Impressionist UI Free – User Interface Pack

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Because the Impressionist UI set ended up to be so appreciated, the team from DesignModo decided to offer our readers a wonderful present – now you can download the free version of this cool web design elements pack.

The free version of this kit contains just a part of the elements that you can fully get in the paid version, however this free set remains one of the biggest set with free elements that we have shared before. This set also contains a collection of icons also to be found completely in the paid version of Impressionist UI. This set has been chosen out of the 200 (x3) icons that can be found in the paid version.

We would have to mention the fact that the Impressionist UI Free kit contains PSD elements with rasterized layers, exactly as there are all the other free or paid UI packs.

If you would like to have the full set containing all the elements in Photoshop using shapes, we would recommend for you to buy it for a small price here. The advantage of the paid version is that the elements can be changed just the way you like it, starting with their shape and ending up with their sizes.

Impressionist UI has been created by Vladimir Kudinov and Sergey Shmidt for the web designers that don’t want to spend time on the creation of new elements. They can already find in all of these in this UI elements pack that can be modified and styled according to their needs.

Impressionist UI Free – User Interface Pack

Impressionist UI Free - User Interface Pack
Impressionist UI Free Icons

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Download Impressionist UI Free

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