Flat UI Pro Tutorial: How To Use jQuery to Add Functionality to a Custom Mailbox

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Flat UI Pro Tutorial: How To Use jQuery to Add Functionality to a Custom Mailbox

Now that you have gone through a series of tutorials with David East to create a custom mail app, he is back in this lesson to show you how to add jQuery functionality to it. The videos in this tutorial series use Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro.

In this video tutorial, you use components from Flat UI Pro and the steps from the previous videos in the Flat UI Tutorial series to add functionality to your app using jQuery. The tutorial helps you create checkboxes that highlight with a color and allow you to move and delete items from the mailbox.

Most of the work done in this tutorial is though the backend CSS and features more coding that actual design work. The steps are easy to follow if you have a basic understanding of web design, coding and jQuery.

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Use jQuery for a Custom Mailbox

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What you will learn in this tutorial: Add functionality to a custom mailbox application using jQuery tools.

Video run time: 9 minutes

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