20 Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications

Mockup is the visual appearance of any website whereas the Wireframe deals with the contents and the functionality of the site. One of the easiest steps in building a website is by creating a mockup and of course both the concepts are quite essential for creating an effective website. The wireframes are very important for the layout and organizing the functional aspects of the web pages. The Wireframe software could be easily used to communicate the needs of a website with the developers and the designers. Before building the actual interface of the site, the wireframe assists in planning out the overall structure of the website.

Effective mockup and a wireframe software are quite essential for any web designers and developers to plan out a good visual arrangement of the websites. These software applications also come at heavy prices but there are also numerous free mockup and wireframe applications available online for fulfilling the requirements of the web users. It usually uses lines and boxes to define a page and also indicates where the text should be entered in a web page.

The web designers use mockup software to develop a framework of the site and uses wireframe for verifying the right navigation and the branding on each page. While creating any web projects, these mockup and wireframe software help a great deal to avoid hassles of building a site for the prospective clients. Due to such increasing demand of these software applications, there are large collections of wireframe and mockup software available online for free. Since the wireframe is the visual illustration of a website, it helps the designers where each element needs to be placed on a website.

It could be really a challenging task for any web designer to build a site of their own without any tools or resources. The wireframe and the mockup software are especially designed for the designers and the developers to create an effective website. The Mockup helps the web designers to choose the right colors, images and the typography whereas the wireframes focuses on the overall content structure of the project but is created without any contents in it. In simpler words, a mockup denotes the looks of a website and the wireframe denotes the functionality of the site. Thus, both the aspects are quite essential for any web designers and developers to create an effective and a successful website.

Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications



Justinmind – The ultimate wireframe software to create a website wireframe

iPhone Mockup


Cacoo – Create diagrams online Real time collaboration

Serena Prototype Composer

MockFlow – Online Wireframe Tool

Website wireframes – Mockingbird


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  1. Caroline Jan 24, 10:05 pm

    Nice list! When you’re ready to turn the wireframes into high fidelity/pixel perfect, you may want to try out Keynotopia. (They offer wireframes too) and you can turn a wireframe into a ready-to-be developed interactive design with just a few clicks! :)

  2. Dzinepress Aug 7, 8:46 pm

    these of all helping but i must recommend “Website wireframes – Mockingbird” and “Online UI Mockups and Wireframes” after my own experience.

  3. Pidoco Sep 13, 1:23 pm

    Thanks for including Pidoco in the list! If anyone is interested, they can get a free trial at http://www.pidoco.com/free


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