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Do you love the design and convenience of a website builder, but sometimes feel the lack of control? Web developers, Wix Code is for you.

The new tool combines the design of a website builder and quick start-up time with all the customizations and scripting that you want to add on your own. It’s a hybrid, professional web development solution unlike anything else you’ve tried before.

What is Wix Code?

What is Wix Code?

Wix Code is a new IDE (integrated development environment) created by Wix – so you know you can trust the design and framework behind it. But Wix Code takes website building to a new level with a more professional solution for web developers.

It’s a tool for more advanced web developers because it integrates the sleek look of a Wix website with the ability to code a unique website. Most of the features included in Wix Code are just not possible with other website building tools.

Wix Code is made for building web applications and robust websites within Wix with all the flexibility and functionality that traditionally comes from open source web-building communities. You can use it to build dynamic websites or robust apps for personal projects or client work.

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The nice thing for web developers is that Wix Code functions in a serverless environment, so you can just start coding. There’s not a lot of set up and you don’t have to struggle with hosting or database storage.

Here’s the biggest benefit of a tool like this: It’s made for web developers. You can spend time doing what you love – coding. You don’t have to worry about all the other elements that come into website design and launch because most of them are taken care of by Wix. There aren’t many available tools that really let you focus on the front-end or back-end code. Because of this, you’ll have more time to focus on your clients and their websites with Wix Code, not hunting down hosting or storage options.

Key Features

Wix Code has a built-in database, JavaScript backend and IDE to help make deployment quick for client websites. (If you know about databases and JavaScript and IDE, then Wix Code is probably the solution you’ve been waiting for.)

Some of the key features include:

  • Add custom JavaScript to page elements so that every interaction is unique to your website.
  • Store and manage unlimited data, including where information is used and who can see and edit it on your website.
  • Create and manage user forms and inputs and store it in your database in the Wix Cloud.
  • Adjust and modify any part of your website design and functionality with component by component code-editing ability.
  • Edit and create custom front-end and back-end code.
  • Create hundreds of pages with a single design and content directly from your database
  • Control functionality with of Wix Code APIs.
  • Create custom scripts (slide, toggle, hover and more) to increase user interactivity on your website.
  • Use the database backend to populate pages with unlimited content using Repeating Layouts.

What Can You Do with Wix Code?

One of the cool examples included in Wix Code resources is JavaScript playground. Each example shows how the element comes together: the visual and the coded backend.

You can grab a snippet, edit it right on the screen and run the code to see how your changes impact the user-end design.

Make sure to play with these examples:

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Get Started with Wix Code

Wix users already have all the Wix Code tools built right in. You just need to turn them on in the editor. (Select tools and then developer tools to get access to Wix Code features.)

From there you can see your website structure, code files, database collections and make changes as needed. Use the dynamic page feature to use one-page design for hundreds of different coded configurations.

Use events to add custom code to change the animation or interaction features of an element or integrate third-party functionality.

Everything you need to make the most out of Wix Code is at your fingertips, with guides and articles, a support forum and examples of code to help you imagine all the things you can create.


Wix Code gives you a chance to explore a previously uncharted territory for a website builder. Because it is so much more than that. While some tools have allowed code snippets in the past, nothing comes close to the full range of features and functionality that Wix Code offers. The tool is still in Beta with plans for even more robust features; try Wix Code now and take your websites and apps to the next level.

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