40+ Websites Providing Useful and Free 3D Models (Download)

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Having a website is definitely one of the best tools a struggling business can have. It is a practically a free method of promoting your services and products especially if you target a certain niche of the market. Once you decide on starting a business and you have a limited budget, it is recommended that you do almost everything on your own.

At least this is what I would do if I would decide to start my business. Attending business classes for instance or any other trainings that would improve your knowledge about the things you are going to sell. This also goes for websites – hiring professionals might cost you a good load of money as web design pro’s are pretty expensive.

Why not just take some time off and study all by yourself, maybe in the end you’ll like it and make something useful out of it. And if you did decide on doing that, you should know about the latest trends in web design, as you don’t want your website to look old and rusty. One feature to be considered is 3d modeling.

It is a complex subject and it might take more than some weeks to master it, but the good news is that there are plenty of websites that even give you tons of models absolutely for free. So if you feel like you can’t do it by yourself and need some help, than you should definitely consider this choice. You will honestly be amazed by the huge selection you can choose from and it might really come in handy. We have selected some of the best and useful websites that provide 3d models that you can use for free. Enjoy!

Download Free 3D Models

  1. 3dvia
    3DVIA allows you to find, upload & create your 3D models and content online. Join the 3D community and share your creations today!
  2. Free Cad
    FreeCAD is a basic 3D CAD with advanced Motion Simulation capabilities. It is suitable for anyone interested in learning 3D CAD and Motion Simulation for free before using more sophisticated packages.
  3. Archibase
    3D Model Libraries Free Download, GDL Objects and 2D Shapes
  4. Archive 3d
    Archive3D.net – Free 25 000+ 3D models. Free Download. No registration
  5. 3 Delicious
    Best site with free 3D Model download. No registration needed
  6. NASA 3D Model
    3D resources for free 3D models which provided by NASA.
  7. CGI
    All 3d models are free for any type of use (c/p). The version one is collection of very useful and handy 3d models in .3ds format.
  8. WireCase
    Download 3D models from a catalog of the highest quality online.
  9. Mr Furniture
    Over 5000 free 3D models for furniture, textures, CAD in .3ds, .max and .dxf.
  10. 3DM3.com
    3DM3.com reminds me of the CG Society’s website, in that it’s a community site with a forum, articles and a gallery, but on a much smaller scale. Unlike CG Talk, however, this site offers over 300 free models for download, and they seem to be of higher-than-usual quality for free models. One downside is that the site does not mention what filetype a particular model is, so you won’t know until you’ve downloaded it. Some models are 3ds format, which Vue can read natively. If the filetype is MAX, however, you’ll need to find a way to convert it before using it in Vue.
  11. Baumgarten Enterprises
    If you’re looking for low-to-middle quality free models, this site is worth a look. Here you’ll find over 200 models, all free, of various quality. There are also some low-cost CD collections for sale here.
  12. Turbo Squid
    Turbo Squid is a huge, well-known marketplace for selling and buying 3D models, and they offer quite a few for free. To find them, select “3D Model” as your “media type.” Then, sort by lowest price, and the free ones will come to the top. Free registration is required to download.
  13. 3D Total
    Primarily known for their high-quality textures, 3D Total has a nice group of models for free download. Look for the “Free Stuff” link at the top of the page, and select “models” from the dropdown.
  14. Renderosity
    Renderosity has a huge number of free 3D models in various file formats. The overall quality is quite low, but there’s a few gems among the clunkers. To get to the models, hover over the “Free Stuff” button in the top navigation area, and click on “Search Free Stuff” in the dropdown.
  15. Creative 3D.net
    This site has an whole IKEA’s worth of contemporary 3D furniture available for free download. There’s over one hundred pieces of architectural-rendering-grade stuff here.
  16. Geek At Play
    In addition to a TON of great, free tutorials for Vue, Hexagon, and others, Geek At Play always has a page or so of free models available for download. Just another reason a visit to their site is time well spent.
  17. Artist-3D
    This site has some very impressive, free models for download. It’s a very well-designed, eye-pleasing site, as well. Plan to spend a good while here.
  18. DD Freebies
    DD Freebies is a blog with a small but unusual grouping of models. If you happen to be looking for intricate, abstract forms, take a look.
  19. Google Sketchup Model Warehouse
    If you use Vue 7 Infinite (or any program that supports the new Collada file format), you can import models from Google Sketchup. Choose the Collada format and download. Then import the file, as you would a 3DS file. If your object appears totally transparent and ghostly, you’ll need to turn the global transparency down for every material in the object. Kind of a pain, but it works. Add some world-famous landmarks to your models collection!
  20. Exchange 3D
    Exchange 3D has a fair number of good quality, free models available in various formats. This image was created with Vue, using a free stock photo for the figure, and free models.
  21. ShareCG
    ShareCG is, as the name implies, a file sharing site, and it’s free to use. There are lots of models here, easily findable using categories for file format, genre, and usage restrictions, sortable by date, rating, and number of views. While you’re here, check out the tutorials and the forum. This looks like a site to keep an eye on.
  22. 3D Commune
    3D Commune has a lot of what they call Free Stuff available, once you’ve registered with them. It’s all arranged by software type, so all of the Vue materials, atmospheres, and objects are grouped together. There’s a lot of good quality free stuff here.
  23. Anders Lejczak
    If you are at all into WWII fighter planes, you need to visit this site. Some wonderful, fully textured models, as well as some making-of documentation, blueprints. Great stuff.
  24. Planit 3D
    PlanIt 3D has a small but well-organized group of models for download, plus some articles, reviews, and a forum.
  25. Virtual Lands
    A small collection of free models for Vue users, including that most rare of all freebies: a SolidGrowth plant! Some good tutorials and other stuff of interest to Vue folks.
  26. Khiba’s 3D Bits and Pieces
    Some nice models created in Rhino, with a number provided in VOB (Vue object) format.
  27. Cornucopia 3D
    I love Cornucopia. If you’re lookng for good, reasonably-priced models, look no further. For Vue, these have to be the best deal going. Many of the generous vendors have free models available here, but unlike nearly every other site in this list, Cornucopia does not gather them together nicely in a pile marked “Free Stuff.” Even using the search function won’t help you. Think of it as a treasure hunt, I guess: find the free objects!
  28. RODLUC2001
    Some great castle models here, probably the best free castles on the Internet. If you need help getting your realm started, here’s the place to start. Rodluc2001 (Luca Rodolfi) is a well-known digital master. These models, along with the fighter planes by Anders Lejczak, listed above, are the cream of the crop on this list, from two very talented and generous masters of the craft.

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