30 Free Adobe Photoshop Patterns Sets

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Web designing has gone through several experiments from the date of inception. Numerous techniques and applications are now being used by the designers to add more beauty and poise to their creations. Designing practices are changing every next minute. Till date, designers prefer to create their own Photoshop, illustrators and brushes for unique creation and share them among the designers community. This practice is pretty commonplace and proves really beneficial to create images with an aristocracy. To select the best Adobe Photoshop pattern sets, search online, instantly a list of more than 30 free Adobe Photoshop pattern sets appear on the screen.

There are few seamless vector Adobe Photoshop patterns. Available in different formats, they help to create masterpiece designs. The patterns are easy to change and using the vector graphic editors one can multiply those patterns. Use the ink scape or the PNG provided with a transparent background, if you don’t have the vector graphics editor.

Several Photoshop patterns are very easy to download and specialized in desktop wallpaper, website background and other forms of graphic works. To download the files it takes a few minutes and you can do it on your own. Move to Photoshop window, swatch libraries and other libraries, the patterns will appear automatically. Just choose one of the patterns that exclusively match with your design. Adobe Photoshop patterns are actually being used to attach additional resources to the sites. Why stick to brushes and other old Photoshop applications when you can get inbuilt patterns to in short time?

To date, Adobe Photoshop patterns are remarkably different from the earlier ones. Innovative ideas by the toddlers have a great appeal among the generation and to some extent are surpassing the creative ideas of decades before. They are dedicated to updating the designing versions in every possible way. On the eve of valentine day, they will provide you with thousand pinkish hearts and during Christmas, colorful cakes and bells entertain you. You will then move to the content when you find a site gorgeous or charming. To shop for the best valentine gift for your beloved, you will surely opt for the site that wishes you a happy valentines’ day instead of the old patterned one.

Adobe Photoshop Patterns Sets


Felt is a beautiful photoshop pattern that converts regular layers into sleek and polished textile-inspired surfaces. It is ideal for adding slight wool felt touches to the designs.

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Embossed and debossed squared cells compose this marvelous pattern. It is a perfect choice when you need to add depth to the design but still keeps things clean, neat and simple. For more impressive effect, try to experiment with lightness.

Checkered light emboss

This pattern differs from the previous one with its light emboss effect looking much smoother and sleeker. A sense of depth is barely perceptible but it is still here, and it can effectively enrich various designs.


For those who seek an original way of decorating the background this pattern is a pure treasure. It creates an intricate type-based composition and darkens it so that the symbols won’t distract attention from the elements on the fore.

Diagonal Noise

The pattern transforms a plain clean surface into a scratchy one with a thousand diagonal lines that tightly placed together. What’s more, there is also a noise effect that makes things a  bit spicy.

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Noise pattern with subtle cross lines

If regular diagonal lines are not enough and you need more then probably you should check out this pattern. It combines both right and left diagonals that are improved with a skillful tones play and noise touch. As a result, you get a sophisticated, luxurious background.

Fancy Deboss

Much like the previous pattern this one also adds cross lines to the layer. This time there is no noisy spots – the surface is clean and neat. However, thanks to the slight debossed effect it does not look insipid, on the contrary, it looks intriguing.

Dark Brick Wall

Although the tool does not recreate a classic brick wall design with clearly highlighted joints and testaceous color, yet, it still has an outstanding authentic stone-like charm. Use it to make things look a bit brutal.

White Texture

White texture provides the layers with lovely noise effect saving the background from looking too primitive. It is light, and a bit grainy with a subtle geometric appeal.


Inflicted is an excellent tool for those who want to add a classic checkered pattern to the design. It produces polished, even and plain surfaces with nothing redundant. Though with one small exception, colors here are inverted. So instead of the traditional black and white grid, you get a white and black grid.


The team behind CrissXcross offers a pattern that can be used for conveying various feelings. In its original state, it produces a fantastic geometric appeal. However, with some additional tweaks, it can be used as a plaid-like canvas.

Black linen 2

Speaking of which, if you need to imitate a material surface then Black Linen 2 will help you to do that. It gives the layer a dark, subtle textile touch.

Darth Stripe

It is a very very dark pattern where the stripes are barely visible. Nevertheless, this delicate touch enriches the designs in an unobtrusive way providing foreground elements with a solid foundation that is neither primitive nor insipid.

Soft Wallpaper

The pattern creates a layer that is soft as silk. It is clean, tidy and well-groomed. The surface is not entirely uniform and polished, but that is what gives it a realistic appearance.

Concrete wall 3

Concrete wall pattern looks almost the same as the previous one. It has the same level of smoothness and coloring. Nonetheless, if you take a closer look, you will notice some distinct differences that lie in the pattern itself.

Subtle freckles

Grey, grainy and checkered – these three qualities characterize the pattern. It can be used to recreate traditional mosaic surface or add to the designs a subtle geometric charm.

Random Grey Variations

If you want to take the previous solution to the next level and make the mosaic surface more distinctive and bright, then Random Grey Variations will help you in this matter. Here squares are skillfully highlighted with the help of difference in tones.

Black Linen

In case you liked the Black Linen 2 then this freebie is its predecessor. It recreates almost the same material-like effect yet this time it is more subtle and smooth. Inspired by iOS, it looks quite sophisticated.


As the author states, the pattern reminds an old classic sofa, though it perfectly blends into modern geometric-inspired designs. A well-crafted embossed effect makes this pattern look so unique.

Cross Stripes

This is another striped cross pattern in our collection. Unlike the Diagonal Noise, it is dark and mysterious. And it has a harmonious combination of embossed and debossed details.

Dark stripes

Handmade paper

Wine Cork

Dark denim

Paper 2

White carbon

Fabric 1

Micro carbon

Tactile noise

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