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CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a particular type of web language that is used in order to describe the different semantics (that is the get up as well as the presentation) of a particular document. It is the most widely used application to develop the web pages those are written in HTML as well as XHTML. There are certain free CSS Editors which provide the user to incorporate new CSS and to distinguish the common CSS categories. With the help of these free CSS Editors the users can have a look at the changes almost instantaneously and can you have a firsthand impression about how the webpage will appear, and the effect it will have on your entire template. This is particularly important before you embed it into your specific code.

On choosing a particular tag, this editor will provide you a code that is an example compatible to that particular tag. After you have seen that, you can to edit and try out once again after having viewed the preview of the changes that you have made. Most of these free CSS Editors will give you the chance to quickly edit and upload the changes.

A few free HTML Editors will give the users the chance to create the basic design very easily. They can select the one you need from as many as seven various types of tabs and a number of options of editing those the user will find embedded within the feature that is tabbed. The main task will be to break it into five parts or sectors – Code, Attributes, Preview, Selection, and Values. Once you have done this, editing and uploading can be done in very quickly. Some free CSS Editors again give you the option of a very fast rundown about CSSMate the process of using it in a proper way.

Several free CSS editors again will let the user paste the code that needs to be edited and have a preview of the changes as and when you care making them. A few free CSS editors on the other hand, enable the user to develop the base of a website or a blog. In these CSS, the main page will contain all the options available, like padding, floating, the fonts to be used in the display, the backgrounds, Edit the borders and so on. Create clean CSS code, view your changes and then copy your CSS within minutes.

Free CSS & HTML Editors



Codepad is a place for developers to share & save code snippets. It’s a remarkable community of developers that can help you with your code snippets to save time on your projects.


Notepad++ is perhaps one of the most popular choices among web developers when it comes to free editor applications. It is well-suited to Windows audience. The product is energized with such integral and viable features as

  • syntax highlighting and syntax folding;
  • tab interface for a handy multiview;
  • GUI customizable;
  • document map;
  • the bulk of hints for auto completion including words, functions, and even its parameters;
  • search, replace and support for Perl-compatible regular expressions.

This is quite impressive for software that is free of charge. What’s more there is much more hidden inside, so that download the currently updated and improved 6.8 version and enjoy its potential.

editor PSPad

The editor PSPad at first glance looks a bit messy. There are no specific tools for working with CSS or HTML languages. However, it is a mere instrument for writing basic code and running it in any browser by changing the format file. By origin, it is a standard text editor that works exceptionally good with plain content. Nevertheless, it supports numerous extensions and has some functions of compilers.

Stylizer – Real-Time CSS Editing

Stylizer does exactly what is said in the nameplate – provides you with a toolset to quickly develop optimized and readable snippets for formatting and styling websites. As for the features,

  • it has versions both for Mac and Windows users;
  • it displays immediate changes, even without savings;
  • it streamlines responsive, cross-browser development through offering switching between various platforms in one click.
  • the special Bullseye function is integrated for the better customization.

With more than 10 years of productive work, it certainly is worth of trying out.

Xyle scope

Unfortunately, the product was discontinued and is no longer supported. The latest stable version dated 2007 so that it means that there are no extra tricks and instruments for web developers that are eager to meet the current trends and requirements. However, it is still an optimal option if something goes wrong with your beloved default editor. As befits, it lets create standard markups and style sheets.

Rapid CSS Editor

Rapid CSS Editor is intended to streamline and quicken the process of website development. It is suitable for building pieces of code in HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, SASS, PHP, XML, and some others. The editor is pretty smart thanks to its inbuilt ability to check and autocomplete syntax and suggest alternative variants. You can use it directly on your server. There is also a multi-browser preview for creating universal and fully compatible projects.

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  1. Bradley Jan 21, 2:25 pm

    Notepad++ for the win! Have tried a few others, as well as paid editors and always come back to it!

    • Kasper Jan 21, 5:07 pm

      Try Sublime Text 2, it’s much better than notepad++ ;]
      Well, i’m using ST2 but still like N++

  2. Gareth J M Saunders Jan 22, 9:51 pm

    I agree. For example, Rapid CSS is €19.85; TopStyle price is US $79.95 per single user license; Stylizer 5.x is CAN $79.99. It’s really not hard to find out if you need to pay for them. And 30-days free trial does not equal free.

    It feels a little deceptive in order to drive traffic to the site. But what is really does is just make me less trustful of other articles on this site, sadly.

  3. Alex Jan 29, 11:04 pm

    +1 for Sublime Text 2 – It is young but very useful!

  4. Anthony Sep 22, 10:08 pm

    I know this was written months ago, but Stylizer is not a free product.

  5. morphosic Oct 3, 6:02 pm

    anyone know of a windows editor that fully supports nested css3? all of them i’ve tried can’t handle it yet… (as in they don’t know how to format it, or don’t recognize the nesting correctly)

    @page {

    @top-left { content:”test”; }

  6. Dang Thanh Jan 13, 7:23 pm

    Try Sublime Text 2. It’s very interesting with some amazing plugin such as Emmet, Nettus+ Fetch…

  7. Aslam Feb 8, 2:35 pm

    Coffee cup is a rocking software must try it out.

  8. Tom Aug 23, 10:45 pm

    Please remove the word FREE from the title. Most of the editors listed in this post are not free!

  9. omar Feb 27, 10:08 am

    try LiveGap Editor ( http://editor.livegap.com )
    Free Online Html Editor With Syntax highlighting,live preview,code folding,fullscreen mode,themes,matching tags,auto completion,tag finding,frameWork and closing Brackets

  10. sumit kumar Oct 1, 7:11 am

    I think sublime text 2 is much better other than it nodepad++is also good . inspite of it eclipse is also better to work .

    still i am using nodepad ++….

  11. Niall Chen Nov 27, 4:32 pm

    Hi, I’m looking for a CSS editor which can export mutiple *.css files with one CSS structure. These CSS files are same and only different with the value of some attribute, for example, color: #FFF in a.css and color: #000 in b.css….etc.,, the structure in these files are same, I want to export hundreds file for compare their difference in web browser, please give me some suggestion for applicable CSS editor software, thanks so much~

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