20+ Examples of Perfect Landing Page Design


A landing page is quite important for the promotion of your business or product and services through your website. It is a crucial element for several online business marketers and there are numerous landing page examples provided online. Most of the companies usually focus much on the home page of their website and the effectiveness is a very important quality in it. But how do you create an effective landing page? There are many success factors associated with it and there are also certain tips and guidelines that need to be followed before creating the best landing page inspiration examples.

The most important aspect you need to consider while creating the landing page is that it should not have any information that deviates the customers to other websites. It should be leak proof and should have the effectiveness to sell your products or services. The landing page you portray on your site must have crisp and clear information, so that the customer understands your products easily. Make the purchase easy for the buyers with just one or two clicks and do not have too many links which may frustrate the customers. Make sure you are aware of the cost of selling your products and determine the profit accordingly.

The best landing page examples could be an important factor for the success of any online business. Because of the quality of the product also, there are cases where the businesses fail. Also with the same type of business, there are people who achieve success because of an effective landing page in their website. A customer hardly takes just few seconds to view any website they come across in between, thus at that point of time, the landing page inspiration is quite essential. Make sure the content on the page is short and understandable.

Also check if the words or sentences mentioned on the landing page is relevant to your product or service that you sell. Focus much on the information to be given to the customers. Make your text bold and in bullet points so that it would attract the attention of the viewers within seconds. A landing page need not necessarily be a home page but make sure the main objective of your selling is clearly engraved.

Landing Page Design Examples






Ben the Bodyguard



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  1. Rachael Dec 19, 12:02 pm

    Some different examples here, some which stick with minimum information like the Groupon design & some which give a little more like the gift rocket website, however all successfully get across in a short amount of time what the company does. I like the weather wise design – as they demonstrate a different way to view the weather, stepping away from stereotypical symbols and colours of weather forecasts is a great idea and the square design is also a great example.

  2. John K. May 9, 10:56 am

    Great examples! Loved Bundlr.

    I bumped into this one via Stumble and made me laugh out.
    And the pretty face never hurts, really smart and well thought out design

  3. Arbudi Oct 14, 7:54 pm

    Thanks Adrian for the great post, you are right about the relevant product with the landing page, sometimes I still confuse seeing a landing page quite different with the product, bwt you have great design of landing pages. cheers.

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