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Landing pages are the new norm when it comes to online marketing. Clicking on an ad or a link that takes you to a landing page is one of the best ways to advertise and know that your advertisements are working. In general, e-mail campaigns, website advertisements, and certain search engine options are going to give you a landing page that is a logical extension of whatever made you click on the link in the first place. In general, these landing pages are wholly responsible for keeping a potential customer interested in what you have to offer.

Indeed, there are generally two different kinds of landing page templates you can choose from. One will just list certain pieces of information about the product or service you’re trying to sell. These are generally organized in a unique way with the potential for video optimization to really drive in the point. The other type of template you can choose involves trying to actively get the customer to purchase something. That means that you are essentially going to include the product, its price, and a place to enter information. Even though it might seem aggressive, it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you’re selling your goods to the most interested customers.

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Many designers have taken the difficulty out of creating these landing pages. There are many different premium landing page templates that can certainly provide you with a great first step to a great first impression. Most of these templates are highly editable so that you can make them similar in style to your own website. The following is a list of 20 of the best landing page templates your money can buy.

Premium Landing Page Templates

App Website

App Website

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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Deal Website

Deal Website

First Page

First Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

Video website

Video Website

Lista Landing Page

The Lista Landing Page comes with 5 different color schemes and a page fully optimized to get the attention of your customer base. It features 12 different options including video compatibility, newsletter sign-ups, and even social media reviews of your product.

Conversion – Premium Landing Page

With extensive customer support and easy to use template options, Conversion really stakes their claim on enhanced user-friendliness. The layout is intuitive and does not have any tables. They also provide you with several PSD files so that you can edit the landing page yourself.

Clickr Landing Page

With Clickr, there are three distinct layouts for you to choose from. One lets you include information and an image or video, one lets you include information in slider form, and the last one gives you several different customization options. All of them have integrated “Buy Now” buttons to really give you a foot in the door.

BookPage – Sell your books with Style!

The idea behind BookPage is essentially a way to sell your book adequately (either in electronic form or in paperback/hardback). It lets you break down the core concepts with intuitive carousel sliders and integrated testimonials. There are six different elegant styles along with HTML and CSS compatibility.

X-Tech Landing Page

With the X-Tech Landing Page, you’ll get 3 different template variations, 8 unique color styles, and a creative design that is sure to draw in your customers. It also has slider and video compatibility to make the process even more intuitive.

Qloud Landing Page

Qloud comes complete with virtually every way to market your product imaginable. At the top of the page, it lists a “Download” or “Buy Now” button. But, you’ve also got a video area, lightbox gallery, and a subscription form built into the layout. You can even include a bonus feature that allows users to get a product for free.

App Showcase – iPhone and Mobile App

Optimized for mobile devices, this landing page offers tabbed navigation, video support, and whole host of other options. It’s perfect for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone users and is fully responsive. With this landing page, you can reach your customers wherever they happen to be.

Klix Landing Page

Klix can play multiple roles, acting as a landing page or as an intuitive “micro-site.” It comes with two sliders and a gallery that are all created with jQuery. You’ll also find 5 page templates that can be used to create the micro-site or just as a standalone landing page.

Landisimo – Landing Page with Facebook Template

The Landisimo landing page comes with both normal and Facebook-integrated options. Each option has two different layouts to choose from and a total of 10 different background options. The page supports video as well as sliders and can come in light and dark variations.

Oceanic Landing Page

The Oceanic page comes with two distinct layouts for “Download Now” and “Buy Now” options. It also features Twitter feed integration along with tabbed areas for larger content. Both layouts are unique and sleekly designed to make your business as professional as can be.

Promo – Landing Page for Digital Product Sales

Optimized for marketing digital, downloadable products, the Promo landing page provides a unique, but minimal design with two different layouts to choose from. It utilizes a 960 grid framework and jQuery applications to provide for smooth navigation.

Integro – A Corporate Landing Page

With a modern, minimalist design, businesses will likely find Integro’s landing page to be perfect. It comes with five different color options and the ability to list your products in adjacent packages for easy comparison. You’ll also find a built-in slider and scrolling testimonials to ensure that your new customers see every angle you want them to see.

AIDA AJAX Paper Landing Page

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and those are exactly the emotions and states of being you’ll get from your customers with this landing page. It has video support and an optional subscribe button to ensure that you get the most leads.

Lift Off – Lead Capture Page

Lift Off uses a jQuery-powered format to provide the ultimate in modern, sleek appeal. The unique design is sure to catch anyone’s eye. It is also eminently customizable featuring XHTML and CSS support for anyone who likes tinkering with the code.

TheLanding Landing Page

TheLanding’s landing page gives you the option to have a full-width video embedded into the page. This can really sell your product in a big way that can’t be missed. It’s also got smaller video options and an opt-in layout that will get you leads in no time.

Ambiento Premium Landing Page

This landing page comes with four different vibrant colors and a total of 64 potential layouts. You’ll also find a jQuery carousel and slider along with a clean, easily readable design.

Expo’18 Responsive Event/ Conference Landing Page

Designed to display the details of an upcoming conference, this landing page provides one of the best ways to advertise. It can be used for virtually anything, including conferences, sporting matches, and virtually any other event in the future.

Unveiled – Ultimate Product Focused Landing Page

Unveiled comes with two unique layouts and a JavaScript splash page to greet your potential leads. There are 4 elegant themes to choose from along with a few bonus banner sets for you to include in any project.

ProftHunt Landing Page

This landing page will certainly send you on a successful profit hunt. It comes complete with its own exclusive content like images, text, and video sliders that take the work out of page creation entirely. It also supports video and comes with 12 preset skins.

The Flow – Responsive One Page App Template

With the Flow, you’ll find two jQuery sliders that definitely give you a distinctly smooth feeling. It’s designed primarily for software or apps and also includes a contact form and Twitter integration.

Landing pages are the new way to advertise and they are proving to be some of the most effective options when it comes to getting leads and/or sales. It can be easy to want to create your own, but why bother when professionals have already made some for you? With this list, you’re sure to find something that can help you in your search for a much wider profit margin.

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