How to Design a High Converting Email Newsletter [Infographic]

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An email newsletter is an essential part of every website owner’s strategy.

A good email allows you to better connect with an online audience, gather information about user wants and preferences and even sell products online. According to a report, 82 percent of all companies use email marketing. So, if you aren’t using email newsletters, it is time to start. But how do you design a stellar email newsletter that users will want to sign up for and look forward to in their inboxes?

Great email newsletters designs all have a few things in common including a compelling headline, nice images and well-written content. To ensure success, a great email also includes a clear call to action so that every person who opens the email knows what to do next.

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The following infographic is packed with tips to help you make the most of creating an email newsletter that people will want to read.

How to Create an Email Newsletter

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