that deal with hand-drawn themes. On the other hand there are textures with fabric effects that are mostly used for the sites who offer stitching or threading items and services. In this way these textures helps the web designs to be more pleasing and eye catching.

Some may say that without these textures these designs will look no less attractive; true, but at the same time the inclusion of these textures make the designs more appealing and gives a touch of reality. The brilliant web designs get some extra vivacity with these amazing textures. Moreover, there are some websites that are based on some special themes which demands some special effects to make the design complete. For instance, we can take the name of the retro or vintage theme which must have the touch of some aged texture effects. Without this effect the retro look will not be exposed in the design.

Hence, there are many reasons of using the subtle textures and patterns in web design. It may be used to create some extra visual effect or may be used to make the theme more real. No matter what the reason may be, but the effect is undoubtedly amazing and superlative. In order to make a web design completely successful and exclusive, these textures help a lot. But at the same time they have to be used by the experts. Otherwise there is every chance of the website getting messy.

Subtle Textures and Patterns in Web Design



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Jarad Johnson

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  1. Rachael Feb 14, 11:53 am

    Textures and patterns are usually the last thing I add to a design, it can completely lift a design into another level – and I usually end up using a completely different texture I imagined whilst designing.

    These are some great inspirational designs, there’s so many I love here, Amazee Labs, Gift Labs, Pointless Corp are all great. I think I like Rockable themes most here – I like the mix of patterns and textures which are very modern and sleek matching the subject of the site.

    Thanks for this post Adrian, this will be a great point of inspiration for me in future projects!

  2. Gabriel May 12, 3:54 pm


    Does anybody know how to create planet textures in Photoshop. I read about it in this guy’s submission on creaTTor, that he used Photoshop to create the textures, and then animate the planets. Does anybody have any ideas about the 3D capabilities of Photoshop?

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