30 Finance/Bank Logo Design Examples


Reflecting trust, professionalism, confidence, dedication and quality is important particularly for a business that has to deal with or take care of other people’s money. As you already know that there cannot be any better symbol than a logo which can represent the true image of an establishment, you have to come up with a very thoughtful design. Owing to this, all the banks need to have their own well-conceived and crafted logos. A large number of bank logos contain patriotic images and colors. Though it’s difficult to come up with an entirely innovative logo design for organizations providing similar services across the world, you can explore the collection of 30 Finance/Bank Logo Design examples for help.

Well, you must be wondering about the ways to communicate effectively with your audience through your bank logo. You must have seen that banks and financial institutions use TV commercials, retail branch signs, writing utensils as well as bumper sticks to advertise their products and services.

Since the types of places where you can use a bank logo as a marketing tool are many, it comparatively becomes easier to persuade people to turn into their customers. However, this doesn’t mean you can compromise with the quality of your logo.

The logos designed for finance and bank services should be different, professional, powerful and convincing. For ideas, you can take a look at some of the popular finance/bank logo design examples online. Prudential, Key Bank, Merrill Lynch, Barclay’s, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, SunTrust and Bank of New Zealand are a few ideal logo design examples which are worth considering.

When you see these logo designs, they appear to be very professional, formal and simple. But if you take a closer look at them, you would find that each logo has some or the other prominent or exemplary features. For instance, the logo of Bank of New Zealand contains just three initial letters of the bank name “bnz”.

From these three letters, you can easily identify the bank’s name. As far as symbolizing trust and loyalty is concerned, this has been taken care of by the font color which is ‘blue’. So if you really want to design an attractive logo for bank or financial institution, make sure to go through as many logo design examples as possible. It will be useful.

Finance/Bank Logo Design

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  1. TimMH Oct 7, 12:07 pm

    As far as branding goes, I often think that many banks should go for an elegant period style look and feel. Where as in relality they have all moved with the times and lost the character they once had.

    Preferred Logos – LifeBank, Bankhaus and Allan Butson…

  2. Rachael Nov 15, 12:05 pm

    It’s understandable why banks and financial corporations tend all to lean towards the traditional feel, they want to seem like they are established, trust worthy and have a lot of experience looking after peoples money. Personally though because of this I think that the ones that are most different to this stand out to me – for example Northern Rock’s logo, a use of non traditional bank colours and modern typeface and style identifies it very clearly from every other high street bank.

    Out of the examples here I like the Antwerp Diamond Bank Logo the splash of green is a nice contrast with the blue, Magdalein and Stratton traditional colours with a nice simple typeface, and First Capital has a simple logo.

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