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Logo design, often considered to be fun, is a tough art to perfect. Right from visualization, conceptualization, planning and creation, it is an exhaustive process aimed at promoting a particular brand or business. Professionalism is the only word that directs the process of logo creation. Logos are generally created keeping in mind their long time usability. A logo needs to effectively represent the brand and communicate it to the target customers. Every business, big or small is aware of their logo being vital to their marketing and branding plans. At times it has been seen that artists and designers published their monograms or logos in order to represent their creative firms. It is very important that the general mass find the logos easy to connect and recognize to the organizational brand they represent. Creative and impacting logo design helps a company or individual get an edge over their competitors.

Insurance is one such business where the designer has to create a logo that people find not only enticing but can also connect with the insurance company’s trustworthiness. Here we are presenting some assorted creative insurance logo design that are aimed at inspiring your creativity and provide you with the fair idea of the contemporary insurance logo designing trend.

Colors are vital in making or breaking a design. So it is very important to use the right color combination at the time of creating a logo. Insurance logos need to evoke security, truthfulness, faithfulness, health, freshness, tranquility and dignity. Thus we get to see most insurance brands generously using blue, white, yellow, green and orange colors. Our collection of fresh insurance logo design evokes just the right kind of emotions that the insurance brand or companies look for.

You would definitely enjoy and have fun while browsing through our unique and highly creative insurance logo design. If you are looking for just the right kind of insurance logo for inspiration then have a quick look at our series of published logos. The use of perfect colors and the thought process put into visualizing the logos would certainly leave you pleasantly surprised. The subtle uses of shadows have turned the logos nothing short of an enigma that slowly grows over their viewers. Skimming through our insurance logo liner provides the apt inspiration for both budding as well as veteran logo designers who wish to etch out winning insurance logos.

Insurance Companies Logos


  1. Martin Aug 24, 12:02 pm

    Nice collection!

    I nevertheless struggle to find the “trustworthiness” that the sinking ship of ZAX & associates is presumably trying to convey to me :)
    Another interesting (hopefully) note would be on the “застраховай.se” logo. In Bulgarian застраховай.сe means literally insure.yourself – clever use of the .se (swedish) domain.

    Besides lions and eagles, as pointed out by aledesign, shields and umbrellas are also widespread (quite predictably so) with the use of the latter being the enormous disappointment in the present collection.

  2. Place I Love Aug 24, 5:30 pm

    My husband has created many logos for several companies over the years that we have been together, and I have seen first hand how difficult it can be to get it right. Since we got together I have not looked at another logo in the same way now that I know all that is behind their creation.

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