Free Fonts: Ultimate Collection for 2016

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Here it is the long-awaited panel of free fonts for the year 2016! We have tried to gather a large collection of fonts for all occasions. You can download them for free, and some can even be used for commercial purposes.

This year was very rich in new fonts and the choice is very large, since the topic of typography has been rapidly developing this year and free fonts have become an integral part of every website or even offline project. All font sets are very professionally pressed.

It should be noted that the progress of the fonts has become clear after responsive design entering more and more into our browsers. Experts estimate that 95% of a site created in responsive design should be the text, and 5% – everything else. Of course, in this case fonts are just a vital part of every site.

Many free fonts can be used as web fonts or @font-face, which means that the content can be given a beautiful and readable typographic look.

Download the fonts for free, do not forget to use them in design and write beautiful texts using these fonts.

100 Free Fonts


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Joe Prince skillfully manipulates with smooth lines and shapes. As a result, Venera has got a marvelous futuristic vibe and a splendid gentle look. It comes in five weights from thin to bold and boasts of a full language support because of a provided extended set of characters.

Mission Script

Mission Script is a beautiful calligraphy typeface with lots of charm created by James T. Edmondson. It is marked by subtle brush strokes and is suited to various female projects or UI with delicate traits. It is a condensed and casual with an OpenType features such as standard ligatures and stylistic ones, and a wide language support.

Maven Pro

Free Fonts

Maven Pro is an original Sans Serif free font that was improved with geometric shapes. It exudes an image of modernity, stylishness, and elegance. Created by Joe Prince, it features three ultra light weights. The extensive glyph coverage lets it collaborate with a ton of projects.


Edmondsans is another display font in our collection which roots you can trace in traditional Sans-Serif type family.  It looks soft, sleek and formal. It ships with

  • three weights (Regular, Medium, and Bold);
  • non-lining figures;
  • small caps;
  • a mini set of alternatives for adding piquancy to titles.

Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln by Francis MacLeod is characterized by the fine proportions, long sleek lines, precise forms, and skinny appearance. It is enriched with nice sturdy serifs that help to convey the importance and give of status. Being inspired not only by 16th President of USA but also by advertisements of that era, the type allows viewers to indulge in nostalgia.


Free Fonts 2016

Geared by Ben Dalrymple is an eye-catching condensed Slab-Serif type that is defined by grunge touches. It has a bold look, urban vibe, and brutal nature. Delivered in four standard weights (Thin, Regular, Bold and Extra Bold) it pleases owners with

  • an extensive set of characters;
  • carefully crafted numerals;
  • a bulk of glyphs;
  • support of Central European languages.


Dude by Dan Gneiding easily lightens up the atmosphere with its cheerful mood and Cowboy spirit. Although there is only one weight, yet, in fact, the artist has done a grand job by crafting a dozen of various styles that differ in stylistic alternates. Inspired by country music legends, each option has its temperament.


Facundo by Bybu stands in sharp contrast to the previous example. This cool font is centered around the techno appeal that is obtained through skillful manipulations with geometric shapes and straight lines. It is quite versatile thanks to five different styles (Regular, Italic, Alternate, Alternate Italic and original Shadow.

Sail Away

Sail Away by Oscar Rubio is a casual type that is revamped by tiny hand-written details. These tiny finishing touches in tandem with doubled lines create the entire buzz, giving the font a top notch look. It speaks only Roman languages; nevertheless, it is quite sufficient for lots of projects. It is equipped with

  • uppercase and lowercase letters;
  • basic numerals;
  • the glyphs for syntax;
  • and an extra set of symbols such as asterisk or copyright mark.


Acme by Huerta Tipografica is a humanist sans-serif type family. The team took care of the smallest factors and constituents so that you will find here smart and vigilantly crafted symbols with tidy visual forms.


Cambo by Huerta Tipografica is a delicate type reinforced by some subtle serifs. It will delight you with an extensive language support. Thanks to a ton of accented glyphs, it lets you use numerous written systems, except for Cyrillic. There are also

  • basic character set;
  • classic numerals;
  • currency signs;
  • math operations;
  • ligatures;
  • punctuation and other symbols.


Cinzel by nDiscovered was inspired by authentic Roman inscriptions. It impresses with the ultra-narrow elegant shapes and subtle look. It is spiced up with some lovely finishing strokes that help it break away from the monotony of typical and plain geometric fonts.


Bira by Mans Greback draws users’ attention right away. It pulls its identity from brush strokes and smooth forms. It has a strong human nature and retro appeal. With the font, you are able to write in uppercase and lowercase, use digits and basic punctuation marks. It is free only for personal projects and available only in one weight and one style.


Exo by nDiscovered is a representative of common sans serif typefaces that possesses a strong geometric feel and retains an air of high technology. It is an evolving typeface, so that with each version it will become even better.  There are two versions: Exo 1 and Exo 2. The latter is ready to be used in the Web. Both of them comprise Roman alphabet presented in uppercase and lowercase, numerals and six symbols.


Bitter by Huerta Tipogrfica is a first-rate slab-serif font that was created for displaying texts of websites, online apps, and eBooks in a pleasant yet casual way. The high resolution and legibility allow it to perfectly interact with screens. It comes in

  • three weights ( Regular, Bold, and Black);
  • Latin and Cyrillic alphabet;
  • a ton of accented symbols;
  • numerals;
  • punctuation marks.


Daiichi by Michael Muranaka plays heavily on ultra-thin lines and smooth geometric shapes. This elegant techno font is supplied with uppercase and lowercase Latin alphabet, numerals and a ton of symbols including punctuation marks, math operations and some others.

Equal Sans

Equal Sans by Mans Greback owes its sheer beauty to sleek distinct forms. It supports a lot of languages thereby allowing you to communicate messages to any resident of the European Union and English-speaking countries. As befits, it has standard ligatures, basic set of symbols, digits and syntax glyphs.


Razor by Jeff Schreiber combines techno vibe and futuristic atmosphere competently and naturally. It is also inspired by dynamic and energetic 80s so that it reflects that period as well. It is delivered in

  • one style;
  • three weights (Regular, Bold, and Italic);
  • uppercase letters;
  • numbers;
  • four formats such as TTF, OTF, SVG, and WOFF.

It looks exceptionally good in a big size and shiny neon coloring.


Croissant by Eduardo Tunni is a Google Web Font that is reinforced by wonderful finishing nuances and curls. As a result, you can grab a font with an exquisite French handwritten feel. Due to long out-strokes, lowercase letters are beautifully connected while uppercase letters magnetize with soft terminals. It works well with the West and Central European languages.


Metropolis by Josip Kelava owes its matchless look to posters made in Art Deco and double line technique.  Artist is managed to embrace the 20s and correctly express that time. The font looks urban, artistic and sophisticated. It is suitable for writing in both Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet. It also includes digits and several essential punctuation marks.



Kiril Zlatkov strongly relies on a space between characters, so that the font is defined by legibility and clarity regardless of size. He gently used serifs to preserve the balance between artistic and casual look. The typeface has

  • OpenType features;
  • Latin alphabet;
  • Cyrillic alphabet;
  • numerals;
  • accented symbols;
  • syntax signs and much more.


Futuracha by Holy leaves a lasting impression. It has an original and pioneering appearance that is concentrated on the era of Art Deco style. It is destined to prettify headlines and titles giving them an impeccable delicate artistic flavor. It is equipped with Greek and Latin characters, numerals and a dozen of punctuation signs.


Unlike the previous lavish example, is a functional, multipurpose and formal typeface that is created to show texts of different length, including headings. It is available in one style and one weight. There are common characters, numerals, and symbols.


Frontage by Juri Zaech gets its eye-catching, bold and original appearance from multi-layered technique and some decorative traits. The author encourages users to leverage various colors and styles to achieve the stunning result. Thanks to manually edited kernings, six outstanding styles, and more than two hundred characters you are blessed with a powerful instrument.

Shelton Slab

Shelton Slab by Hannes Von Dohren sets itself apart from the others with its unbalanced cowboy-themed look. Letters differ one from each other, so the typeface has a playful note as well as goes perfectly well with natural textures like wood. It supports Central and Eastern European languages, comprises contextual alternates features, arrows, and some other basic glyphs.


Code Pro takes after two popular Sans-Serif typefaces Avant Garde and Futura. The author has added some twists that give the typeface an elegant and clean appearance. It consists of more than five hundred symbols that allow covering various languages. It is fully compatible with PC and Mac.


Moby is an original display typeface that easily establishes a techno atmosphere. The artist skillfully avoids sharp edges and corners to make it smooth and serene. It comes in two traditional formats (TTF and OTF) and a ton of glyphs to compose multilingual texts.


Much like the previous example oozes high-tech charm though it looks less soft and divine. However, it is more generic: it is applicable for various kinds of artworks, posters, t-shirt prints and website designs. It includes characters from the Latin alphabet, numerals and some other standard glyphs such as backslash or hyphen.


Multicolore was created with vibrant color palettes in mind. The typeface is certainly one of a kind: it easily brings titles into focus and charges UI with energy. However, it is not a classic font that can be used like that. To derive benefits from it, you need to use vector editing program like Illustrator or Photoshop since it is available in EPS format. You are welcome to experiment with layer styles, coloring and add some extra details to maximize an effect.


Dooodleista by Filiz Sahin is a carefully handcrafted doodle-like font with a splash of sparkling personality. It meets the cheerful mood and radiates of fun. Each letter is composed of ultra-thin and a bit quirky lines. There is a basic set of glyphs to generate content in English.


Coco by Henrick Lorandez is an excellent solution for strengthening looks of stylish magazine covers, fashion posters or just web UIs with refined and chic designs. Although it is a traditional sans-serif typeface, yet it is provided with intricate and a bit ornate letterforms. There are

  • eight weights ranging from Regular to Bold Italic;
  • more than two hundred glyphs, including capitals, numerals, and special symbols.

new theory

New Theory is an authentic, rustic and extremely original type. It lets recreate rock paintings or just artworks that require an old-timey feeling. It can be used for showcasing titles and short copy. Comes with a pretty limited support of languages it works great only with English alphabet.


Adria Gomez has created an outstanding grotesque type that brings a creative touch to any title. It has intricate visual forms that can be adapted to various needs, except for a long copy. It is also modular. You will find here six options and a general collection of Roman characters and numerals.


Silverfake designed by Alexey Frolov is a modern slab serif font with piquancy. It benefits both contemporary and retro style projects thanks to its dual nature. What’s more, it has a comprehensive glyph coverage including capital letters of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, some common symbols, and alternate letters.


Prime is a tech-themed font with soft corners and edges. It was carefully crafted by Max Pirsky. Due to geometric origin it looks a bit formal and neutral so that you can easily leverage it as a primary option to display copy. Although it has some interesting finishing touches, yet it always looks legible.


Next is a huge type family that can easily meet various requirements. Regardless of size it clearly conveys the message to the readers. It counts sixteen fonts, covering eight uprights and eight italics, and has almost five hundred glyphs to support numerous languages. It is suitable for websites and app UIs.


Comes with an optimized kerning and straight lines, Sreda is a generic slab serif typeface with a warm contemporary feel designed by Elena Kowalski. The key feature of this type is that it speaks Western and Central European languages, Turkish, Baltic and Cyrillic-based languages. Moreover, there are also symbols for syntax and numerals.

Casper Typeface

Casper Typeface is a holistic and modern font that is based on harmonious combinations of geometric forms. Ships with almost six hundred glyphs it lets you use the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet, digits, alternate characters, signs and even arrows.

Tikal Sans

Tikal Sans is created for text and display size. This ambitious sans serif font is marked by a large X-height. It is also surrounded by Mayan aura, yet it looks friendly and even a bit formal. It consists of twenty weights and 415 glyphs, in which you can find contextual alternate letters, basic symbols, punctuation and traditional numerals. Two versions are available free of charge: Medium and Medium Italic.

Sofia Pro Condensed

Sofia Pro Condensed is designed to accompany the original typeface Sofia. However, it looks more rounded, modern and elegant. With more than five hundred symbols in the set, it gives you an opportunity to manipulate with

  • case-sensitive forms;
  • small caps;
  • contextual alternatives;
  • stylistic alternates;
  • fractions;
  • tabular figures and much more.

Che’s Bone

Che’s Bone breaks the monotony of subtle and delicate typefaces. It boasts of skinny forms, bone-themed decorative elements, and rounded corners. Vigilantly crafted by hands, it will add a human feel and playfulness to any artwork. It works great with wood and paper textures.


Mocha Script by Thomas Ramey naturally stands out from any background with its exquisite and polished appearance. If you want to create a continuous streamflow of characters that mimic human script, then this calligraphy font is right for you. It offers uppercase and lowercase letters as well as digits and some punctuation marks.


Although Nougat overwhelms with a powerful sense of beauty, yet, unfortunately, it is quite limited in utilization. Comes with just 89 characters, covering only English alphabet, it is able to create a friendly aesthetics through adorning headlines.


Driven by a smell of freshly baked cookies, Fabien Laborie has designed Nougatine, font with unexpected touches, universal forms and chic French soul. It is equipped with 380 glyphs, alternative letters, ligatures, accented symbols, uppercase, and lowercase. It is available under Creative Commons.


Cuprum is a representative of a small sans serif type family that is delivered in four styles (two uprights – Regular and Bold, and two cursives – Italic and Italic Bold). The glyph coverage allows using it for composing content in Baltic, Turkish, Central and Western European, Cyrillic and Roman languages. It is compatible with PCs and Macs.

Ledger Regular

Ledger Regular is a flexible and multi-purposeful Google Web font that focuses on quality and readability. Denis Masharov strikes an optimal contrast and maintains harmony between all the constituents. As a result, letterforms give off elegance and subtlety. There is an extended set of Latin and Cyrillic letters.


Forum by Denis Masharov radiates of sophistication and is marked by distinctive traits inherent to the Victorian era. It is based on classic proportions and solid architecture that skillfully balance semicircular arches, horizontal cornices and climbing pilasters. The typeface writes in Latin and Cyrillic as well as includes numerals and standard symbols for formatting.


Prosto is intended to strengthen readability of the content, making the text quickly and easily scannable. It is simple, plain and neutral. As for the main characteristics,

  • it has TTF format;
  • it collaborates with PC and Mac;
  • it supports numerous languages;
  • it has more than four hundred glyphs embracing all the common syntax symbols, West European diacritics and even Baltic Latin.


Delivered with four traditional styles such as Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic, 241 glyphs and a full character set, this splendid serif typeface enriches titles with narrow well-balanced proportions, eye-catching details, rounded shapes and wedge-like finishing strokes. Ed Meritt has crafted a Latin alphabet and an extended set of diacritics.

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