24 Professional Examples of Web and Mobile Wireframe Sketches

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Wireframe sketches are the initial drawing of a particular site, using pen and papers.  Developing a site for computers and mobiles, wire frame sketches assist to include informative points and frame a design easily for final approach. Mobile wireframe sketches and web wireframe sketches helps to concentrate on the creative part of the site. They are also good ways for the clients to get a prior idea of what they will pay for. The wireframe sketches help the designers to remain in tracks, while delivering the final project. Theses sketches also saves time and costs required to revise the earlier sketches online.

Wireframes come in different level of fidelity’s. Wireframe sketches are initial approach to conceptualize the whole project. In that case low fidelity sketches prove more beneficial for the developers. Actually, low fidelity mobile wireframe sketches and web wireframe sketches are the most popular wireframe sketches. The purpose of using low fidelity wireframes is to filter the needless points. Before signing the final codes, the designers get fully prepared with his project using the low fidelity wireframe sketches. They also get a chance to compare the particular project with others.

Web and mobile wireframe sketches are important in terms of searching investors for the project. If you are finished with the first time wire framing sketch, it needs just few seconds to find out likely investors and stakeholders. Wireframes sketches are the first step to promote the ideas and connected with the investors you are looking for. There are few examples of final deals being signed up by the investors if they find the sketch is lucrative and attractive enough.

When you show project to your investors, some necessary changes may take place in the sketch. Well, if you are experienced enough to deliver faster and finer projects, you will find it very simple to change the wireframe sketch first and how to develop for better accomplishment. Mobile wireframe sketches and web wireframe sketches can be developed by using latest tools. Online tips are also available to draw the sketches smoothly and effectively. If you aim to develop a relevant site and customize it in proper way, concentrate on wireframe sketches to deliver an excellent site finally.

Web and Mobile Wireframe Sketches

iPad app sketch

Sketched Wireframe

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Early Ember sketches in color

OnlyJames Wireframe Sketch of Article Detail

CommLogix Wireframe Sketch

Early BusinessWeek.com Design Sketch

BPG – UI Sketch 1


Search Ideas Wireframe v1

sketch: vimeo clip page

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“Scratch-Off” Concept

Janko At Warp Speed home page sketch

Heartland Funds Redesign: Main & Landing Page Wireframes

UserScape Wireframe Sketch

CommLogix Wireframe Sketch

Data Techniques Mainpage Wireframe v1

Coastal Capital Partners Wireframe Sketch

Rough wireframe for the new Account Planning Group

Mobile Platform Redesign 5

World of Color Microsite Wireframe

Wireframe: Giant Hello Splash Page

Wireframe: Giant Hello Splash Page

Prototyping a webshop

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