Use of Huge Sliders in Website Design: Best Practice


Being one of the main conditions of creating website designs, multi-device support is a definitely hot trend and must-have nowadays. But when we are speaking about responsiveness we usually mean adaptation for mobiles and tabs, and only at the end recall wide screen monitors that actually permeate into offices by leaps and bounds. And since they are no longer luxury, more and more people will eventually change their standard monitors into something bigger. So, it’s our task to take care about this type of audience. Thus we have to make sure that essential components of a website not only decrease in size, but also increase when it’s necessary; and today we are talking about big sliders that are frequent guests in website designs and one of the first should undergo changes.

I suppose those who intend to showcase their works will properly appreciate all the opportunities of wide screen sliders. They are big, they are sophisticated, they are modern and they are definitely draw users’ attention. Also, they can easily shed a light on your photos, artworks and illustrations, and it’s all including representation without reducing image quality. As for overall look and aesthetic pleasure, wide screen sliders certainly recreate feelings of full value and plenum. The whole design does not seem lopped, and as a consequence, it looks refined and finished.

In a collection below you will find marvelous examples of full-screen slider utilization’s. You can take a look how carefully and accurately designers were able to implement this approach in order to make website design exceptional and attractive.

Examples of Huge Sliders in We Design

Renaud Futterer uses responsive full screen slider with vibrant and captivating images.

Renaud Futterer

Eden unobtrusively advertises wooden iPhone case, demonstrating it as a part of natural environment.


Chery creates from a slider unusual podium in order to familiarize users with its range of cars.


Arthelps supplies every slide with highly detailed picture and brief descriptions with links to articles.


Excellent Nail and Cosmetic looks sophisticated and modern with a note of glamour that is achieved by slider with professional fashion images.

Excellent Nail and Cosmetic

eGorilla applies semi-transparent slider that generally includes only text data over video background.


Wetwilly is an amazing photo-based website with horizontal parallax effect; each section is represented as a slider with spectacular shots.


Striking Alchemy bets on standard slider with vertical transition that occupies the entire welcome screen.

Striking Alchemy

Bakken and Baeck is a one-page website that conveys a warm experience due to set of marvelous soft images in a slider.

Bakken and Baeck

Shildan employs rather narrow in height but extra wide slider (with orange as a main color) that is full of urban photos


Diesel utilizes video slider with uncommon representation and decorative elements that resembles card layout.


Emperador divides slider into 3 visual parts in order to simultaneously demonstrate 3 sections: previous, current and next.


Cropp looks advanced and exceptional. Being a fully photo-based website, it charms its users with a great deal of high-quality urban shots that are centered around a whole design. Every page includes uncommon slider that separates image into 3 lightly movable parts.


Giorgio welcomes visitors with huge slider that consists of only 3 slides; each of which shows high-quality absolutely stunning photo.


Nikon promotes its product line by means of amazing interactive slider.


Lindalino mimics vertical parallax effect, representing each slide as a picturesque shot of natural sights, connecting it to map page.


Sandra Lovisco has a truly fashion vibe with dark color palette and a whole bunch of sophisticated photos that are demonstrated via slider.

Sandra Lovisco

Deepend – At first glance it seems that a designer uses conventional horizontal slider, but if you take a closer look you will notice that every slide is harmoniously complemented by optional upper triangle with extra image.


MTM Military Watches recreates a military atmosphere with slides divided into columns and gentle grayscale color.

MTM Military Watches

LC and DV has an elegant look. Wide screen slider with smooth and clean images goes perfectly well with overall design, adding a note of style and mildness.

LC and DV

Coffee Surfing Illy features extraordinary slider that is split into two halves, each of which moves in opposite directions.

Coffee Surfing Illy

Have Kommunikation utilizes rather average, full screen slider with noise effect, representing navigation system as a set of small circular images.

Have Kommunikation

SayulitaBeach sets a slider in auto mode, infinitely showing spectacular seaside sights in order to give an impression of luxury rest and renewal.


Muumilaakso depicts remarkable watercolor illustrations via slider, thereby showcasing all the power of creative natures.


200 Creative breaks the drab of dark website background by resonating image slider that features bright geometric layouts with captivating scenes.

200 Creative

Quazar makes use of adaptive slider with fully transparent background. Every slide includes only text data with light gradient touch and huge titles, making it harmoniously collaborating with header content.



As you may have noticed, wide-screen sliders are different, they can be narrow or vice versa occupy all free space, they can be transparent, content or multimedia oriented, but one thing is certain – they uniquely attract people, focusing visitors on visual aspects of a website. And if you can skillfully take advantage of this opportunity you will definitely transform your website into something memorable and exceptional.

And now, tell us what do you think of wide screen sliders and its utilization in website design? Are they attractive? Do they do their job well? Is this a good tool to showcase your artworks?


  1. Andy Apr 18, 1:33 pm

    They’re good, but hammer mobiles on slow connections. Definitely best to some mobile detection in there to load images at a lower resolution.

  2. Manuel Garcia Apr 18, 6:24 pm

    I have published a guest post here at DesignModo about slider PSD templates – it would be helpful if you will link to it :)

  3. Jt Hollister Apr 18, 9:07 pm

    I once saw some statistics on sliders, and if I remember correctly something like 96% of the clicks were on the first slide, most people didn’t even realize it was a slide show, and only ever saw one of the slides.

    I’m not sure if this was an extreme case or what, but it does bring up a valid point that with short attention spans, users may never see a transition occur, and even if they do, do you really expect them to sit and wait for all of the slides?

    I only saw one article on this, but I’d love to see more data and info about the actual effectiveness, because I have noticed a trend of very very common web elements turning out to be pretty bad practice in the end.

    • mzalewski Apr 20, 2:47 am

      Completely agree. I believe sliders are over-used, and I’d love to see alternatives.

      See this article:

      “makes a compelling case that sliders don’t reach most visitors if your goal is to get them to click on a button or link in a slide. With the average internet user viewing a website for mere seconds, they may never even see the important button on slide three, much less click it.”

      Of course, there are some really great uses of sliders (like Chery’s one), and they work well for some websites – but it seems they’ve become an expected feature for all sites, regardless of the information being presented.

  4. Ryan May 17, 9:34 pm

    So what’s the best practice here that the title had eluded to?

  5. Alastair May 27, 9:11 am

    Your post is truly depicting the latest trend in slider. I guess the big sliders are now replace old fashion content sliders. The better design there better will be the customer stay time on your website as they love to browse site which is designed well and so does it increases the chances of conversion.
    A big thanks for sharing another inspirational post.

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