July Newsletter Ideas and Examples for 2024

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July is a true summer month. It is hot, bright, vibrant, cheerful, diverse, and inspiring. Everyone enjoys stable, dry weather, family gatherings in backyards, outdoor activities, school breaks, and well-deserved vacations. A cheerful atmosphere prevails, putting everyone in a positive mood.

From a marketing point of view, July is the beginning of Q3. It is a fresh start for the next half-fiscal year with plenty of sales opportunities to generate much-needed revenue to stay afloat and advance brands. The mid-season marks the end of June slumber and stagnation. Even though people are thinking more about fun than business, still across niches, companies are starting to see dynamics in shopping, communication, and interaction.

As vacation season is in full swing, families embark on exciting trips to their favorite destinations. People are getting more friendly, inviting, and open to adventures and offers that might treat them or help them enjoy their well-earned break.

Brands get valid excuses to connect with customers in a fun and meaningful way. Along with warmth and a positive mood, July brings numerous holidays and events that companies can leverage for enhanced audience engagement, product promotion, conversions, and revenues.

Here is our guide to July email newsletter ideas supported with an email marketing calendar that can be a solid foundation for creating a marketing plan and developing a high-converting marketing strategy. You might also find some great suggestions for subject lines to increase open rates and improve deliverability and several fantastic email newsletter examples to see how other companies make the most out of the middle of the season and the start of Q3.

July Email Newsletter Calendar

Whether your business provides summer-related products and “keep cool” activities or not, you may easily benefit from the second month of the season. July is ablaze with opportunities for your marketing endeavors. From Independence Day, the most awaited and celebrated holiday in summer, to fantastic observances like National Anti-Boredom Month or World Emoji Day (that speaks to a billion social media fans), you may find a unique way to connect with the target audience.

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When creating a July email marketing calendar, it is crucial to remember that the mid-season period comes with a certain challenge. Your customers will likely be scattered across the country, enjoying a school and work break.

Therefore, it is crucial to capitalize on your relationships and connect with them individually through wholly-grained segmentation and hyper-personalized emails with valuable content. Choose your excuses according to your target audience’s preferences, needs, and expectations.

To help you, here is a list of one-day, week- and month-long celebrations, observances, and events to choose from. As summer is a fun period, along with serious events, we have also included some downright silly and hilarious ones so you can strike a chord with your happy and content subscribers.

July Newsletter Ideas and Examples

Email from Withings

One-day holidays:

  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • International Joke Day (July 1)
  • Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day (July 2)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • National Workaholics Day (July 5)
  • Global Forgiveness Day (July 7)
  • Fashion Day (July 9)
  • All American Pet Photo Day (July 11)
  • Bastille Day (July 14)
  • Pandemonium Day (July 14)
  • World Emoji Day (July 17)
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (3rd Thursday of each quarter, July 18)
  • National Be Someone Day (July 21)
  • Cowboy Day (July 24)
  • Feast of Saint James (July 25)
  • All or Nothing Day (July 26)
  • Start of Olympic Games (July 26)
  • International Day of Friendship (July 30)

Week- and Month-long celebrations:

  • Honor America Days (June 14 – July 4)
  • Clean Beach Week (July 1 – July 7)
  • Freedom Week (July 4-10)
  • Non-Binary Awareness Week (July 14-20)
  • National Baby Food Festival (July 17-20)
  • RAGBRAI (July 20-27)
  • National Independent Retailers Week (July 21-27)
  • Summer Olympics 2024 (July 26 – August 11)
  • Family Reunion Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • National Recreation and Parks Month
  • Family Golf Month
  • Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • Cord Blood Awareness Month
  • Disability Pride Month
  • Independent Retailer Month
  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • National Black Family Month
  • National Blueberry Month
  • National Culinary Arts Month
  • National Make a Difference to Children Month

Niche-specific holidays and events:

  • Second Half of the Year Day (July 1)
  • National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day (July 1)
  • I Forgot Day (July 2)
  • Compliment Your Mirror Day (July 3)
  • National Barbecue Day (July 4)
  • National Hawaii Day (July 5)
  • International Kissing Day (July 6)
  • International Chocolate Day (July 7)
  • Be a Kid Again Day (July 8)
  • Cheer Up the Lonely Day (July 11)
  • National Give Something Away Day (July 15)
  • Ice Cream Day (Third Sunday, July 18)
  • National Simplicity Day (July 12)
  • New Friends Day (July 19)
  • National Fortune Cookie Day (July 20)
  • National Junk Food Day (July 21)
  • National Wine and Cheese Day (July 25)
  • One Voice Day (July 26)
  • Parents’ Day (the fourth Sunday)
  • Share a Hug Day (July 30)
July Email Newsletter Calendar

July email marketing calendar by Luisem

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Officially, July has only one federal holiday: Independence Day. But it is incredibly popular. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 87% of Americans will celebrate Independence Day by spending at least $90. That is a golden opportunity every brand in every niche should seize. Follow our guide for some valid ideas on how to make the most out of the 4th of July.

The middle of summer parades plenty of funny, joyful, hilarious, inspiring, and “tasty” events that are perfect for connecting with the target audience and strengthening your relationships with them in a unique way. Here are several non-trivial ideas to try this July to diversify your communication and make the mid-season unforgettable for your customers.

Run Joyful and Cheerful Campaigns

July prides itself on positive and vibrant month-long celebrations: National Ice Cream Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Picnic Month, National Recreation and Parks Month, and even National Anti-Boredom Month. So why not jump into this period of cheerfulness and happiness and capitalize on the good mood? Drag your customers into an atmosphere of joy, delight, bliss, and amusement when the summer structureless days creep in with looming threats of monotony.

You may run a month-long campaign with follow-ups and invigorating digital newsletters, prioritize one or two observances, or make the most of them by creating gleeful designs and thematic content. Here are several good ideas for fun marketing efforts for your brand in July.

  • Share your favorite summer spots and activities.
  • Promote outdoor and recreational activities.
  • Recommend books, places, and DIY projects.
  • Ask your subscribers about their top summer songs, festivals, and trends.
  • Host a challenge or contest about food, outdoor activities, and vacations.
  • Partner with local businesses with summer-related products to run a mutually beneficial email campaign.
  • Entice customers with special discounts or combo deals.
  • Invite your audience to get creative through a photo contest.
  • Provide a fun and interactive email experience using games, animations, interactive elements, and quizzes.

The mid-summer has a unique observance called Christmas in July. It is a big deal in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Many brands exploit it as a marketing tool to promote and sell their winter products. It goes perfectly well with summer vibes and a cheerful atmosphere. Use it to add some spice to your July email campaigns.

Email from Plochman

Email from Plochman

Create Helpful Guides for Vacation Season

Vacation season is officially at its peak. Millions of people are breaking away from their work and enjoying life. They take trips, go to the beach, engage in sports activities, have picnics, and explore the outdoors. Unsurprisingly, July is considered National Picnic Month and National Park and Recreation Month.

These month-long celebrations open the perfect opportunity for brands to prove their value to customers and strengthen their market position. Even if they do not sell summer-related products, there are numerous ways to benefit from these observances, such as creating guides and listicles. Consider these ideas:

  • Offer different ways to host parties and events in the backyard or park.
  • Create a beach-ready shopping guide.
  • Create a list of must-have products for the perfect summer outing.
  • Promote safe and children-friendly outdoor activities for the 4th of July.
  • Share UV safety tips.
  • Provide insider tips and tricks for stress-free travel.
  • Create safety guides for trips with children.
  • Offer family discounts to encourage group buying.
  • Share eco-friendly practices.
Create Helpful Guides for Vacation Season

Email from Airbnb

Capitalize on Small, Yet Engaging Summer Observances

July is the perfect time to direct your gaze at small, local, yet engaging observances. There are numerous excuses to reach your target audience with a positive message and vibrant summer-related newsletter. Your brand may easily find a way to run a campaign on World Chocolate Day, World Emoji Day, International Day of Friendship, National Hot Dog Day, National Give Something Away Day, Ice Cream Day, National Simplicity Day, or New Friends Day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Treat your customers with a special offer or a present when they purchase on National Give Something Away Day.
  • Create a gift guide for friends on International Day of Friendship.
  • Team up with local ice cream parlors to create themed merchandise on Ice Cream Day.
  • Conduct shareable BBQ-themed quizzes on any day during National Grilling Month.
  • Bundle related products at a discounted price to celebrate Family Reunion Month.
  • Ask your audience to share their favorite emojis on World Emoji Day.
  • Entertain your customers with gamified emails on any day during National Anti-Boredom Month.
Capitalize on Small yet Engaging Summer Observances

Email from Bubble

High-Converting Ideas to Try in July

July is a beloved summer month. Not only because it is widely associated with sun-soaked adventures, backyard barbecues, and multicolor scoops of ice cream but because it has Independence Day, the most awaited holiday for every American patriot. Also, mid-season offers some golden opportunities to get your company from June’s stagnation and boost your business at the start of Q3. Consider these high-converting ideas for your July email calendar and email marketing plan.

Independence Day

Unlike June, which is deprived of federal holidays, July has one of the most anticipated events of the summer—Independence Day. Celebrated on the fourth day of the month, it is a widely acknowledged holiday among Americans. Last year, almost 90% of respondents said they would participate in the event and spend money on preparations and celebrations.

Brands that sell consumer-packaged goods, home and garden items, sporting equipment, apparel, and even travel services have many marketing opportunities. However, studies show that patriotic product lines can stimulate consumer engagement and boost sales, regardless of your niche. Therefore, you should certainly include this event in your email marketing calendar.

Here are some great ideas for introducing this event to your email marketing strategy and generating sales at the start of Q3 by tapping into customers’ moods.

Provide Exclusive Discounts

Promoting goods with discounts and reductions is perhaps one of the most popular ways to participate in this amazing holiday. Whatever your product, customers are eager to treat themselves during Independence Day, so they warmly welcome special offers.

When introducing promo campaigns, you have several options to resonate with your target audience:

  • You may create a flash sale, which is ideal for a one-day event. Capitalize on urgency and scarcity to inspire immediate purchase.
  • You may kick-start an early-bird sale. Do not wait until your customer’s inbox is flooded with newsletters. Reach them beforehand to secure good inbox positioning and incentivize them to choose you.
  • You may offer bundle deals. As Independence Day is marked by family and friends gatherings, offering several products aligned with the holiday spirit is the best way to meet customers’ needs and budgets. Analyze your customers’ preferences to create appropriate bundles, highlight their values, and offer discounts to nudge decision-making.

Those brands whose products are not aligned with the event should play smart with this strategy. It is crucial not to push. Apply patriotic themes through messages and decorations. Ensure your email works great across mobile devices to reach every person on your subscription list. Use professional tools, like Postcards email builder, to create a digital newsletter that works and feels coherently across devices and platforms.

High-Converting Ideas to Exploit in July

Email from Nanit

Be Helpful

Independence Day is a great way to show unity in society, improve relationships, and prove a brand’s value to customers. Those brands that do not intend to run sales may use this holiday as a perfect excuse to connect with their target audiences through meaningful messages and valuable content. Here are some good ideas:

Start the campaign early and reach your customers with some practical guides. Help your customers prepare for the event with insider tips, the best recipes for barbeque, or even a selection of children’s games.

Promote July 4 activities. If you do not have products well-suited for outdoor activities, you may always partner with other companies to create mutually beneficial campaigns. Alternatively, you may create listicles with the best picnic sides, restaurants, celebration ideas, or children’s events.

Finally, send a last-minute holiday rush email with a checklist to plan a memorable day. You may cover activities, decorations, safety, and post-clean-up ideas.

Email from Brit+Co

Email from Brit+Co

Celebrate American Freedom

One of the best ways to become an integral part of this much-awaited festivity is to celebrate it with your customers. Whether you sell holiday-related products or not, this is a great strategy to maintain the brand’s visibility in the market and stay in touch with your audience. There are many ways to approach it.

You may evoke fond memories of the American dream with proper imagery, send your congratulations in a CEO letter, educate about key history events, share interesting and lesser-known facts, depict photos of your team members or family from the previous celebration, involve employees in the conversation, celebrate American products, or pay honor to veterans and Armed Forces. Alternatively, you may invite your readers to share personal stories to start a conversation.

When creating the message, keep it lighthearted and positive. Focus on values that have universal appeal. Capitalize on self-expression, freedom, diversity, and inclusion. Nod to the spirit of the celebration by creating patriotic-themed emails. Take it to the next level by adding interactive details and meeting accessibility standards using Postcards email builder.

Email from Road Scholar

Email from Road Scholar

Customer Appreciation Email Campaigns

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of every business. In addition to generating much-needed revenue, they strengthen your brand’s positioning, advocate products, underlie word-of-mouth marketing, and provide insights to improve its endeavors across all fronts. Your company needs them regardless of niche, age, target audience, mission, or goal. And there is no better way to build a strong and healthy fan base than to make your customers feel appreciated.

The good news is that businesses have a great opportunity each quarter to run customer appreciation campaigns during Get to Know Your Customers Day. In summer, it takes place on the third Thursday of July. Use it to build customer relationships, break the ice with newcomers, re-engage lapsed clients, establish trust, and retain and nurture your fans.

Here are several customer appreciation ideas:

  • Send thank you discounts and promotions just for them.
  • Introduce a customer loyalty program and reward subscribers for being with you.
  • Make subscribers feel a part of the VIP club.
  • Offer hyper-personalized future-use coupons or special offers like free shipping on the next purchase.
  • Thank customers with branded merchandise.
  • Sponsor community events your customers care about.
  • Create a gamified experience to entertain and treat your customers.

Survey your list. Ask subscribers what they think of your products and content. What stops them from buying from you? Everyone likes to be heard. Use this to gain crucial knowledge to improve your brand positioning and customer relationships.

Customer appreciation campaigns go a long way and could be increasingly diversified. Here are some other ideas to embrace meaningful and thoughtful July events that might help you to make your customers feel appreciated, avoiding banalities:

  • Write a thoughtful leadership post on company culture building.
  • Acknowledge the value of your subscribers and praise them for staying with you on Compliment Your Mirror Day.
  • Share some inspiring ideas to put your customers in a positive mood on Cheer Up the Lonely Day.
  • Show your love and appreciation and send a virtual kiss to your subscribers on International Kissing Day.
  • Reach your subscribers with a meaningful and thoughtful message on Share a Hug Day.
  • Promote your customer support team and highlight the best features of user experience on your website on Virtually Hug a Virtual Assistant Day.
  • Give away special merchandise, branded items, or coupon codes for future purchases on National Give Something Away Day.
  • Show your commitment to customer experience on Gruntled Workers Day.
Customer Appreciation Campaigns

Email from Uber

Mid-Summer Sales

There are two annual sales cycles: the first in winter and the second in summer. July is an official month of summer sales across Europe. Brands, retailers, and local shops offer discounts on their goods.

The same goes for the U.S. market. Many companies introduce price reductions during the mid-season. For instance, Macy’s, JCPenney, Best Buy, and Kohl’s hold Black Friday-in-July sales. Amazon Prime Day, which offers great discounts on various categories, also comes in July. So why not join this trend and introduce it in your July email marketing strategy?

There are many ideas to try. During this period, brands may grab pre- and post-sale opportunities to create email campaigns suitable for their target audiences and products. Create lead nurturing campaigns with conversion-focused content. Seize upsell and cross-sell opportunities by creating Postcards-powered emails with well-organized product snapshots. Offer personalized product recommendations to entice users back.

Although July is not the time for total clearance, you may still introduce early-bird discounts or future-use coupons with every purchase to give customers a real incentive by scoring significant savings later.

Email from Moment

Email from Moment

Subject Line Ideas for July Newsletters

July Slogans and Headlines

July exudes summer vibes, from promoted seasonal products to vibrant, splashy beach-inspired designs to bold and engaging slogans and content. It embraces everything concerning the vacation season to make people more relaxed, friendly, inviting, and open.

Apart from creating summer-related email designs, taking care of your content, especially slogans and headlines is crucial. They spark interest and establish a lasting impression in readers’ minds. They convey the essence of an overall message and compel viewers to read rather than scan your digital newsletter.

Start by investing time and effort in perfecting your headlines, as they have transformative power over your content. Then, focus on developing a high-converting email subject line, as it helps your brand achieve your marketing goals by increasing open rates that lead to more clicks, conversions, leads, and revenue.

When creating July slogans and headlines, follow these simple yet effective pieces of advice:

  • Align the headline with the content.
  • Add summer vibes to headlines.
  • Use the headline to establish the summer atmosphere right up front.
  • Make it short yet memorable, meaningful, and catchy.
  • Use active voice.

Here are some great examples to give you a head start:

  • Welcoming July one day at a time.
  • Summer Sweet Savings
  • Ready Set Glow
  • Hello Sunshine! Welcome July.
  • Take it easy. It is July-time!
  • Ocean, summer, beach, and barbecues. Welcome July.
  • June may be hot, but July is hotter!
  • JULY – Joy Unlimited Locate You.
  • Life is better in flip-flops.
  • Christmas comes in July.
  • July is a picnic
  • We spy a new summer sipper
  • Speed into July
  • These July savings are too hot to handle
  • Summer Showcase
  • July Adventures
  • July Never Sounded Better
  • Endless Summer in July
  • Slide into summer with $75 off
  • Unforgettable Hiking Summer
  • This is worth the ice-scroll
  • More Summer!
  • Hello July Savings!
  • A Late Summer Harvest of New Features
  • Scorching Offers Up To 50%
  • Unleash the B&Q in You
  • Perfect for Summer, Why Wait?
  • Unlock Summer Adventure
  • Dive into Summer
  • Big Summer Fun
  • Travel is Back!
  • Oh, Say Can You Eat
  • Celebrate freedom with the U.S.
  • Red, white, and cool
  • Our flaming-hot guide to the 4th of July
  • Rise and Shine, It’s Beach Time
  • Float away this summer with our savings
  • Swim Into Summer
  • Summer is Heating Up
  • It’s time for something exotic…
  • Salute to Savings
  • Spark Your Savings
  • Fireworks of Savings
  • Celebrate Freedom with Us!
Subject Line Ideas for July Newsletters

Email from Finn

July Hashtags

Created to make a buzz and intensify a brand’s positioning on social media, hashtags are now integral for connecting your email channel to popular networks and improving overall marketing efforts.

Using hashtags in email content helps to join ongoing conversations and make a message visible. Brands may use them to contextualize their discussion in an email campaign without writing repetitive captions. They may easily relate to the audience and add more meaning and value to the conversation. That may lead to better engagement, more traffic, and new customers.

The good news is that you do not need to overpopulate your email content with hashtags. One or two appropriate and well-placed hashtags may do the trick. Just supply them with shareable functionality so subscribers can easily move conversations to other platforms.

Here is a list of trending July hashtags you can incorporate in your email body copy and expand your reach beyond your immediate followers.

#4thofjuly, #americanpride, #campingfun, #campingseason, #canadaday, #chocolateday, #complimentyourmirrorday, #dayoffriendship, #emojiday, #exploreoutdoors, #gettoknowyourcustomersday, #givesomethingawayday, #happycouple, #happyjuly, #happysummer, #hellojuly, #hellosummer, #icecreammonth, #independenceday, #independentretailermonth, #july, #july4th, #julydays, #julyfavorites, #julyfourth, #jokeday, #kissingday, #letfreedomring, #loveadventure, #lovesummer, #loveweddings, #nationalpicnicday, #nationalpinacoladaday, #olympicgames, #olympics2024, #outdooradventures, #pandemoniumday, #picnicmonth, #plasticfree, #redwhiteblue, #shareahugday, #stayoutofthesunday, #summer, #summerdays, #summerescape, #summertimefun, #summertravel, #summervacation, #summervacay, #traveladventures, #vacation, #vacationmode, #weddingseason, #worldemojiday, #workaholicday.

July Email Subject Lines

In July, email marketers generally focus on the only federal holiday of the period: Independence Day. They create patriotic pitches and sayings to stand out in overcrowded customer inboxes.

This tactic may benefit your company since you may strike the appropriate chord with your target audience, push your campaign further, and increase open rates and conversions. However, to nurture and communicate with your subscribers for the whole month, you need more than just one or two opening statements with the American spirit.

Diversifying your event email marketing calendar by reflecting this through your email content, design, and subject line is crucial. More so, you have plenty of excuses: starting with some serious observance like Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day and ending with a cheerful International Day of Friendship.

Suppose you want to stay event-neutral during July. In that case, you should capitalize on the biggest theme of the period – summer, which spreads across sub-topics like hot weather, vacations, school breaks, outdoor activities, family gatherings, beaches, and weddings. Here is a list of July email subject lines created by popular brands across niches to give you insights on reaching your subscribers. Tweak these ideas to match your brand voice, goals, and target audience.

Plus, we have gathered a collection of fun, relatable emojis that effectively deliver the message, catch an eye in overcrowded inboxes, and reveal your brand’s more humorous and friendly side.

😎 😍🥵 😴☀️🎉 🌘🌊 🔆 🍹 🍦 🍉 🥑🍋 🗽 🏈🍺 🍔🎆 🔥  🏄 🪸🩴 🇺🇸 🩳 👙 👚 🌴 🍨 🏖️ 🕶️🐚🏊👡🌻🏝️👕🌞 🫠 🕊️ 🎵 💦 ⛵🍍🦀 🍧 🥤 🍦 🍸🧃🧉 🥥 👒 👗 💃 🏞️ 🛥️ 🥭 🍑 🪭 🍓 🔫 🚣 🐞🍎 🚴 🎸 🏕️ 🗺️ 🧭 🛫 🧳 🚗

  • Go from 🥵 to 😴 with our cooling collection.
  • A July Favourite 😍
  • Perfect for Hot July Nights 🌘
  • ☀️ Summer, summer, summer time!
  • ☀️ Summer Ready Mary Janes
  • 📚️ + ☀️= 🎉🎉🎉
  • Suit up for July 👙
  • July vibes only 🌴
  • Summer scoop 🍨
  • Splish, splash 🌊waves of new updates
  • Suns Out, Sales Out 😎 Shop Now!
  • 🔆 ON SALE NOW: 50% OFF
  • You’re One in a Melon! 🍉
  • Baby, it’s hot outside 🔥
  • It’s kinda like the first day of summer vacation.
  • It only gets hotter… check out our July offers
  • Your Butt Has Summer Plans
  • Cool Picks for Hot July
  • Sweet July Deals Just for You
  • Make Your Next July Project a Breeze With Us
  • July Hot Savings, You Don’t Want to Miss.
  • Summer is going to taste better than ever with this July offers
  • Save big this July.
  • Summer stuff you can do now for less
  • Rediscover Your Adventurous Side
  • Soak Up the Sun & Have Fun!
  • July is all about endless vacations.
  • Iced coffee four ways
  • Kick Start your Summer with July Savings
  • Up to 75% off in the Epic Summer Sale
  • How to (Sustainably) Summer Soak
  • Dog Days of Summer Sale! 🐶☀📬
  • Beat the heat, boss. Here’s our summer office style guide
  • Stay cool this July with our specials
  • Are you making the most of your summer?
  • Stuck at home this summer? Escape with these offers
  • Staycation or vacation – which are you this July?
  • The Great Outdoors Are Calling
  • July Savings Celebration!
  • To grill or not to grill?
  • Seas the Day with these amazing offers
  • Make Summer Epic Again
  • Get Beach Ready With Limited-Time July Deals!
  • 20+ ideas for an exciting July 😄
  • 🎶If you like pina coladas…🍹
  • I Scream, You Scream… for Ice Cream! 🍦
  • We are Grilling Prices!
  • Let Us Make Your Holiday Sparkle & Shine
  • Stars, Stripes, & Everything Nice
  • 4th of July Sale: G.O.! G.O.!
  • Independence Day Special
  • Let Freedom Ring with Savings!
  • Fireworks of Savings Await! 🎆
  • ❤💙star-spangled deals just for you💙❤
  • All Things American On Sale! 🏈🍺
  • 🔴⚪🔵: Exclusive July 4th Offers Inside!
  • 🌟 July 4th Deals Inside!
  • Celebrate Liberty 🗽
  • What’s Red, White, Blue, and 40% Off?
  • Happy Birthday, USA!
  • Quick as a Firecracker: 1-Day Shipping for July 4th Celebrations!
  • A Q3 Kickoff You’ll Never Forget!
  • 🍋Squeeze more out of summer with these July savings
  • Fun in the Sun Savings End Today
July Email Subject Lines

Email from TurboTax

Key Traits of July Email Design

The importance of season-appropriate email design is hard to underestimate. When brands incorporate seasonal changes into their ways of interacting with clients across touchpoints, especially in email channels, they enhance their communication and amplify marketing efforts. Tailoring your email campaigns to reflect the spirit of the summer, occasion, or even a small period comes with huge benefits.

For instance, it keeps the brand up-to-date and relevant, strengthens its positioning and reputation, capitalizes on current customers’ moods, and makes communication more meaningful. It also naturally amplifies the relevance of offers or promotions, driving engagement and generating more conversions and sales.

Creating season-tailored email design is crucial for brands to grow and pursue their goal and mission. Consider what color, typography, and visual content may help you to introduce July vibes in campaigns.


From a traditional point of view, July’s primary color is red because ruby is its birthstone. It also has tones of Larkspur, also known as Delphinium, and water lilies such as pink, indigo, blue, purple, yellow, red, pastel, orange, and white. Therefore, you may easily exploit those hues and shades to be neutral in reflecting mid-summer vibes in your email designs. On the other hand, you might benefit from the traditional colors of summer vacations, such as beachy tones and carnival colors.

However, if you want to catch the drift of your customers and tailor your email designs to the occasion, it is crucial to focus on colors that represent observances. For instance, the biggest date in the July email marketing calendar is Independence Day (July 4). It is marked with a patriotic color scheme. You will not go wrong if you choose red, white, and blue.

Key Traits of July Email Design

July color palette from Color-Hex


You may generally describe July email designs as relaxing, chilling, light, flirty, fluid, breathable, and ultra-comfy. Every detail contributes to summer’s joyful and refreshing atmosphere. Typeface is no exception. It should also be vibrant, fun, and playful. Let your creativity run wild and come up with some energetic, comical, playful, and even extravagant carefree fonts.

Introduce interesting options from font databases, such as a free-flowing script combined with a lighthearted sans serif, fonts with gritty texture in letterforms, modern display typefaces with alternative flourish characters, tropical and dreamy brush solutions with expressive strokes and vibrant characters, a groovy retro style option with curves and dynamics, or a Hawaiian-inspired typeface with cartoonish characteristics.

For Independence Day, you may benefit from typefaces that elevate patriotic feelings. This could be an old-fashioned and classic option with bold letterforms, customized block letters embellished with a sea of stars, a hand-drawn shabby-style pattern font with stars, a sparkling and festive font, or just a traditional serif font, like Caslon used for the first printed edition of the Declaration of Independence.

Independence Day typography from Fontspace

Independence Day typography from Fontspace


When capturing the essence of the sunny season, choosing themes that evoke the feelings of relaxation and fun associated with July is crucial. They are closely associated with vacations, outdoor activities, hot weather, beaches, and barbecues. Whether photos or illustrations, they put your email campaign at the forefront of summer festivities and help resonate with the target audience.

Tropical flora and fauna, iconic palm trees, surfboards, sunflowers, beach outings, barbecues, blossoming gardens, deciduous trees, camping, parks, recreation zones, seascapes, landscapes, and even a pineapple with a pair of stylish sunglasses let July speak for itself.

Those who want to nail event-specific email designs should focus on relevant imagery. For instance, the Independence Day digital newsletter greatly benefits from the visuals depicting the American flag, the bald eagle, the national anthem, Uncle Sam, and the Statue of Liberty, as about a third of the 4th of July shoppers are eager to see patriotic symbols and decorations in their correspondence with brands during this period.


July patterns from Vecteezy

July Email Newsletter Examples

July Email Newsletter Examples

Email from Wype

The first week of July is widely known as Clean Beach Week. It has a rich history and occurs across many states in the U.S. This seven-day celebration is dedicated to spreading awareness about preserving and protecting the world’s oceans and waterways and compelling community members to take action immediately. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and establish yourself as a reliable and responsible member of the community and society.

The email marketing team behind Wype gives us some clues on how to do it through the email channel. Their digital newsletter serves as a refreshing change of pace in a sea of promotional July blasts and 4th of July congratulations. They surface a vital issue and encourage customers to act through an exceptional storytelling experience.

Marrying together informative and illustrative approaches, they have created an engaging email design that ignites interest, compels viewers to read rather than scan, and resonates with the target audience. As a result, the brand generates traffic to its website, improves its market positioning, and demonstrates its social value by increasing awareness of the problem.

Email from Rifle Paper Co

Email from Rifle Paper Co

“Honor America” is an almost month-long celebration that starts on June 14 and ends on July 4 with fireworks and wide celebrations. This is a great opportunity to create email campaigns to establish a close connection with your customers during idle summer months, nurture them, and slowly but surely drag them into the sales funnel that finalizes with a big sale event on Independence Day.

Alternatively, you may use this period to reach your audience with a meaningful message and be of true help in showing the American spirit. If you play smart, you may generate extensive revenue at the beginning of Q3. Consider how Rifle Paper Co. has done that.

The email marketing team has decided to use this period to celebrate Independence Day earlier. They have brought everyone into a festive mood by highlighting great American destinations and their rich history. Using an illustrative approach, they have broken the monotony of regular text-based blasts and generated much-needed engagement.

There is more. The team has also announced a special discount extending to the entire site to intensify the impact. This strong incentive certainly has pushed customers toward the brand.

Email from Designmodo

Email from Designmodo

The email from Designmodo is a perfect example of how to embrace minimalism and generate conversions without much talking. Their traditional promotional July blast is fine-tuned to Independence Day and features one of the most popular sale events in the mid-season. It is compact and concise yet increasingly effective.

The email initiates with a celebratory congratulation and establishes a powerful festive atmosphere that breaks the ice even with lapsed customers. Then, the email marketing team uses the inverted pyramid principle to announce its grandiose discount. It works instantly, drawing attention to the offer and compelling readers to proceed by clicking on the call-to-action. Featuring only critical details for good conversion, it does what it should – it brings value, appreciates the customer’s lack of time on such a big holiday, and converts them.

The best part is that you can easily adopt the same approach with your next 4th of July promo by replicating this design in Postcards. Just add your special offer and personalize it to the needs of your target audience, and you are ready to dazzle them with a celebratory message.

Email from Twitter

Email from Twitter

Twitter and World Emoji Day are a match made in heaven. One of the leading social media platforms could not help but include this hilarious holiday in their July email marketing calendar. It is perfect for connecting with subscribers positively and meaningfully. The best part is, with some tweaks, you may easily use this excuse to bring joy and happiness to your subscribers through email channels. Consider Twitter’s digital newsletter to get some clues.

Like the previous example, the email marketing team capitalizes on a minimalistic approach, spotlighting the event and eliminating distractions from its key message. However, unlike Designmodo, they have used the event to introduce and promote their new feature, emoji targeting.

Turning email into a personal letter from the sales team has humanized the connection with the subscribers. They have subverted the expectations of a dreary, text-heavy newsletter without going overboard by unlocking the funny side of the brand. This approach works well with the email design, which features an illustrated hero area and emojis. Everything here works to achieve the main goal. Simple yet brilliant.

Email from Starbucks

Email from Starbucks

This is another compact, concise, and minimalistic email design in our collection that does its job perfectly. It proves you do not need to create content-heavy emails to compel your subscribers to act and engage with the brand.

Starbucks’s email marketing team uses the first July newsletter to announce the reward program that the company initiates every summer. They have played hard on exclusivity by telling customers that the promotion is a benefit of having a Starbucks membership and encouraging them to take advantage of the special opportunity.

Note how the team adheres to its brand identity visual guide, demonstrating the importance of keeping the company’s brief messaging consistent across all communication channels and interaction points.

Email from Lifesum

Email from Lifesum

One way to play along with July’s mood is to be helpful to your subscribers. This tactic works great for companies that do not have sale events or whose products are neutral to the period. The email marketing team behind Lifesum demonstrates it in action. As a company in the wellness niche, they have found a unique way to maintain their dialogue with customers.

The team uses email campaigns to guide their fan base through summer turbulence and heat by listing habits that may catalyze their transformation and help them stay refreshed and healthy. They have introduced tips and even more to make the copy entice recipients to visit the website and interact with the brand. Being helpful, welcoming, and positive enriches customer relationships, strengthening the brand’s reputation and generating much-needed traffic.

Email from Patagonia

Email from Patagonia

Overwhelming, crowded, and mixed-value inboxes present numerous challenges for brands to reach their subscribers in July. The team behind Patagonia knows that perfectly; therefore, they have decided to reach their fan base with a meaningful and valuable message.

The team has dedicated their July newsletter to the summer collection, speaking directly to customers’ needs. The email features summer favorite essentials for men, women, and kids, living up to their target audience’s expectations. By dividing email design into sections and strategically placing CTAs, they have created a pleasant reading path that reveals products step by step and unobtrusively engages and lures customers.

At the end, they added their signature post about the environment that connects the email and the brand’s mission. As a result, subscribers enjoy a valuable, meaningful, and branded email from their beloved company that certainly earns the top place in their inboxes.

July email designs in Designmodo


Joocy is a leading representative of July email designs in Designmodo’s collection of Postcard-powered templates. It is bright, positive, and energetic. Exuding hot summer vibes across fronts, it is a perfect foundation to run any campaign during mid-season and capitalize on the rejoicing and refreshing atmosphere.

The template is easily skimmable, with a rigid structure that looks, feels, and behaves consistently across all devices, screen sizes, and email clients. It supports plenty of visuals, perfect for promotions and intensifying visual impact. It also provides a noticeable CTA that compels anyone to act.

Joocy knows how to make the first impression count. Its hero area, created according to the inverted pyramid principle, draws overall attention to the offer and focuses on the value of acting now in a palatable and non-demanding way.

Finally, the template does not need any drastic changes. It has hot July coloring, a summer-inspired typeface, and many areas for branded imagery and engaging graphics. Add your content in minutes through an intuitive interface in Postcards email builder, and you are ready to dazzle your subscribers with July email campaigns.


Do you want to increase revenues during the middle of the year? Are you tired of June’s stagnation? July is a great month to boost your business, engage with your audience, drive traffic to landing pages, promote products, nurture lapsed customers, and generate conversions and revenue crucial to stay afloat during fun and relaxing summertime.

The best way to do this is to introduce event marketing. It helps brands make their subscribers feel the sizzle of the season and unobtrusively incentivizes them to take action.

In July, brands have several sales opportunities during the biggest summer event, Independence Day, and minor yet highly engaging observances like Customer Appreciation Day or National Recreation and Parks Month. Planning everything carefully and beforehand is crucial to make these events work for a company.

Therefore, start with segmenting your subscribers. Think through every detail of your email marketing campaign. Create responsive and mobile-friendly email designs in Postcards. Reinforce deliverability rates with the help of Unspam and reach your subscribers at the most appropriate time for them. This way, you can avoid the dreaded summer sales gaps and forward your business at the start of the third quarter.

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