50 Examples of Animal Logo Design

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Do you want a catchy animal logo? A skillfully designed logo will surely grasp the attention of the viewers and at the same time will serve the purpose of giving a mark and identification to the company name for which the logo is made. Our focus here is on animal logos as we have researched that animals are symbolic reflecting various organizations and businesses. They can also be related to animal welfare organizations.

Some cool animal logos are set by the name of the animal or birds as the case may be. Lightswitch brand and motion design is associated with light bulbs, switches, lighters, matchboxes etc. The fish is made to animate and the logo is designed such that it can work on medium as well as larger sizes. Gatto picante shows a spicy black cat and you will love the style. Al-Kaabi shows an elephant with dark brown color with a good font and overall design.

The Perceptive owl is a fantastic work illustrating a wise owl. The choice of colors is good and can easily be your favorite. Silent Monkey looks a quite funny character but the concept is good. Toro bull is really artistic and the use of colors is great with a Spanish feel. Girafrica v3 is unique in its design and the subtleness of text is great. Plastic whale showing a green and yellow color whale is interesting. Tacowaco shows a kind of a turtle and the ending is like a snake. Answer Financial® Inc. helps people to become smart shoppers in terms of insurance to get a better return of dollars. The logo depicts a green owl.

Monkey business is a logo designed for online jobs which are UK based. Buffalo Stampede logo has been created for a hockey club. Woof logo depicts a dog head which is actually a mobile. Some other cool animal logos are Sylion which is created for a developing company. Sheeple logo has been shaped with a creepy king of face and looks like sheep wearing humans. Albino Rhino logo has been made for firms of freelance designing. The tiger fish logo has a sharp finish and can be used for anything productive. All the below logos are inspiring and exhibit a unique representation.

Animal Logo Design Examples


1 Comment
  1. Rachael Jan 17, 12:02 pm

    Some nice examples here of some clever logos – I like the first dodo pizza example, over the cardboard texture its easy to imagine how this would work successfully. I agree with Tim, about the feather & fur logo, I didn’t spot it the first time and scrolled back up to have a look – very clever. I also like the Oklahoma City Zoo example, very simple idea, but works very well.

    I also other great examples of animal logos in the ‘real world’ are Mail Chimp, Jaguar, WWF & Playboy. Although maybe some of these have been around for years and maybe aren’t as clever as some of the examples above, they have become iconic and are unlikely to change.

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