How do you Create a Cool Portfolio?

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As a web or UX designer, you should definitely have a strong portfolio to showcase your work. You not only need to show prospective clients what you can do, but how good you are at doing it as well.

While there are various ways you can advertise your services, an online portfolio is almost always the most effective. It may seem simple, but it’s not.

There are a number of tips and techniques you can and should use to put together a portfolio that will mark you as a professional. Your objective? To built a portfolio that features these three main roles:

  • Make certain the portfolio’s content showcases your design skills.
  • Let the content show clients that you can be trusted meet their requirements.
  • Present yourself as the owner of a genuine business.

The Essential Steps in Creating Your Cool Portfolio

Creating Your Cool Portfolio

Be Theme’s B&W portfolio

While having the right tool for the job is always important, there are a number of other things you need to keep in mind.

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  • Pay special attention to your opening headline and how you present your logo. These are what the visitor sees first.
  • Build a solid portfolio; 15-20 items is a good objective.
  • Filter out average or mediocre work.
  • Organize and categorize where appropriate as an aid to potential clients.
  • Include testimonials – the best you have.
  • Keep the layout simple.
  • Personalize calls to action, the about page, and the way you market yourself.

Examples of Clean & Flawless Portfolios

Your portfolio needs to be an accurate reflection of your products and services – clean and flawless in appearance, and with an absolute minimum of distractions.

These Be Theme pre-built websites examples illustrate what we mean by clean and flawless. A clear area is reserved for the agency’s unique value proposition (UVP), the images selected have a definite impact, menus are skillfully presented, and the portfolio and services areas are well organized.

Flawless Portfolios

Be Portfolio – one of the well known pre-built portfolios

Whether you are a web designer, a photographer, a creative copywriter, or a marketer, your portfolio should convey the following:

  • It should show the journey taken – not just the end results.
  • It should highlight the key elements of your brand – assume you are given but 1 minute to land your dream job or a dream assignment.

Be Freelancer

Be Freelancer

The portfolio area deserves the most attention as it is the most important part of the website, but care must be taken that nothing in the other areas will distract from the examples of your work you are presenting.

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Be Parallax

Be Parallax

This portfolio is modern, it flows smoothly, it’s comfortable to view, and it makes exceptionally good use of white space. In brief, it creates an outstanding first impression.

Why Use Parallax?  Parallax is a design concept that adds an element of three-dimensionality to a website. It has a huge storytelling potential, and it adds an element of interactivity that conventional text-on-flat-background websites cannot emulate.

Be Web Design

Be Web Design

If you have a web agency, this pre-built WordPress theme is just what you need: innovative and sharp in terms of design and solidly built. An agency portfolio should define the agency’s style and set the right expectations for clients.

Be Theme and Its Popular Pre-Designed Websites

Be Theme and Its Popular Pre-Designed Websites

The examples shown here are but a fraction of more than 200 pre-designed websites Be Theme offers. They cover every website theme, topic, and type imaginable. Not every one of them is portfolio-oriented, but since every one is completely customizable, you have an array to select from in addition to the examples given above. Whatever your needs, Be Theme has you covered.

Be Theme is the biggest WordPress theme ever, with its large selection of pre-designed websites, its powerful array of core features, and of course, its huge user base.

Features like Muffin Builder 3, the Muffin Admin Panel, and the Shortcode Generator, make page-building, and portfolio building, quick and easy without any need for coding.

Should you elect to start a page with a blank canvas, Be’s Layout Generator gets you off to a quick start, long before the paralyzing effects of staring at a blank screen begin to take hold!

Visit the Be Theme website, and see for yourself what this premium theme offers, and how it can help you build a portfolio that is the envy of all.

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