Shopping Cart Design Examples and PSD’s

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Despite of prolonged economic crisis, the increase of online store appearance is hard to miss. To a greater extent, its quick approachability makes them attractive and popular. But what makes any eCommerce website successful? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind its range, but in the days of severe competition, the wide assortment is not a fundamental factor. What really makes a customer to stay on your resource and to shop is high confidence in your market. As we all know, usually the first impression creates trust, so namely the look of your site in the first place will allow you to gain customers. And an engender confidence design is a result of hard work and consideration of the smallest details.

Essential Ecommerce Features

In order to make your eCommerce site effective you should include several essential features such as product navigation that is considered to be the most important component of any online store, category filters, search box that is one of the most frequently used component in any website, sliders for featured or newest products, and of course, shopping cart without which online store would be a simple directory containing varied products with description, and tedious ways to connect with customers. The latter really helps to resolve any problems and misunderstandings between merchants and customers by automating the process.

Shopping cart as it is

As far as functionality is concerned, you do not have to spend a lot of effort to find the necessary plug-ins that will add to your site opportunity to sell products. What really matters and will take a lot of time is to find a proper design for your shopping cart which will perfectly fit into your whole composition, compliment it and inspire confidence.

There are several approaches and trends that will make your cart attractive and proper.

First one is a minimalist design style that, as a rule, is often associated with elegance. A few clear and clean components, plain button “Add To Cart” and simple list will make your source transparent and design more restrained and businesslike. But at the same time you will lose your individuality, dooming yourself to be the same as most.

Another thing – creative approach that is to utilize different styles including heavy textures, extraordinary backgrounds, seamless patterns, non-standard forms, a great deal of graphic elements, type treatments, in a word, make your cart rich in visual effects. As well as in the previous case it also has its own drawbacks, such as bulkiness and poor readability.

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So, all you need is to find a happy medium. If you sell unusual items, I suppose it’s best to make your shopping cart as simple as possible since it will easily stand out from the mass of creative products and bright images, and vice versa, if you are the lucky owner of the ordinary goods e-shop it is desirable to make your shopping cart with personality and cheerfulness.

But nobody stops you to make your cart unique, memorable and individual, even if you sell extraordinary bright merchandise/wares.

Shopping Cart Widget Designs for Inspiration

Sweet House Recently Added Products by Stanislav Kirilov

Shopping Cart Items by Bryant Maroney

Clean Shopping Cart by Designmodo

Cart Design by Paresh Khatri

Cart drop-down by Per Vestman

Cart Dropdown by Ionut Zamfir

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Shopping Cart Widget by Alister Coyne

Shopping Cart – Forms UI by Designmodo

Shopping cart by Mladen Zivanovic

Game cart by Kyee

Shopping Cart by Kamal Chanema

Product Display 3.1 by Matthew Morek

Checkout Receipt by Haziq Mir

Shopping Cart by Aqib Mushtaq

Tailored Cart by Matt Johnston

Shopping Cart by George Gliddon

Cart Pop Up by Kartik Mahant

Panier by Gaël Poupard

Shoppingcart by Sofie De Grande

Kickadss Checkout by Robin Kylander

Lil’ Checkout by Forefathers

Purple cart by Fuzzco

Shopping Cart by Aaron Sananes

For those who are thinking to improve or create new shopping cart, we offer a list of free psd templates that will definitely help you to make future ecommerce projects sophisticated and elegant. Or you can also easily use any of them as a sample design for creating a working component.

Free Shopping Cart PSD

Shopping Cart by Asif Aleem

Shopping Cart Dropdown by Emrah Demirag

Cart Modal Popup by Dan Edwards

Shopping cart by Jonno Riekwel

Shopping Cart Widget by victorsosea

Shopping cart popup interface by softarea

Shopping bag by Lukas Majzlan

Shopping cart by Kasper Mikiewicz

Quick Cart by Orman Clark

Cart Dropdown by kamal

Shopping Cart Dropdown by Nick

Shopping Cart UI

Shopping Cart Widget

Shopping cart

Shopping Cart Module

Show me your cart

What do you think of shopping cart design? Is it worth detailed consideration or the only thing you are worried about is its functionality? Does your cart perfectly fit into your website design? What kind of carts do you prefer? Do you find shopping cart widgets with personal touch appropriate and essential or they should be plain and straightforward?

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