12 Useful jQuery Form Validation – Techniques and Tutorials

Let us first encounter this question – what is jQuery? It is very compact programming code written in JavaScript, which augments the output of the web developer by providing him the opportunity of achieving critical functionalities of the User Interface (UI). In this article we have dealt with some examples of jQuery form validation which can be developed with the help of the different tutorials and techniques available in the Internet.

Some of the tutorials teach to develop lighter and relatively flexible right from the basics.  These tutorials teach validating the forms, with the help of PHP as well as jQuery in the client side (with the help of javascript along with jQuery) and in the server side (with the use of PHP).

However, after validating the form, the developers are needed to reload it and this process sometimes leads to loss of form contents. There are some tutorials which trains the developers to validate the forms instantaneously by keeping the pages unchanged. This prevents that loss and makes the whole process much easier and faster. This technique is also taught by some tutorials. Some of the tutorials teach the developers to use jQuery to conceal and reveal the inputs as per the requirement. The inputs can be used to apply decorative styling, validating, as well as for putting the inputs in an order as well as submission of AJAX.

Using the PHP in an appropriate way is also taught by some jQuery form validation tutorials. PHP is needed to have the option of saving the name & the email address of the user, as well as sending emails. Some tutorials teach how to utilize template of a customized page to develop a form in WordPress without using plugin. Certain jQuery form validation tutorials also teach design a form with display of an error. Tutorials which train the usage of plugin’ for form validation are also extremely useful. They train how to utilize JavaScript for validating the fields before putting forward the form to server.

Some tutorials also teach how to develop a form where various fields are needed. They also teach how to develop the option of displaying the error message if the form is submitted without being properly filled up. There are specific ways to create an option where the user will be able to put down his/her user name and check whether the name chosen is valid or not. If not valid, then it will also have the option of showing a suitable massage.

 jQuery Form Validation

Quick & Easy Form Validation Tutorial with JQuery

Advanced jQuery form validation

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A jQuery inline form validation

Adding Form Validation to WordPress Comments using jQuery

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