Futurico UI Free – User Interface Elements Pack


Yay! It’s time for a new free giveaway and we are happy to present a wonderfully creative collection of Futurico – Free User Interface Components (PSD). We think that these are so far the greatest user interface components we have shared with you guys and we hope you will agree with us on this.

Better see it for yourself and wait for updates because this giveaway will be totally special. We will update it every month with new cool elements so that our beloved readers will have tons of possibilities to use them. As we have always stated, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our designer friends and this time we would like to thank Vladimir Kudinov (Behance Portfolio) for his great help.

This truly creative designer is from a small town near the Ural Mountains – Ozersk and he’s had an interest for computers since his early years of childhood. Although his first passion was coding, he has developed a strong interest towards design and he decided to move to Moscow in order to follow his dream. He now creates what he calls “golden” works and we trust him completely because we totally love his designs. Don’t you guys?

Release Date: 21.11.2011
Last Update: 07.05.2012
Version: 1.1

== Changelog ==

= 1.1 =
Fix a few bugs.
New elements added. – Preview

Futurico – Free User Interface Elements Pack

Download Futurico UI

Futurico PRO
Impressionist UI - User Interface Pack


  1. Taylor Dodds Dec 19, 1:26 am

    in the very bottom left corner of the .psd there is some audio level sliders, and some text that says “full bass and trebble” rather than treble. Just an fyi :)

  2. HolLa Dec 19, 3:00 pm

    It’s sad that everyone who gives away a freebe, forces others to sign in a pseudo social network to get it (or only from apple app store).
    I like your Interface PSD and it´s great work, but I am not a member of Facebook, Twitter or any other so called “social network”, and that with a good reason.

  3. Jo Mar 4, 5:46 am

    Hey, I didn’t really enjoyed this website politic about the download of this generously posted item. If you don’t have Twitter (yep, that’s still possible nowadays) like me, then you just can’t get the psd…

    By the way, the link of the download is in script.js linked to the download page…

  4. Stefdem Mar 21, 6:41 pm

    It’s a really nice job.
    But I wonder how to integrate all of these designs.
    Someone knows a tutorial how to use a ui kit with css/javascript ?
    We can find examples for radio or checkboxes but it’s hard to find for sliders and others special inputs.
    Thank you for an answer.

  5. sagar Apr 4, 11:29 am

    i am new to all this..
    so please can anyone tell me what are these, how to use and what are they about..?
    anyways i have downloaded the pack and design no doubt is bloody cool!! :)
    thanks in advance..

  6. oscar Sep 17, 10:20 pm

    Can I use them just like that or do I need to share the designers name on my webpage? Didn´t really understand the license text..

  7. lallo Jan 27, 11:21 pm

    Where do you get the font that is being used in the UI?

    Not having the right font seems to bring PS to a crawl on my system.

  8. Bijay Pakhrin Feb 18, 3:07 pm

    Awesome UI design. Thanks

  9. wilman Mar 20, 10:22 am

    Thank you so much. Designmodo is the best!!!

  10. Filipe Torres Oct 25, 10:04 pm

    I try to download Futurico UI but link is broken.

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