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jQuery is the most popular framework used by most of the web designers and developers. jQuery library is an effective tool that enables them to do the code work effectively and is specially designed for animating, event handling, Ajax transactions and HTML document traversing for fast web development. jQuery image slider has gained significant popularity in the website designing field in recent years.

jQuery is an important skill that should be preferably acquired by web designers. With various navigational tools and applications, there are numerous tutorials available online on this subject.

The online tutorials offer step by step instructions about the coding and these learning materials can be very useful in producing a functional interface. Slideshow presentation has become quite popular among students, resource speakers and businessmen to present new reports, investigations and ideas.

Earlier, Flash was commonly used for image transitions in websites but with the advent of jQuery, the webmasters are now able to create beautiful and stunning effects on the images. There are various image sliders available which can help you to create artistic and professional images for your website.

Some of the best jQuery image sliders are:

  • Galleria – It is one of the most popular JavaScript image galleries that are suitable for any type of projects. It specializes in converting simple images to multiple galleries of designs.
  • Image Flow – This enables intuitive image handling which digitally animates through a thumbing process.
  • Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider – The major features of this slider are vertical sliding, continuous sliding, auto slide, multiple sliders on a single page, hiding controls, “go to last” or “go to first” button, numeric navigation, optional wrapping markup and continuous scroll.
  • Supersized – It offers a background slideshow by re-sizing the images while still maintaining the image dimension ratio. The navigation controls enable play/pause and back/forward option and also cycles the backgrounds or images through preloading and transitions.
  • GalleryView – It offers an attractive and flexible content gallery that is quite easy to implement and customize.
  • jQuery Cycle – It offers various transition effects by supporting click triggers, before/after callbacks, pause-on-hover, auto-fit, auto-stop, and many more.
  • jQuery Sliding Boxes and Captions – It is best for animations which have a div tag that creates a sliding effect.

These jQuery image slider tutorials could be a great choice for creating interactive and dynamic websites. These are excellent tools to attract visitors since these sliders can be really useful in designing a blog or website which displays the featured contents. The various tutorials and examples available online can help you with learning more about jQuery.

Most of the website templates today are using the jQuery slides which can make them look more professional. The free jQuery slideshow plugins have attracted web developers and designers throughout the world since these have amazing image sliders and galleries.

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The jQuery techniques are quite easy to learn and with the help of tutorials, one can create stunning and beautiful images on blogs and websites and can showcase an aspiring image presentation.

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