30 Fresh CSS Website Designs for Inspiration


Now-a-days, there are thousands of websites being created every day in the internet due to the increasing demand of the online commercial business. The CSS offers an attractive look to the layout and the design of the website. There are numerous benefits of using the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in the website as it controls the overall structure of the site. The CSS website designs are the most inspirational and the most beautiful which has varieties of designs in latest trends. It is also quite simple to maintain as well helps in the loading of the website faster. But always make sure to check the CSS before using since it has compatibility issues.

But now there are no limitations with the advent of the HTML5 and the CSS3 and there are varieties of CSS website examples given in the internet. For the growth of any company, a creative and an attractive website is quite essential. With the help of the current trends, color combinations, design structure and the overall CSS design concepts together contribute to the success of a good website. Either you could design a website using your own creativity or could get an idea from other’s websites. Thus, in order to help the web designers, there are multiple varieties of CSS website designs listed online.

Not all CSS would be compatible with all browsers, so you need to check before using it. Great artists or designers have created the designs with the latest trends and techniques which could be admired in the CSS website examples. It allows adding spaces around the images or the objects inside the web pages and also enables us to create word or letter spacing, the white space, the inline height and for in denting and out denting purpose.

Without using frames, the CSS designs helps to implement framed pages by positioning the HTML elements. The fonts could be controlled in different sizes and using the CSS, one can create the background water mark. To make your web pages look more attractive, you can modify the text according to our own requirements using the text transform, text decoration and the text shadow properties. There are thousands of web designers who are using the CSS to create an interesting and an effective website.

Fresh CSS Website Designs


Michelle Hunziker


Slavery Footprint




Lavazza 20Calendars

why interactive



Family of Fish



Rally Interactive


Moment Skis

Martin Gauer

War Child


Mad AS




Messages for Japan


Cascade Brewery Co




  1. Rachael Nov 23, 11:55 am

    Thanks for gathering a nice selection of examples. I really like the large prominent image on a page, a theme though that seems to becoming more and more common. I really like the Routalempi design, it’s quite bold as a header but the monochrome makes it look sleek and not too distracting. I like the Australian Red Cross Design too, doesn’t look like a traditional charity site, which often seem to go down the minimal route, so this is quite refreshing to see.

  2. J Michael Koontz Nov 27, 7:19 am

    Problem with that statement is that the CSS in most of the above designs is not what is “beautiful.” Rather the overall design created by the use of images on the page and styled with correct CSS might create the beauty of the pages, provided the CSS is “correct” which I have not actually looked into.

    I’m with Nathan on this one. I followed the link expecting to find amazing page/site designs created with nothing (or almost nothing) but HTML/CSS (colors, gradients, transitions, typography etc) without relying on images for the main graphic appeal.

    Put together THAT sort of collection, and I will be impressed.

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