E-commerce UI – User Interface Kit

E-commerce UI is a large UI pack for designers and web developers. The pack includes everything necessary for building e-commerce or shopping site projects. The pack includes pricing tables, shopping cart, checkout process page, sliders for products, price filters, rating reviews, dynamic price, big menus and cart elements, as well as many other components.

E-commerce UI is created on one of the most widely-used 12-column modular grids in the world. All of the components in the pack are created with Photoshop Vector Shapes and are distributed as PSD files. Components are grouped into folders and layers for convenient use and filing.

Helvetica Rounded and Proxima Nova fonts are used in E-commerce UI. They aren’t included in the pack and must be purchased separately. E-commerce UI was created by Vladimir Kudinov and Sergey Shmidt.

Don’t forget to download The Bricks Framework. (It’s free). The Bricks Framework is the core for all add-ons released for this UI framework.

Also, do not forget to buy our previous packs Forms UI, Elements UI and E-commerce UI, which are also add-ons to The Bricks Framework.

E-commerce UI Add-on – User Interface Kit

E-commerce UI – User Interface Kit

19 Responses
  1. stu Oct 1, 1:53 pm

    these look awesome as always, though i struggle to think of a reason to pay $130 for it when you can just make it all yourself pretty easily.. as all it is is psd files..

  2. John Oct 1, 2:16 pm

    Another good release, love your the brick idea, hope you can make many many addons!

  3. Simple Jack Oct 1, 2:18 pm

    I purchased this pack and I must say I’m greatly impressed.

  4. Lucas Oct 1, 2:19 pm

    I am loving your newest UI designs guys. Very temped to buy it just so I can have a bit of fun coding some of them up!

  5. Playful Wingmen Oct 1, 2:25 pm

    Fantastic. Your UI kits have been such an amazing catalyst for creativity. Thank you so much for sharing these resources.

  6. Booth Oct 1, 2:46 pm

    Love the drag into cart idea, however would it just be at the top of the page? Or am I understanding it wrong.

    But say someone is at the bottom it would seem pointless to have the drag and drop option at the top. Maybe if it was on the side and scrolls with the page?

    Like the layout though :)

    • Adrian Oct 1, 8:24 pm

      Is a just a presentation, so you can change this element placement in your design very easy.

  7. Joe Oct 1, 8:18 pm

    Hello, great psd!
    Can i ask what font you used?

  8. Tomas Clark Oct 6, 5:59 am

    Awesome work guys! Just bought this and i wanna say: WOW!!! It’s the best pack I ever seen before. Thanks for the styles in “Assets” and grouped layers

  9. Yossi Quatinsky Oct 6, 6:23 am

    This is incredible! This has blown me away! Just outstanding work! About purchase ;)

  10. Amia Costa Oct 6, 6:35 am

    This is nice one too! I’m glad that I found this site and this UI’s! U guys are realy awesome!!!

  11. Hans Oct 6, 6:16 pm

    I have a question: Why would I need the Bricks “Framework” for this?
    I am not a PS pro, but from what I saw in the bricks PSD, it was basically all elements and layers.
    Why do I “need” the bricks PSD for this or how do I ideally combine them or work with both files in conjunction?
    I did not find any instructions in what exact way these element-releases build on the bricks PSD?

    Sorry if this is too “newbie”, but I’d love to work with your files the best way possible.

    Thanks! Hans

  12. Vladimir Oct 6, 7:10 pm

    You don’t need The Bricks for using this item.

    • Hans Oct 7, 4:40 pm

      Thanks Vladimir!

      So, is the basic idea that I should ideally have al the add-on-PSDs open in parrallel to the bricks and drag & drop from one to another when i need elements?

      Or what is the “addon” idea here?

      Thanks again! (Bought all the items so far. ;)

  13. Vladimir Kudinov Oct 7, 11:54 pm

    Hans, The Bricks is a one PSD only, All add-ons is PSD files too. You can use this add-ons separately or together. In this case Add-on is a generalizes definition. Btw in near future we wanna make true framework based on The Bricks. It’ll be something like Twitter Bootstrap and in this case definition “Add-on” will be more right. I hope I could to explain u the main idea. Thanks for your interesting in our work.

  14. james Nov 6, 4:19 am

    Awesome design and attention to detail.

    My only pre-purchase concern is:

    – Being a web designer/developer, I can only imagine that once I buy these UI’s, I will be thinking…. I wish there was code attached to each component. What I mean is, that the designs are great but most of the css and html that would build these elements only run on safari and firefox at very best. You would need a lot of jQuery and other JS libraries to handle the interaction of all these elements.

    I wonder if building css3 UI is a lot more practical than PSD ones?

    I do love your designs though, just a practical concern.

    • Adrian Nov 6, 1:14 pm

      Our packs are PSD files, only. But for the bricks product we will do html+css version for web developers.

      • Ugo Apr 9, 10:22 am

        Once you have The Bricks in html/css/jquery format you have a winner product. Feel free to let me know once ready.


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