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Keep on scrolling and you quickly and easily get all content you need, spiced up with thrilling illustrations, artistic graphics and various dynamic stuff. There is no unnecessary surfing through the inner structure, iterative clicking or jumping from link to link. Today we are talking about single-page website designs that are huge trend.

The approach of compactly arranging and providing only essential data brings a number of benefits, making your online property look modern and up-to-date. Mainly thanks to the elaborate parallax effect, the ability to have everything in one page becomes real and convenient.  Depending on particular area or topic, you can stumble upon long one page designs that generally shed a light on various social problems, showcase infographic or statistical data; short single page designs that are usually used to promote mobile applications; and, of course, standard one page websites (that as a rule include 3-5 tiny sections) dedicated to online portfolios or creative agencies.

In a collection below you will find inspiring examples of various single page website designs.

Single Page Websites

Sweez has a vibrant sweet vibe. Delicious color scheme, creamy-like smudges, tag with funny cook icon, yummy photos in slider fully justify the name of a site.


Jacksonville Art Walk exhibits marvelous typography treatments on each subpage, mainly taking on graffiti style and beautifully utilizing watercolor effect.

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Jacksonville Art Walk

Iconic Furniture does a good job of utilizing minimal approach. Every page gets its own clean vector illustration of a chair, brief description and monotonous background in muted color.

Iconic Furniture

Wedding Party App is dedicated to iPhone sphere. It wonderfully represents all potential of a program in a brief form, spiced up with a spectacular image background.

Wedding Party App

Artem and Julia wedding plays heavily on vibrant flat vector illustrations, familiarizing users with upcoming event and simultaneously depicting a story of 2 loving people.

Artem and Julia wedding

Dina Marie Creative exemplifies how classic black-and-white color palette can seem sophisticated and lively. It also adds a note of whimsical appeal due to slightly rough, odd pear-inspired logo.

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Dina Marie Creative

Srofewedding skillfully combines together warm landscape photo background and mix of various typefaces that perfectly supplement each other.


Rise of Bowie has a strong skeuomorphic feeling due to high-quality wood-textured background and truly realistic illustration of the turntable, which reveals the nicely-executed timeline of David Bowie musical life.

Rise of Bowie

Mylapka charms with a spacious almost pristine feelings, which are generated by airy landing page with white as a core color. Home page demonstrates device by means of tiny slider with transparent background that harmoniously integrated into environment.


DrupalCon Portland has a cheerful and rustic look thanks to dramatic fair-themed illustrations, slightly crooked fonts, textured background and nice small animations.

DrupalCon Portland

The Interactive Ear features amazing vivid illustration of an ear that includes a lot of amusing interactive elements.

The Interactive Ear

Halfliner is another great example that utilizes black-and-white color palette, showcasing devoid of color background and white typography. The latter occupies central part and has a strong sense of traditional flyer layout.


Koa Water has a nature-inspired design with ably implemented watercolor brushes and illustrations. Green and yellow colors add to design organic feel.

Koa Water

Scroll for your health loudly screams out flat style that is spiced up with bright colors, monochromatic vector illustrations and neat bi-colored backgrounds.

Scroll for your health

ACTV is an interactive website that capably leverages power of parallax effect, dividing screen into 2 parts which move in different directions.


TriplAgent fascinates by astonishing colors, neatly placed elegant typography, warm photos with barely noticeable lomography touch, and highly-detailed execution of graphics.


iNetSEO is based on traditional vertical parallax. It exudes image of seriousness and reliability due to sharp lines, darken urban images in slider, bold font and accurately implemented clean flat style.


Dcovery – Single page website designs are hugely popular among designers who create websites for promoting mobile applications, and “dcovery” is not an exception. Developer briefly and comprehensively introduces its program, utilizing lively blurred background with distinctive iPhone mockup placed ahead, and white plain typography


SoLoMo easily brings visitors’ attention to statistic data that is wonderfully showcased by means of colorful infographic. The latter includes plane graphics that goes well with black rigorous font.


Shadow does not fully utilize the whole space of a screen, representing all information in a separate rectangular block, which has a predetermined indent from all the boundaries. On the whole it seems like you are surfing website inside of a slider.


Isl has an adventurous cosmic atmosphere that tells about an event in a story manner; even description and text blocks are written in a specific style.


Windows of New York has a similar interface to number 3. The website showcases diversity of windows in New York, graphically illustrated each sample in details.

Windows of New York

Eugene Onegin brings a note of artistry by means of greyscale hand-drawn illustrations with ink touch, subtle noised background and sharp regular type.

Eugene Onegin

Boldking ably and captivatingly promotes its product. Mainly based on the contrast between the white background and plain dark typography, designer gives to website clean and accurate appearance.


Another Pony – Low-poly illustrations with an obvious feeling of the third dimension and capitalized titles with a relatively huge space between letters give website unconventional and outside-the-box look.

Another Pony

Meet the Pros 2013 uses a number of retro devices that in conjunction with blue background and lettering, which massively resembles fancy typewriter font, establish old-school atmosphere.

Meet the Pros 2013

Will Sales has a content-heavy landing page; whereas the rest of a site looks organized and spacious, since designer harmoniously distributes data on different sections.

Will Sales


One page website designs are very popular and more complex and sophisticated than ever before. Well-thought and properly executed, they are able to bring the same user experience as a standard classical website with sub pages and extensive internal structure, becoming comprehensive examples of advanced and progressive cooperation between CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Tell us, what do you think about our collection. Do you find it helpful? Do one page websites look engaging and alluring?

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