The Bricks – User Interface Framework

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The Bricks is a Free set of User Interface components designed to facilitate the creation of design or prototype for the future website. This package will help you save your time in the process of development of components, and will become an excellent basis for creating a website from design to code. Don’t waste your time drawing numerous shapes, when they are already included in this package. Just drag the component, change its style and use it. It is simple, fast and beautiful.

Each component of The Bricks pack can be configured. When opening the folder containing the component, you can see different variations of visual execution of this component, you can configure corner radius, choose the style you like or provide hover and click states for this component. The programmer will say thank you.

For example, let’s consider the ordinary Edit Box contained in The Bricks. It may seem the simplest thing in UI design, but it is not. Edit Box is a symphony which needs to be thought over, Error State, Success State, Hover State, Click State need to be drawn. And what if the customer has decided to replace all Edit Boxes at the end of the project, and make them not square, but with rounded edges? This problem is solved by The Bricks. Each Edit Box here is a component having many parameters.

The folders with Content are highlighted in blue. Here are all the texts used in the component. Therefore, if you want to change Title or Description, you can find them in the “. Content” section.

Make your own styles and variations of the components parameters and configurations. All this will help you save your time and use these components in further designs.

The Bricks is the core. In the nearest future, we will issue amazing addons to it, containing additional components. Addons are divided into categories: Forms, Elements, E-commerce, and Words.

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The Bricks – User Interface Framework

The Bricks - User Interface Framework

Our plans

In the nearest future, we will issue 4 addons with hundreds of new components for The Bricks. We also plan to update the core of The Bricks and add new components to it. In order for the package to live and be updated, we need your help. We will be happy, if you give your Feedback and tell what components the core of The Bricks lacks of. You can also make your own components or add settings to the existing ones and send them to us. If we like them, we will include your components in the standard assembly of The Bricks.

At the moment, The Bricks is represented by PSD files for designers, but we plan to markup and style The Bricks & Addons and create a fully-fledged framework for developers.

You will be able to get all news, if you subscribe to the newsletter of DesignModo. And now feel free to download The Bricks, explore it, configure, and make the web more beautiful!

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