Free PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit (Set)

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The beginning of a new month always brings new changes. In our case, the beginning of a new month brings to our dearest users another freebie. This time it’s about a cool Web User Interface Kit (Set) in PSD, HTML + CSS + jQuery formats. If you still haven’t heard about them, you should definitely check out their website where you can find an amazing source of free premium design and web resources.

Free Web UI Elements Kit (PSD, HTML, CSS, jQuery)

We decided to help you out with that and we hope you will love them as we did! PSD Web UI Set is fully layered, web elements have hover and normal states, Web UI Elements Kit available in PSD, HTML + CSS + jQuery formats. Colors of buttons can easily be changed according to user tastes and needs.

Enjoy and let us know what you think. Format: PSD, HTML + CSS + jQuery. Download our Free Premium Web UI Kit today and take your web design to the next level. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers, this kit is your key to creating beautiful, functional, and engaging websites effortlessly.

Why Download Our Free Web UI Kit?

  • Free to Download: Enhance your web design toolkit at no cost.
  • SEO Optimized: Improve your website’s search engine rankings with our well-structured and user-friendly UI components.
  • User-Friendly: Simplify the design process with easy-to-use and customizable elements.
  • Professional Quality: Achieve a polished and professional appearance for your web projects.


  1. Navigation Bar:
    • Sleek and intuitive navigation bar featuring essential links such as Home, About Us, Products, Services, Blog, and Contact Us.
    • Interactive hover effects for a dynamic user experience.
  2. Search Bar:
    • Fully functional search input field for easy content discovery on your website.
  3. Versatile Buttons:
    • A variety of buttons including Download, Buy Now, Join Now, Take a Tour, Subscribe, Send, and Delete.
    • Additional buttons for user actions like Sign In, Log Out, Vote, and Comment, enhancing user engagement.
  4. Tabbed Interface:
    • Elegant tabbed interface with four customizable tabs for organizing content seamlessly.
    • Example content for “Tabs & Blog style” to inspire your design.
  5. Pagination Controls:
    • User-friendly pagination controls for easy navigation through content pages.
  6. Social Media Integration:
    • Ready-to-use icons for popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
    • RSS feed icon for easy content syndication.
  7. Product Promotion Buttons:
    • Attractive buttons for promoting products and services, such as “Available in the App Store,” “Checkout Just $29.00,” and “Try the Demo Download.”
  8. Image Gallery:
    • Horizontal image gallery with thumbnail previews to showcase visual content effectively.
  9. High-Quality Design:
    • Modern, clean design ensuring a professional look and feel for any web project.
    • Consistent styling and visual cues for enhanced user interactivity.

As for the freebie, we are sure it will come in handy for anyone interested in web design. Plus having another set of buttons and other cool elements while working on a website can never hurt. This might definitely help you if you have some kind of a creative crisis, or are out of time and ideas to actually design the elements on your website yourself.

Free PSD Web UI Elements Kit (Set)

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