40+ Beautiful Examples of Horizontal Scrolling Websites

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Before speaking about the aspects of horizontal scroll I’d like to mention that is a less used type of design/arrangement and actually it might be the right decision when creating a website. But there are some features regarding this type of web arrangements.

The first one is more a particularity of horizontal scrolls designs and mainly because are best suited for those looking to make their website an extension of their art. It combines originality and it depends on the idea and the main goal of your website. I mean if your website is meant to provide only information it is not so necessarily to use horizontal scrolls, because it doesn’t contain much information.

But if your idea/goal is highlighted by the wish to impress your visitors, then you’ll surely use this type of design. It often contains an application as the “ground” and consequently the scroll.

Another particularity would be the simplicity of the standout, but again, it depends on your idea of website, because horizontal scrolls cannot be used in every situation, it just create a boom of impressions to the visitor, but he also hopes to find the right information on your website. I would say, it is the most appropriate form for the photographers’ websites (as an example of users of this type of design), art directors and so on. But, as I already mentioned it is an amazing starting point in creating your website, and in your attention we will bring some astonishing examples of horizontal scrolls.

Horizontal Scrolling Websites



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