13 Free and Premium JavaScript/jQuery Calendars

The requirement of calendars in a website is obvious. A website user may need to see a calendar on a certain website for several reasons. The user may need to pick up a date from the calendar to fill up a form or may be he is asked to provide a date while delivering any information. Sometimes, in order to give monthly information the user may need to use a calendar in a website. The reason may be anything but it cannot be ignored. That is why there are lots of techniques in this vast world of web. All these technologies are designed in order to make the use of websites easier and more interesting.

The use of JavaScript technique in the process of making web calendars is being introduced with the same motto of making the use of websites easier. When the website users or customers need to put any date or include months or years in a particular form, these JavaScript calendars really come handy for them. They don’t need to go anywhere else to see the date or collect the monthly information. All they need to do is to select the right day and month from that calendar. These jQuery calendars have lots of unique features for the users. They can add your daily schedules in these calendars or add events and meetings just as you do in the traditional ones. These jQuery calendars are perfect for maintaining daily routines and tasks. These are very easy to handle and stylish in designs. Moreover, some of them are customizable according to the need of the users. In the customized versions of JavaScript calendars, one can set the weekend, holidays; week offs etc. to maintain a weekly schedule.

Furthermore, these calendars can be availed in two versions – free and premium. In case of the free JavaScript/jQuery calendars, you don’t need to invest anything to avail this feature in your website. Both the versions are good for websites that need to have online calendars. They are time saving as well and that is what makes these calendars so popular these days.

In order to fulfill the rising demand for user friendly websites among the internet users, web professionals have created new and better technologies. With these technologies, browsing websites has become easier and more thrilling. But since these techniques are very sensitive you have to use them very carefully in order to get the best result out of them.

Free JavaScript/jQuery Calendars

Calendar using jQuery and CSS3

jQuery Frontier Calendar

Date Picker

JS Calendar

A CSS styled calendar

Premium JavaScript/jQuery Calendars

Simple Events Calendar JS

jQuery Date Range Picker

AJAX Booking Calendar Pro (jQuery Plugin)

oCalendar -jquery Event Calendar Plugin



Timeline calendar


  1. John Jun 19, 6:52 pm

    Another addition to your list of JavaScript calendars is dhtmlxScheduler:

    It’s an open source (GPL) event calendar that enables you to add a Google-like calendar to your web app/website. dhtmlxScheduler supports repeating events and different views: day, week, month, timeline, multiple resources, etc.

  2. Steve Thomson Nov 20, 5:12 am


    I am looking for a year planner that I can place onto a site for viewing purposes only but an admin person will be able to update it by logging into the calendar or by logging into google to update. I am using iCalendars at the moment but they don’t have planner views.

    Thank you in advance for any help given.


    Steve Thomson


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