Free Snippets for Twitter Bootstrap, Examples of Websites

Twitter Bootstrap is an elegant, intuitively easy and powerful interface framework, increasing speed and making it easy to develop applications for the web. It includes HTML and CSS templates of design for typography, web forms, buttons, labels, navigation units, and other web interface components, including JavaScript extensions.

Bootstrap is created for designers and developers with any level of knowledge and experience, for bearded oldsters and beginners. You can use it both entirely, for full-fledged design, and partially – in your projects.

Bootstrap uses the latest developments in the sphere of CSS and HTML, therefore you should pay attention to the support of the old browser. Where the good old CSS fails, LESS comes. Variables, nested functions, operators in LESS make CSS development quick and more efficient.

Main features of Twitter Bootstrap

  • Grids – pre-defined sizes of columns, which can be used immediately, e.g. column width 90px relates to .span2 class, which can be used in the CSS description of document
  • Templates – Fixed or flexible document template
  • Typography – Description of fonts, definition of certain classes for fonts, such as code, quotes, etc.
  • Medias – Offers certain management of images and Videos
  • Tables – Design tools for tables, up to adding functionality to sorting
  • Forms – Design classes for not only forms, but also certain related events
  • Navigation – Design classes for Tabs, Inserts, Paging, Menus and Toolbar
  • Alerts – Design of dialog boxes, Tips and Pop-ups

Even without modifications, the created layout is suitable for many things

  • It can be used for administrative panels
  • It can be used for web applications without claims in respect of design, for which all thingies are not important
  • You can quickly sketch a prototype of your page in the course of development, and use the needed interface later

Information on CSS Framework for the beginners

CSS Framework was initially made for resets for IE, which means that some settings of Internet Explorer styles were reset from NORMAL. For example, border was removed from pictures.

Then, people started defaulting for purposes of good look. This means headers, column width, stripes and margins. Defaulting was used to such extent, that, a style being connected, each awful page became improved. Then, bearded monkeys moved to forms. Various inputs, beautiful elements let graphics be easily connected, but thank God, CSS3 degenerated, and graphics were essentially rejected.

Then, someone in the crowd shouted: “Down with grids!” And span16 was invented. Others wanted span24. Rubber was rejected, and finally, with the advent of HTML5 with one wave of hand, it became possible to make a site of unprecedented precision with literally a wave of heel above the keyboard.

The freshest historical tendency is represented exactly by Bootstrap, CSS3 started changing substantially for inquiring minds, and LESS came up.

Examples of websites created with Bootstrap

Flat UI Free




Resource Guru







Page 1 Page 2


  1. Philip Locke Sep 26, 9:33 pm

    Thanks for including in your awesome collection.

    Appreciated and a lot of them I didn’t know about, but do now!

    Cheers ;-)

  2. Jake Sep 27, 6:40 pm

    Bootsnipp is a great resource for Bootstrap snippets and I can’t wait to see how they progress in the coming months. They just added submissions and voting is in the pipeline!

    Divshot also leverages Twitter Bootstrap in an awesome way — it allows you to drag and drop Bootstrap components and then export to clean HTML and CSS. Saves so much time when you need to quickly prototype an app.

  3. sam wightwick Dec 20, 6:15 pm

    I built my new portfolio on Twitter bootstrap, the 320press port of it to wordpress.

  4. Mo Arshath Aug 22, 1:39 pm

    Resource Guru site looks clean and easy to use. (y)

  5. Rose Aug 22, 1:54 pm

    Useful site for both designers and Developers


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