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In today’s world of internet we all are aware about the term “Sign-Up Forms”. These forms normally seen in several websites, help to woo users or members of the website. There are multiple websites that use this kind of forms to increase their members. The use of these forms is mostly seen in user-based websites such as social networking sites, e-commerce sites, internet marketing sites and many others.

A trendy, user-friendly and attractive sign-up form can largely enhance the conversion rate of any web site. If you are looking for a useful collection of sign up forms design examples, read this article.

Many of you may not aware about the requirement of the sign-up forms in a website. Normally websites that have user-based services need this type of login or sign-up forms. In order to have a successful login or sign up page you must abide by some specific standards. Hence it is important to have attractive, creative and elegant designs for the sign-up forms so that your visitors will be attracted to your page.

Needs of a Sign Up Form

There are some sites that can be used only by the members and in order to be a member the user needs to create an account ion that particular site. Signing up the form will allow them to create that account. Once you join the website or a particular service of the site, you will be able to enjoy several facilities of the site. Sometimes the user may get impatient while filling up a long form, however if you offer them a creatively designed form then it will be fun for them to complete the formalities.

There are lots of examples on the internet for the useful sign-up forms designs. A sample design of sign up form is not only One of the most alluring benefits of these forms is they are highly user-friendly but also attractive. Your visitors or prospective members will not feel any kind of trouble in filling up the sign-up form.

In recent times, the web designers have introduced many such sign-up page designs which are not only effective but highly innovative as well. They have unique designs as well as attractive texts so that the users feel good to fill-up the form. Some sign-up forms may ask the user to submit some personal information like name, address, birth date, birthplace, email address etc. On the other hand some of them just ask the user to submit their username and email address with a secret password. In most of the cases the entire form-filling procedure takes just few seconds (sometimes bad server or poor net connection may hamper the process). People find themselves connected with the site via their email address or mobile phone after signing up the form.

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However, while designing the sign-up forms for your website you must be very careful since it is the form that keeps your members’ rate higher. Make sure that your visitors can see the form clearly on the page and easily fill it up. Keep the logo of your website on the form and make it simple. Remember, one email address or phone number is enough to get connected with the users and you don’t need to know their detailed postal address or nationality. So make the form to the point, use an attractive design and enjoy an enhanced conversion rate.

Choose the right one for your site that matches the style of your business. Use bright colors and brilliant designs with some remarkable graphic art. Never forget to give high emphasis on the log in page since it can determine the success of your online business.

Sign-Up Forms Examples

Homepage Sign up Form / Connect

Surfuzz – Sign Up Page Template

LocalHero sign up design

Revised Sign Up

New Rdio sign in window

Sign up page

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Sign Up

IPhone Sign Up Screen WIP

Tinder Beta Sign Up

Sign Up Form

Sign up

Sign up

Login for practice

Log In And Sign Up Boxes

Sign Up Form

Tumblr app sign-up

Log in interface

Sign In / Sign Up

Night Time Sign up

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