35+ Excellent jQuery Animation Techniques and Tutorials

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The coming of JavaScript and various web functioning libraries has made the work of interaction easier for any website. Those who are familiar with jQuery know how it helps us in creating jQuery animation. There are some jQuery tutorials and techniques. The power of jQuery helps the web developers to create some interesting user-interface works.  They are a branch of JavaScript and make the interaction with development code easier, thus making the work fast. This fast growing technology gives the websites a more scope for entertainment and interaction at the same time. The drop down menus, drag elements, animations can be created in less amount of time as it reduces your amount of coding than JavaScript.

This makes it accessible to all because with less coding it can give some of the most interesting effects. You can make use of jQuery software to create jQuery animation to put them on your websites. The use of repetitive code provides you with highly-optimized and tested functions and methods. You will get everything from particular interface sample or some excellent tutorials which are given step- wise. You can create excellent pop-ups using jQuery. You will get new jQuery techniques and Tutorials for making modal window that can be seen when the user clicks on triggering part.

The key events can also be learn to integrate shortcuts of keyboard. They are usually kept simple but interesting. Some modal panels are built with jQuery and builds refined degradation in the design for those who do not use Javascript. The tool tips techniques sees to whether any link has title features and if it doesn’t have one then it skips its title. Some cool pop-up bubbles can be made when going through the targeted object. There are various module tabs like slight tabbed box, tabbed interface etc. The tabbed interface using jQuery tutorial shows some excellent techniques step by step and is another variation to the most accepted tabbed interface. Some tabs are in the screen cast format and is useful for beginners.

The showcasing images lets you get familiar with some appealing interaction techniques and have captions to slide up which gives out more information on any particular picture when users linger around. The cross fade transition of images lets you bring a faded picture in and superimposes with the present image. One can display information on different types of images.

jQuery Animation Techniques and Tutorials

Create Calendar using jQuery and CSS3

Although a calendar widget is not a regular element of website UI, yet it is still a good practice to work one into a sidebar or enrich an app with extra functionality. The more so, it is not such a difficult task to create one; and, Valeriu Timbuc is eager to prove it to you with this helpful and easy-to-follow tutorial.

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Create an Image Slider using jQuery and CSS3

The developer opts in favor of a time-proven pair of jQuery and CSS3 and show to create a common image slider. It is lightweight and works great on majority of platforms and browsers. Nivo Slider jQuery Script powers the project and provides it with lots of functionality such as responsiveness.

Create Responsive jQuery Tabs

Create Responsive jQuery Tabs

In this tutorial you’re going to create simple jquery tabs.

Create Login Form with CSS3 and jQuery

The tutorial is aimed to demonstrate step by step how to convert a simple PSD file into a working HTML version. The developer leverages CSS3 and jQuery to bring to life a regular login form that consists of 2 main input fields and submit button. It is an excellent starting point for building more complex forms.

Get HTML5 Data Attribute with jQuery

Get HTML5 Data Attribute with jQuery

In this tutorial we’ll be taking a look at how to get HTML5 data attribute with jQuery.

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How to Create Accordion Menu (CSS3+jQuery)

The key feature of this component lies in its ability to contain lots of data and reveal it in digestible portions. Valeriu Timbuc once again shows how to make the most out of CSS3 and spice it up with some extra effects and transitions from jQuery.


Animsition: jQuery Plugin for Animated Page Transitions

This simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions give you tools for 58 different types of movement.

Experimental CSS3 Animations for Image Transitions

Pedro Botelho conducts some experiments with CSS3 animations, trying to get the most out of the newest features. The technique also leverages jQuery and some 3d transforms for treating images like never before.

Item Blur Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

Item blur was created specifically for text-based items that populate the majority of websites. Using a powerful tandem of CSS3 and jQuery, you will be able to overshadow all the blocks smoothly except for the selected one, making it more distinguishable and clear to readers.

Experiments with background-clip: text

Not only does Mary Lou make experiments with a sophisticated ‘background-clip: text’ property but also employs some CSS3 transitions for sprucing up the appearance of a component. You will add a background image to text and accompany it with fancy dynamics. Demos cover examples with images, transitions and gradients.

Flip Out Cards: Flip-Card Style Gallery

Flip Out Cards: Flip-Card Style Gallery

Have you every wished your site included a flip-card style gallery? With the Flip Out Cards plugin, you can have just that.

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery

Sliding is an effect that can be useful in projects that have a long one-page structure. Smooth movement is achieved through JavaScript that does all the heavy lifting. Although the trick is not so simple and straightforward, yet after some considerations you will be able to get an understanding of the cause.

Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery

The tutorial uncovers 7 small yet interesting tricks that let convert any chosen lettering into an eye-catching and striking headline. As usual, it is based on CSS3 (animations and transitions), jQuery and Lettering.js that helps to style symbols more efficiently.

Hover and Click Trigger for Circular Elements with jQuery

Mary Lou introduces you to a solution that deals with ‘hovering’ event and circular elements. When the mouse hits the area, the effect is activated and calls a semi-transparent overlay screen in order to provide an optimal contrast for displaying extra information.

Fullscreen Image 3D Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

It will add a dramatic dynamics to your website. The approach owes its splendid and attention-grabbing realization to advanced 3d transformations that are available in CSS3. The main drawback is that unfortunately they have not been supported correctly by all the browsers.

Wave Display Effect with jQuery

Lets you add an extra enhancement to the website just by displaying images or content in an unconventional way. This is another fantastic experiment conducted by Mary Lou, who makes a series of images take a form of a wave. It is a sterling slider that displays thumbnails. They can be zoomed in and controlled by a scroll bar on the bottom.

Scrollbar Visibility with jScrollPane

JScrollPane is a driving force of this tiny yet effective trick that enhances user experience. The author illustrates how to hide a scroll bar when it is redundant and show it when it is needed. The hover event triggers the latter option. Everything is done through JavaScript.

Elastislide – A Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin

It is a must-have for every website that wants to meet current requirements. Adaptation to the layout is a vital feature that should be inherent to every detail of a UI, and this lightweight professional plugin improves slider, forcing it correctly showcase images and other multimedia content regardless of screen dimension. What’s more, it also has swipe events for improving the experience on touch screens.

Automatic Image Montage with jQuery

How about showing off your images in a neat and well-structured mosaic? Although it may seem a bit overwhelming, yet with some extra effects that refine the appearance, it only benefits the project. Pedro Botelho familiarizes you with a simple method that automates image montage routine with the help of JavaScript.

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