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    • «We were looking for something that gave our marketing team more control over email layouts without having to deal with the complicated module builder in Hubspot. Postcards is super simple to use and means we can quickly create different emails for different segments.»


      Murat Mutlu

      Co-Founder/CEO of Marvel

    • «Designmodo builds excellent products for people who want to save time and choose quality. Startup has the best interface for creating product websites and services. Slides builder has a lot of cool animations and high flexibility in terms of customization. Postcards is one of the best email builders I have seen on the market.»


      Gleb Kuznetsov

      Product Design Director at Milkinside

    • «The Slides framework is an easy-to-use tool for creating websites. It allows anyone to create a sleek landing page in a few minutes. All you need to do is choose an appropriate design from the list of predefined slides.»


      Nick Babich

      Web Developer

    • «Postcards was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to easily design responsive emails. Andrian was fantastic in quickly responding back to my question if they honored a nonprofit discount!»


      Paige Dearing

      Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Philanthropy U

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    Building your website just got simple.

    Create web pages that make a big impact. Show customers you’re great at what you do. Grow your business with simple, customisable designs and tools - no experience needed.

  • Building your website just got simple.
  • Now, anyone can create a website that turns heads

    • Drag & Drop Builder

      Choose a pre-designed template and make it your own.

    • Custom Fonts

      Pick your free font to make your text stand out.

    • HTML/CSS & Javascript

      Get all the flexibility you need with custom setups for advanced users.

    • Upload Images and Video

      Easily add imagery and video to make sure your message hits home.

    • Updated Design

      Stay on trend with the latest design styles, with regular free updates.

    • Animation Effects

      Make your page more lively with smooth customisable animations.

It’s time to build something incredible.

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    Create a beautiful website from scratch - no design experience needed.

  • Get simple, free hosting

    Designmodo works in tandem with static.app — so you don’t have to worry about hosting.

  • Take your business online on day 1

    Get started right away with beginner designs and simple, customisable tools.

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  • Start an email newsletter. Fast.

    Email helps you build a captive audience and learn what makes your customers tick. Showcase new products, share the latest news and build a stronger brand.

  • Create
    mind-bending emails that showcase your brand

    • Drag & Drop Builder

      Get pre-designed templates for email campaigns with impact.

    • No-Code Editor

      Save time and resources by skipping the coding.

    • Choose Fonts

      Pick the font that reflects your brand personality, out of more than 1,000 available.

    • Choose Layouts

      Customize your email newsletter however you want — and be yourself!

    • Get New Integrations

      Export your designs to other platforms in one click, with a regularly updated library of integrations.

    • Upload Images

      Add your own branding in custom visuals.

Engage your audience with a simple email builder.

  • Prompt customers to take action

    Create email newsletters, abandoned cart emails or transactional emails.

  • Simplify your email marketing

    Prepare your campaign and send to your audience using mailpost.io.

  • Generate more revenue

    Get returns four times higher than on other channels with effective email marketing.

  • Customers’ trust as key mission.

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