Funny Fonts: Most Popular Typefaces, Best for Webfonts

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When you think of funny fonts, the classic, default font gravitate to Comic Sans and Papyrus. However, font snobs are quick to react that such fonts are to be forgotten. These two fonts are the most misused fonts. Before we move forward, let’s find out a bit about these once unique looking fonts, and why they have become the ridicule of everybody.

Hating on Comic Sans

Comic Sans was created for Microsoft by Vincent Connare and was designed purposefully for Microsoft Bob but too late to be incorporated. It was inspired by Comic book fonts, particularly of The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. The font was never intended for general use. Its actual purpose was only for speech bubbles. Microsoft decided to expand the use of the font and has been used for products, video games, Microsoft applications and marketing. The hate started when the use became so widespread. Comic sans was meant to be a fun font since its appeal was comical, immature, childish and informal.

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Fun alternatives to Comic Sans

If you wanted to have that exact vibe for highly informal and child-oriented stuff, then you might want to consider FF Friday Regular, JM Doodle Medium, or the sleek appeal of Sharktooth regular. Technically, Comic Sans carries numerous inconsistencies and that is why professional typographers cringe at the idea of using Comic Sans.

Hating on Papyrus

From tattoo shops, herbal shops, apothecaries and other service or small retail stores, the Papyrus has become the plague of typography. It is quite weird, the look of Papyrus. The name seems Egyptian, but it also resembles a Japanese appeal. the real problem with Papyrus is that it has become accessible to the unknowing public. they decided that something “unique” such as this type can be used to stand out in the crowd. Now, unofficial movements against Papyrus have spread across the web. Fonts like Papyrus are overused, misused and people just do not make effort to play with unique but more relevant fonts for their businesses.

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When seeking for alternatives, sadly, it really is not a matter of finding just a similar font. The purpose of a font is not just to look different, but also to fortify the message or convey what the company wants to offer. Fun fonts are notorious for misuse but sadly, people both do not take typography seriously and end up making the same mistake that others did.

Utilizing fun fonts for different ends

There is always that risk of getting lost in a sea of fonts that are available in the market. Nevertheless, one should not feel limited to what is known. Success is given to those who explore the unknown and go a bit further to find the best options. While understanding historical types would be a great way to become acquainted to really good type, another great way to check for good type is to visit various websites or read books. Being observant about the things you read will give you some perspective on what unique fonts are available.

Understanding your purpose

Choosing funny fonts is not just about getting a standout type. It is all about purpose. Print projects, especially continuous texts would best require serif fonts such as Georgia or Times New Roman. They allow the eye to see the details of each letter for better reading. On the other hand, web projects often have reduced resolutions, which is why Sans serif really works. By eliminating complications in shape and form, the letters are easier to read such as Calibri or Verdana.

What is your business? What are you writing? What is your blog about? What texts will you put? What is your message? All these are valid questions when choosing fun fonts. Just like clothing, the font will dress your content and present it in the most effective way appropriate for your purpose. The modulation of the strokes and the emphasis of the font will help in emphasizing the message or making it standout in a sea of fonts around you.

Most Usable Funny Fonts


Ride my Bike

Pony Tale

Love Potion

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Have a Nice Day


Casino Hand


Swung Note

Rabbit On The Moon


York Handwriting

Enamel Brush


With advancements in fonts, experts have now categorized a lot of prominent fonts and how they are best used in different situations. There are ideal fonts for books, newsletters, legal documents, and scientific research. There is also a set of fonts ideal for invitations or even personal letters and blogs. Fonts should not be limited to what is known and common and what we highly expect from font users to learn to take experiment and look not only at what is unique, but what is relevant to your purpose.

That way, no matter if you have a pirate theme, a fairytale concept or other unique ideas or projects; it will result to a perfect marriage between font and message. A font reinforces the message and no matter how obvious, serious or good a message is, it would not carry a full impact without the effective appeal to perception.

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