Free Dynamic Price Scrollbar (jQuery, HTML, CSS)

In this age of e-commerce boom, websites play the most vital role in launching and promoting products of various types, prices and dimensions. When we speak about prices, it is probably the most important factor besides quality of a particular product. Well, quality is definitely important. However, to make a product sellable, you need to strike the right balance between price and quality.

Now, when it comes to launching a product online, you need to provide every minute detail of the product so that the customers are confident enough to buy it online. Price definitely is a part of that ‘minute detail’. Now the question is, when there is no scope of the customer asking about the price range to a sales person when they are buying things online, what is the alternative way?

Here comes the role of the dynamic price scrollbar, which is easy-to-use and which the customer can navigate to find out the price range of a particular product and choose accordingly. With newer types webpages being designed and developed every day, newer types of dynamic price scrollbars are also being developed which not only enhances the setup of the webpage but also gives the users an added liberty to select a particular product of a certain price.

Let us get on with the technicalities of these free dynamic price scrollbar available online. jQuery, HTML, CSS, adenine action and other cutting edge programming techniques are being used to design and develop various types of vertical as well as horizontal scrollbars containing expressive datagrids for the user’s perusal. Such advanced are these latest free dynamic price scrollbar that you can customize them as per your needs in various creative ways.

You will be able to show different forms of elements and incorporate them in the scrollbar. Dynamic Price Scrollbar are being developed, which even give the user the liberty to see the various types of products available at a particular price by simply taking the mouse on a certain position on the bar. They don’t even need to click on the point.

Free Dynamic Price Scrollbar (jQuery, HTML, CSS)

Price Scrollbar

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  1. Hybridixstudio Nov 27, 3:14 am

    is there a way to show images depending on the slider like for example if I push the slider to right when increase the size can that make in the same time an image to appear and when i decrease it the image can fade away ?

    • Adrian Nov 27, 12:08 pm

      so, this script is clean, without many “design”, and you can modify them how you love, we can’t support in developing this script.

      • Hybridixstudio Nov 27, 8:59 pm

        Yeah I just want it to know if u can implement that but ok thanks for the reply Adrian :)

  2. Lucy Nov 28, 6:25 pm

    I’ve already tweet why it doesn’t work?

    • Adrian Nov 28, 6:42 pm

      what don’t work? maybe try with other browser, not safarai or IE.

  3. Bhawin Dec 25, 12:54 pm

    This is awesome menu and i get many ides make new thank yoy very musch

  4. JoeMischer Jan 5, 7:13 pm

    Tweet link doesn´t work for me in Firefox (9.01)

    in Chrome everything worked fine

  5. xel Jul 13, 3:36 am

    It’s almost what I’m looking for

    But I was looking for something more “cool”
    like the possibility to move the button alond the rail and have a snap in the sections
    and a fade in / fade out for the contents

    you know what I mean?


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