15 Contact Pages Showcasing Great User Experience

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When it comes to contact pages, they should have a wonderful user experience. Contact pages are the gateway to getting people to, well, contact you. If the page is not informative nor inviting it will be hard for a potential client, user or whomever to get in touch and spark an opportunity.

This is a collection of 15 great contact pages that have delightful user experiences. The takeaway here is is simple: Don’t overlook contact pages, they matter too!

Examples of Contact Pages

Examples of contact pages

Cleverbird has a wonderful color scheme that makes the contact page look great. They have friendly copy at the top that clearly directs you to contact them. The map background behind the form is a cheerful yellow; it looks magnificent and inviting. The overall section is very clean and to the point, making for a much better overall experience.


This Austrian company went all out for their web design and that includes the contact section. As you scroll through each section, things are animated and moving in and around. It’s subtle so it works but it makes for a great experience as it gives the website some personality. In turn, this may be the push uncertain people to contact them about questions or possible business because many websites lack this personality.

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The hero shot for the contact page is wonderful. It doesn’t look like stock photography. It looks like a picture of genuine people from the company. It gives users a sense of connection to the employees behind Kin; that’s a powerful feeling. On top of that, the page has a clean design and a clear call to action.

The design of this page is golden. It makes sense because they are, in fact, a creative agency. The typography is right in personality. It shows of the quirky side of the company, as they are not afraid to mix and match. It also shows they know what they are doing. The use of the various colors is well done too.

I enjoy the contact us section because it has a little bit of copy and a call to action button. I love that button because it doesn’t say contact us. Instead it tells visitors to share information with them, “pass on your details.” In terms of copy, this is more specific and it talks about a more value filled action compared to just “contact us.”

The overall design is light, making the overall experience easy; the visitor isn’t forced to do anything. Instead, the visitor is greeted with lovely copy “Hello! Drop us a line.” It’s simple and powerful. The amazing copy doesn’t end there, if you scroll you get a comic line “Call us if you get lost” that is bound to put a smile on your face.

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Here we have a bold page title with some contact information. Although this is a typography heavy website, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The overall website is made to feel elegant and in the case of the contact section the thick font, in it’s minimal use, against the sexy dark background are a great design combination.

Although this contact page doesn’t seem that special, I like it. I enjoy it because it’s simple and clean. It’s obvious what you are supposed to do. What makes the overall page is the background; the subtle icon doodles are a wonderful touch! They are quirky and fun – you’ve got you enjoy them.

The thing I love the most about this page is that under the customer care section they have images of people who would be helping you. Heck, you can call them directly if you want. In terms of setting a great experience, this is perfect in show off the human side of a company.

This page is filled with great copy. It has a personal and informal tone that’s sought after. When they ask what’s on your mind, they even give you three possible things you’d want to contact them about. In turn, this allows the visitor not have to think as hard.

It’s important for the company to connect on social media. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially if they do it in a friendly manner — most corporations are known to have impersonal calls to action, which get no one anywhere. The copy is cheeky, and it works.

This page is clean; it’s very simple. There are multitudes of ways in which someone can actually get in touch with them. Although there are many choices, they don’t come off harsh. The iconography is light and soft; this is the way to go because if they were darker or more colorful, it wouldn’t have worked as nicely with so many choices.

I just love the different style of design on this page – well, the website in general. It’s refreshing to see something different with various overlapping boxes and lines. The UI of this page is well-executed, making an otherwise ordinary contact page delightful to experience.

Once again, we have a simple contact design; the page is divided into four blocks and each is either a map or has contact information. The blocks are minimal and well executed. The minimalism of this page is good for the overall experience; so are the four blocks, which add interest to the page.

This contact page tells a story. Because of the scrolling implemented on the page, it feels like you are using a flipbook where each scroll tells a different tale. The page is divided into sections giving you information about two various offices and then general information like Dribbble links. It’s different; it works.


There you have it; 15 examples of amazing contact pages. Most of them use minimalism and simplicity to make the overall experience easy, nice and delightful. Additionally, the use of visual design and copy is what helps take the design over the top to make sure that the experience is delightful or pleasant.

What contact pages have you seen that work well? Share them in the comments.

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