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Free Fonts for Web Design, Print and Products


Want to find a proper free fonts that will feel comfortable in your project’s surrounding? Want to enrich your design with some decorative typography? Or simply lay a great emphasis on certain words? Then you should definitely enter the properly-executed first-rate original fonts – that by the way won’t cost you a penny – into a “game”.

Sounds intriguing? Then set your eyes on special online typography galleries that really have something to show you.

Choosing the Right Font

Though the diversity of type families is quite overwhelming, however, before making a final decision, you should take into account several factors:

  • list of symbols;
  • extra symbols such as currency symbols,arrows, etc.
  • ligatures;
  • list of punctuation marks;
  • support of other languages;
  • license options for various OS;
  • weights and styles;
  • availability of web version if it’s necessary;
  • possibility to set letters in a lower case.

For more sophisticated hardcore designers, it will be quite useful to take a look at such factors as:

  • legibility at various sizes, to be more precise in small text sizes;
  • kerning and its optimization;
  • OpenType features;
  • extra features such as matching italics;
  • possibility of creating visually-pleasing combinations with other popular type families such as sans serif, serif, slab and others.
  • if it is a decorative type, does it have a non-distressed version?
  • possibility of adding spurs;
  • quick or slow process in applications.

And other tiny yet significant details that as a rule emerges in the course of working process. So picking out the right font that will bring you more benefits than troubles is a really challenging task.

We have decided to come up with an overview of more than 45 well-crafted free fonts that are perfectly-suited for various print publications such as magazine covers, posters, flyers, catalogs, brochures or digital projects such as graphic and web-based designs in order to help you with this task.

Free Fonts


Free Fonts

The name of the typeface speaks for itself, every letter is composed with a help of nicely joint vector ribbons that will effectively prettify any of your headlines and titles.

Impress your audience with animated websites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t make you start from an empty slate. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them. Each slide has been carefully crafted to satisfy three key criteria: aesthetic, function and usability. That way you know every element works together seamlessly while enhancing the impact of your content.

Create a Website

Designed by Dan Gneiding it first appeared as numeral set that slowly but surely has been extended for a full display face with

  • latin alphabet;
  • punctuation marks;
  • numerals;
  • OpenType features for an alternative alphabet.

However, the typeface is no longer free of charge; you have to pay at least $5 in order to use it in personal purposes.


Free Fonts

Inspired by lettering found on Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District, James T. Edmondson has created a truly elegant and sleek typeface that will be suitable not only for highlighting headlines but also for displaying regular text that is placed in projects with delicate designs or female themes.

The OpenType features:

  • contextual alternates;
  • standard ligatures;
  • discretionary ligatures;
  • stylistic alternates;
  • swashes;
  • titling alternates.


As designer claims, the workmanship as well as baseball jerseys of the 30’s and 40’s have stimulated him on creating such an amazing display typeface that has a lovely twist.

Its solid, and at the same time, sleek appearance will effectively contribute to graphic design, making your posters, flyers, magazine covers, t-shirt prints look absolutely fantastic. Thanks to inherent rugged feeling, this font will naturally cooperate with rough textures and earthy coloring.


Being created by a real professional, this typeface saves you from fixing the spaces between letters. Bold well-crafted symbols will easily stand out from backdrop and content as well as prominently and clearly express your message.

The font offers:

  • all the glyphs;
  • capital letters as well as letters set in small caps;
  • numbers and symbols;
  • 3 weights: regular, light and hairline.


Here, the jet era of the 60’s has left its imprint, giving this magnificent typeface its own charming touch; however it is still based on fundamentals of a classic font.

The Airplane, thanks to its smooth edges and elegant appeal, will be a perfect option for neat and exquisite designs. Whether you are going to prototype web-based projects or build up print-ready graphic art, it is an ideal instrument for emphasizing certain words.


The font can be described as a huge, bold, gross and rough – the features that will make your headlines, titles and logotypes look extremely prominent. Based on a multi-layered system, it has lots to offer for those who prefer to do various experiments with typography in order to achieve impressive results.

The typeface contains:

  • 3 main styles: regular, inline, display;
  • 3 optional styles for “mixing and matching”;
  • only capital letters;
  • numerals;
  • symbols.

Oil Can

This versatile typeface with a bold appearance is aimed to take you in good times of service stations with a great attention to clients, and to evoke some positive nostalgic feelings. You can use it for establishing a trustful and warm atmosphere. The font includes Latin alphabet, numerals and a set of regular symbols.

It will definitely find its place on various projects starting from creation of logotypes and ending up with prototyping various package designs.


Designed by Evan Huwa, this colossal bold typeface – that has been initially presented only in italic and regular style – will make your day if you are hankering for building up never-to-be-forgotten retro-style artworks. The weighty typeface with vintage nuances will look unique and eye-catching regardless of environment.

The typographer has added 2 extra styles for shadow effect and Roman family in order to meet broad needs.


This sleek sans serif typeface is an ideal instrument for establishing a romantic atmosphere in your project. Though it is based on a combination of rough sharp lines, yet Vanessa Lam is managed to add to it some delicacy and dreaminess through using lines of various weighs.

Being inspired by vintage posters, it also has a slight hint of vintage style that in conjunction with the delicate features is able to evoke sense of old-timey purity and elegance.


Coming in four weights: regular, thin, inline and bold, it will become an ideal companion for creating vector artworks, logotypes, and of course, print-ready publications such as posters, brochures or magazine covers. Thanks to such variety you can easily mix and match various styles in order to produce an impressive outcome.

Moreover, the boldness of this spectacular condensed uppercase typeface will help you to nail the eye-catching look for headlines and taglines placed both, in website and graphic designs.


Much like the previous example, this flexible typeface was created with things, which are deemed to be timeless, in mind, such as antique cars or phone numbers. It will feel absolutely comfortable in retro surroundings and in designs made in muted or pastel coloring. Logotypes, prints and graphic designs are the ones that can derive huge benefits from it.

However, the font has one drawback: the set includes only numerals and some basic symbols, so unfortunately its scope of use is highly restricted.


Inspired by apartment signage of Miami Beach the typeface can boast of its belonging to an illustrative, art deco style that is skillfully combined with rough features. It can be easily used for displaying long texts thanks to proper formation and well-thought-out fabrication of every letter and symbol. So that, when it comes to emphasizing titles, captions, headlines or to simply drawing attention to selected words in text – this is definitely a right typeface for you.


Eli Horn describes this condensed sans-serif typeface as “An elegant yet assertive display face—a modernist with a touch of flare” that is also marked by line width variation. It is a matching pair for refined and sophisticated designs that are deprived of rough details and based on clean backdrops and soft coloring. The set comprises Latin alphabet, punctuation marks and regular symbols.

However, be careful, since the typographer does not provide a commercial license, so you can leverage it only in personal use that also has to be paid.

Sketch Block

This illustrative typeface with a hint of personality will blend into any artistic design as well as projects with hand-drawn graphics or works based on chalkboard textures. The set includes:

  • Latin alphabet;
  • numerals;
  • alternative set of characters;
  • standard symbols.

Though the typographer offers letters in lower case and upper case, yet the font obviously looks better at large sizes and in upper case, since these parameters do not wipe off tiny details that become illegible at small sizes.


Being created by a real expert of typography Pedro Lobo, this strong and sharp slab serif typeface is aimed to charm viewers by its boldness and a little twist (that is a small shadow at the right). The font comprises:

  • uppercase letters;
  • lowercase letters;
  • numerals;
  • punctuation marks.

Unlike the previous example, this font looks great both at small and large sizes. It is ideal for creating old school prints and logos.

Scalpel Font

This typeface is a great addition to your collection of instruments that will replenish your toolkit with a new set of Latin alphabet presented both in upper case and lower case. It also includes numerals and symbols. Every character has a nice touch of skew that makes it an ideal pair for designs with geometry vibe or graphics with diagonal accents.

Serifiqo 4F

Though this subtle ultra-narrow typeface first appeared in 2009, it still looks modern and stylish. It is intended to be used for titles, captions, headlines and poster templates. This kind of font will be an excellent complement to almost any editorial project. You will find:

  • Latin alphabet;
  • Cyrillic alphabet;
  • alternative set of symbols for supporting other languages;
  • numerals;
  • symbols.


The typeface is designed for the masses, so it’s not surprising that the authors provide users with 18 various styles, starting from italic and semibold and ending up with blackitalic. The character map includes:

  • OpenType features;
  • basic Latin/English letters;
  • West European diacritics;
  • ligatures;
  • symbols for languages of Central Europe;
  • support for Baltic, Romanian, Turkish writing languages.


Inspired by a traditional English sans serif typeface, Sonus presents a new monoline family that indicates a strong presence whether it is used in posters, t-shirt prints, magazines or digital media. It is ideal for displaying both text and headlines.

The type ships with:

  • 16 styles ranging from thin to extra bold entitled Black;
  • available in 5 licensing options: desktop, webfont, app, ebook and server;
  • OpenType format;
  • extended language support.


Much of the impetus for creation of this decorative typeface with a firm structure and elegant curves came from refined brush-style calligraphy. Inspired by posters with pin-up girls, Ania Kruk is also managed to work into the type feelings from 50’s. So if you want to create a vintage poster or retro ad then you should put this font into action. The more so, Cookie is a part of Google web fonts collection.

The set covers:

  • Latin alphabet;
  • assortment of glyphs;
  • alternative set of letters for Polish language.


The weight is inspired by both, Russian Constructivism of early 1900’s and Alexander Rodchenko; Cyrillic alphabet has also left its imprint on fabrication process.

The font has a lively ultra-narrow linearity that gives every character a delicate look. Thanks to nice geometry touch that is achieved due to abrupt and strongly marked edges, the font is a great for underlining headlines and titles placed on websites’ front pages.


Lorena comes in 3 weights: regular, medium and bold, in lower case and upper case, and in ttf format. The set is quite scanty since it involves only standard Latin alphabet, numerals and only basic symbols. Of course, that is quite sufficient for adorning your titles written in English but when it comes to other languages it can bring some difficulties. Besides, depending on a weight and size the font can look either smooth or slightly hooked. So you should definitely do some experiments with it, before using it.

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