Designers Workspace: Creative and Inspirational Examples


What’s in a desk? A pen and a laptop, with a chair and maybe a mug? On a typical desk, yes of course – however, on a creative’s desk there is so much more. There is inspiration, passion, ideas and sweat. We all can agree that our workstations are anything but a simple desk. They are our friends, our companions – partners in crime – that help us get our ideas into concrete concepts of awesome. We spend more time at our desks then we should, for sure. But where else could we possible be?

I have decided to take a closer look at what it is that makes up a creative’s workstation and my findings are nothing shocking but I think overlooked.

Clean, simple and useful

A creative’s workstation is very clean. There is no clutter; there is nothing there that doesn’t serve a purpose in helping the creative do his thing. Only the key objects that help get the job done are kept around. Or at least so it looks like by the look of the publicly posted online photos. However, even if one’s workstation has been cleaned and tidied up for a photo,  it is still well functioning and simple space in order to  keep a creative one’s needs flowing free of messy clutter.

Toy oriented

Oh, there are just so many toys – by which I mean technological gadgets. There are so many iPads, of all generations, iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones, iPods and a few other cool non-Apple related gizmos. Frankly, I don’t blame anyone for having so many – if they help you do your job have them and use them! Not only are these toys cool, they are also very great in helping to get things done. Without them it would be difficult to get our creative juices flowing; some of them are even a literal tool such as a Wacom tablet without which, again, the work couldn’t happen. But, like I said, so many toys!

Sophisticated and stylish

For some reason all of the workstations looked very upscale and sophisticated, as if a creative’s workstation was better than a typical desk. The truth is, they are better as being creative in any way, shape or form is an amazing thing. Additionally, by default a creative is good at making things look good and work well therefore the workstations look so stylish. What makes one desk be more than a desk is the way one uses it. So, if you use yours to get your creativity out, then I am certain your workstation looks much better too.

The same yet custom

As I’ve looked at the various workstation images posted on blogs, social networks and what not, I have noticed that they are all practically the same. You have a desk, a chair, and a computer. I mean, honestly, what else would there be?  However, what I have noticed is that each workstation is customized to the creative by the type of notebook or wallpaper they have, by the way they place and angle their screens and whether or not they drink tea at their desks. Those types of personal touches are truly what make a workstation that of a creative because without them it would be just another desk.


What this analysis has taught me is that the workstation of a creative is a very personal and sacred place where, basically, magic happens. I actually want you to take me seriously when I say this because being a creative is something special that many people don’t experience past their childhood.

Also, one’s workstation is the door to this amazing world where creativity shines and flourishes which is why a good analysis of a creative’s workstation is the first step in knowing how to make the best workstation.  Now below is a small collection of awesome workstation from Dribbble. Get inspired and get to work!

Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples

Designer Workspace Examples


  1. Tin Aung Linn Mar 28, 1:05 pm

    I really love all of the workspaces showcased here.
    Thanks You.
    Today I got something to inspire and boost up my mind.

  2. Harish Mar 28, 2:35 pm

    ahh love these kind of posts.

  3. Sebastião Relson ( @relson ) Mar 28, 4:50 pm

    Then if you’re a Home Officer buy a mac.

  4. Gabor Mar 28, 6:39 pm

    These pictures are promotions of Apple products, real world workspaces are totally different. BTW looks nice indeed.

    • HIXS Jun 23, 12:48 pm

      LoL xD well I’m web designer and my office looks like that except I got a PC too :D but yeah was funny see all pure mac only in the workspaces.

  5. Rodrigo Bellão Mar 28, 9:20 pm

    Nice post, it’s always a pleasure to see beautiful workspaces.

  6. Carrie Mar 28, 11:21 pm

    Love the workspace inspiration. Now I just need to save some money to transform my home office!

  7. Michael Mar 29, 2:07 am

    @Gabor You are totally right, but the truth apparently hurts the designmodo visitors !

  8. Chris Howard Apr 14, 4:51 am

    Love these spotless work areas. Mine looks like that once or twice a year!

    I know *some* people can keep them this way while they work, but most? Really, when you’re neck deep in a project, do most work areas still look like places nothing is being done?

    I’m not convinced these ultra tidy work areas are representative of the daily state of the majority of creatives’ work areas.

  9. artelse Apr 15, 1:47 pm

    Don’t agree on the cleanliness of the workspace at all. Workspaces need to be full of clutter that inspires. Was it Edison that said that to be creative one needed a good imagination and a pile of junk?

  10. Tung Jul 2, 3:39 am

    Come on, you gotta be kidding me, where is the mess? Where is the chinese food and the coke bottle? Btw, my favourite toy at the workspace is my Nikon D4 :P

  11. Davidvb Jul 11, 7:40 pm

    If these are truly designers workspaces how come there are so many setups without a tablet?? Are those the bad designers or are there that many sadomasochistic ones in your network?

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