Free High Quality Leather Textures for your Design

There are a lot of words related to designing and leather texture is the new concept to add a crispy, shiny and sharp look to your design. This is not a common practice among the designers and many are ignorant about the uses of this moderate and beautiful looking texture. To get highlighted in crowed of designers, you have to get tuned with upcoming designing versions. Leather textures are just a toddler in the world of designing and it is time to use these virgin textures to get a remarkable feedback from the viewer’s side. Just try with the free high quality free leather textures and create unique designs for your site.

The color and the resolution of the leather textures are eye catching. Leather textures are being used to deliver excellent and home decoration articles. For a special occasion, present an article made of this leather texture and earn a beautiful smile from your beloved ones. Leather textures that looks like crocodile skin or cracked textures single or double tone textures are well crafted and useful for any decorative items.

Croco skinned leather textures have a high demand in the international market. The scales presented on the crocodile’s body are copied on the leather to give it an indisputable feel. However, double toned leather textures are also equally favorite among the leather fanatics. Double toned leather textures are actually combinations of two different tones in a same frame.  There is different type of double tone leather textures. However, the embossed design patterns over an uneven leather texture is the most desired one. Like any other pragmatic features in Photoshop, leather textures are being used as shin textures for character modeling and animations as well.

Designing versions keep changing. At any point of time the designers will be in need of a certain designing applications. Very soon leather textures will reach a certain level. If you don’t have enough time to create leather textures of your own, search online. Countless effective leather textures are available online. Moreover, there are few free sites as well. Black leather textures, crack leather textures, dirty distressed scratched leather textures or whatever you are looking for, all are thee online. Animate your design with leather textures and give it a real look.

Free Leather Textures

Leather textures

Free high res texture

Black leather texture

Fake Leather Texture

Embossed Leather Texture in Beige

Leather Book Cover: University of Mich

Green Crocodile Skin

Black Leather Jacket Texture

Free Black as Midnight Leather Texture

Reddish Leather Texture

Flat Leather in Beige

Cobra Skin

Leather Texture

Leather Texture Pack 2

Brown Leather Texture

Leather texture pack 01

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  1. Rachael Jan 30, 12:00 pm

    These are great, I often find myself looking for leather like textures but struggle to find ones that look authentic, I will be downloading many of these now, which will no doubt come in handy for a project very soon!

    I agree with Johnny, I would like to see a wood texture collection – as well as any other collection posts like these!

    Thanks for sharing them


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